I suck at taking photos. Well, maybe “suck” is too strong a word, but I don’t always nail that ultimate snapshot that would end up in a National Geographic photography contest. My husband on the other hand, takes the majority of our professional photos, is a pro drone flyer, and is a genius when it comes to brightening my attempts at capturing the perfect moment in ideal lighting. So when I head “home” to Walt Disney World, the last thing I want to do is look back at my trip sad that I missed my Kodak moments, sneering at the blurry memories, or feeling regret for not purchasing that hilarious candid taken on my favourite ride. This is why we always buy the Disney Memory Maker. Perhaps a luxury add-on to many Disney guests, but to us it is a god send, a most-important souvenir, and ultimately the saver of my photographic shortfalls. So of course, we will always justify the Disney Memory Maker cost in our Walt Disney World trip budget. There are pros and cons to the service just like all things, but ultimately, we believe the Disney Memory Maker cost is a worthy expenditure in relation to many other things you can buy and consume in the parks.

All the reasons we justify the Disney Memory Maker cost
All the reasons we justify the Disney Memory Maker cost
First reason, THIS candid shot…

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But First, What the Heck is a Disney Memory Maker?

I get this question quite a lot when I reference this jewel of a Disney amenity. So perhaps a brief explanation would be helpful.

The Disney Memory Maker is a photography service provided to guests at an extra cost. It is not a professional photo shoot (though Disney of course also offers this!), but nearly the same. While at the many Disney parks you will see Disney photographers at special scenic backdrops, character encounters, special events, and elsewhere. These cast members are located in these special spots to capture those magical moments for you to remember from your trip for years to come. When you see one of these photographers, wait in line and get them to take a photo of you. If you have a magic band, make sure you tap it with their machine and later on, when you access your account, you will see all the photographs you have taken during the day at each of the parks.

Mickey and Minnie thanks to the Disney Memory Maker
Mickey and Minnie thanks to the Disney Memory Maker

The Many Reasons We Justify the Disney Memory Maker Cost

Let me clarify that not everything at Disney is a great investment. (i’m still trying to live down temporary tattoos, pens that broke when Chip n Dale tried to autograph my book, and the irresistible Mickey Head shaped balloons within balloons to name a few…) But i’m seriously a strong advocate for travellers to indulge and consider the Disney Memory Maker cost as more of a quintessential addition to your already-indulgent and pricey family vacation. Seasoned Disney fans and vacationers may disagree or decide against the purchase, but here are our many reasons we buy it every. single. time.

If You Suck at Taking Pictures, the Disney Memory Maker Cost is Worth It.

You don’t want to leave Walt Disney World with blurry photos, heads cut off the edges, dark lighting, bad selfies, or whatever else. Maybe you are good at taking photos, but once it’s your turn in line, you get nervous at seeing your favourite character (eeeee Olaf!) and snap a picture of his twig arms instead of the priceless hug with your child. All these photo mishaps can be avoided with the Disney Memory Maker. The photographers are trained on DSLR cameras to ensure they snap the memorable photograph you are looking for. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to worry about my pictures in front of such landmarks as Cinderella’s castle, the Tree of Life, or Epcot’s Cinesphere turning out just fine.

Great photos are worth the Disney Memory Maker Cost
Great photos are worth the Disney Memory Maker Cost

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You Get all the Embarrassing Candid Ride Photos!

Many of the rides at the Disney Parks include a candid ride souvenir photo. I. LOVE. These. They are usually absolutely hilarious. I love these candid photos so much, that one of my favourite wedding photos has my mouth gaping while I pose in my delightful Tiffany Blue Hunter Boots- a pose similar to the grimaces I make when swooshing at fast speed on a thrilling roller coaster. So the fact that you get all the souvenir photos as part of the Disney Memory Maker cost, proves the value in the product all the more. Also, think about this perspective – if you want to purchase a souvenir photo, they are quite pricey on their own. And, chances are, more than one person in your party wants a copy. If you get the Memory Maker, everyone gets a copy! Make sure you pay attention to the souvenir photo instructions at disembarkment of the attraction as they differ at each ride. There are stations designated per car on the ride for those guests to locate themselves then scan their magic band to have the photograph synced properly.

Frozen Ride Photo - Disney Epcot World Showcase
Frozen Ride Photo – Disney Epcot World Showcase


Rockin Roller Coaster - Aerosmith Limo car. Hollywood Studios secrets revealed
Rockin Roller Coaster – Aerosmith Limo car. Hollywood Studios Ride photo


Expedition Everest - Disney Animal Kingdom - Disney Fast Passes Secrets and Tips
Expedition Everest – Disney Animal Kingdom Ride Photo

Pro-tip: There is no place to scan your magic band after the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in the Magic Kingdom. Don’t worry – somehow Doc and the rest of the seven little guys seem to get your souvenir photo to your account!

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Some Rides Have Videos!

This is super cool – there are a couple of attractions and character encounters with souvenir videos! One in particular is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Yep, another reason to love this attraction. Included in the Disney Memory Maker cost are these surprise videos. That ride is my favourite and so this alone made my purchase worthwhile.

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So I just got back from a whirlwind trip to #disneyworldflorida. It was 8 12-hour days discovering the magic. My pedometer says that I walked 120,000 steps on my trip! While at the #magickingdom I was charmed by this ride- #sevendwarfsminetrain. This video they give you at the end. It comes with the #memorymaker or can be purchased. Credit: @waltdisneyworld Thank you so much @waltdisneyworld for partnering with us. I can definitely say that this ride amongst many other attractions are perfect for adults. Coming soon to the blog will be articles showing how a #disneyvacayca is the perfect spot for adults to enjoy the magic too. Have you been on this ride? In my opinion it is one of the best in the entire property. What is your favourite ride at #disneyworld? We are in the third car second row. I am wearing a purple dress 😁 #sponsored #disney #waltdisneyworld #snowwhite #magickingdompark #magickingdomrides #disneyworldrides #happiestplaceonearth #orlandoflorida #waltdisneyworldresort #disneyforadults #disneymagic #travelgrams #femaletravelbloggers #femaletravel #couplestravel #instadisney #instadisneyworld #instatravelgram #snowwhiteandthesevendwarfs #mirrormirroronthewall

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Magic Photos!

Ever wonder how guests get those magical photos that have animated characters in them? This is a magical service of the Disney Memory Maker! They can program a photograph to include these characters in them. A nice surprise when downloading your pics.

Get adorable Magic photos as part of the Disney Memory Maker cost!
Get adorable Magic photos as part of the Disney Memory Maker cost!

Disney Memory Maker Tips

Here are a few tricks and tips on the Disney Memory Maker to assist you in deciding on buying the package for your trip.

  • If you do decide to purchase, make sure you purchase The Disney Memory Maker before you arrive! It is $149 USD before your holiday. This is a discounted price to encourage you to pay for all these extras ahead. If you decide at the park, there is an increase in the Disney Memory Maker cost.
  • At the end of your trip, you will have 90 days to download all your photographs to a USB or hard drive. As well, Disney gives you a stock photo library with amazing images of the fireworks, parade floats, and more just for purchasing the package. Don’t forget to download the images! If you think you will have trouble with this, there are stations in the Disney Parks to help you with your photos.
  • Some photographers are more experienced than others! Although they strive to take the perfect photo, sometimes, the outcome is not as perfect as you hoped. Have a look at our crooked backdrop in this picture. The photographer meant well, but clearly didn’t centre and straighten his camera properly…
Sometimes a crooked photo is part of the Disney Memory Maker experience
Sometimes a crooked photo is part of the Disney Memory Maker experience
  • Most character encounters have Disney Memory Maker photographers with them! This makes capturing all the important moments with the characters much easier. Some do not have Memory Maker photographers as the character dining meet and greets, but any that are met in designated areas in the parks have photographers on site.
A hug from Olaf!
A hug from Olaf!
  • A benefit to purchasing the Memory Maker is the fact that the photographs are taken care of for me. The pressure to bring all kinds of camera equipment and having to schlep it all around the parks is relieved. Some cameras and equipment are heavy! With the Disney Memory Maker, you don’t need to carry around any equipment and you get some of the most beautiful photos during your trip.
  • Make sure you have magic bands. This makes synchronizing the photographs all the easier. If you don’t use the magic bands it is still possible to take advantage of the Disney Memory Maker, but proves to be more difficult.
  • Make sure you download the Disney app! You can see all your photos there! AND, you can share them on Social Media right from the app!
the coloured Magic Bands received at the resort
the coloured Magic Bands received at the resort


So there you have our tips, tricks and justifications on why the Disney Memory Maker cost is definitely one to consider on your next trip to Walt Disney World. Even those guests who budget every cent of their Disney holiday should create some wiggle room to splurge with this service. You will love the photographs, the pressure will be off you or your designated photographer, and the memories created will be priceless. Plus, you KNOW you want your crazy freaked out face on Space Mountain framed on your mantle forever….


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Reasons Why We See Value in the Disney Memory Maker Cost



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