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Welcome to Fill My Passport – A one-stop shop for travel resources. Planning a Disney trip? Need help uncovering unusual things to do in a city off the beaten path? Sick of reading the same darn thing in all the guides you buy? Me too. I’m sick of being recommended that museum, cheesy haunted house, boring river cruise, busy amusement park swarming with candy-floss addicted tourists. In light of this tourism exhaustion, we have made it our mission to bring you alternative choices and resources to change your vacation from ordinary to sublime.


travel planning
Travel planning – map, passport, camera

So many of us dream to have a lifestyle balance of work, travel, tranquility, adventure, and of course, individual aspirations beyond the aforementioned. But, why does it have to be a dream? Why must we torture ourselves, our minds, and our psyche each day with regret, wishes, and envy of those who could, who didn’t leave their dreams as dreams, without seeking what we truly want?

Perhaps it’s the recurring taxman knocking on our door each month, the credit statement, the mortgage – in other words, LIFE. But LIFE does not need to be mundane, a funk, a constant routine of working 9-5, dinner at 6, television/hobby till 12, then waking up, and pushing repeat. LIFE can be joyous, spontaneous, and take you on adventures beyond your wildest expectations. It is possible to open the floodgates of opportunity.

I know how you feel. I have done the office job, the computer analyst role, the retail manager position working 40 hours a week, then going home with work I couldn’t finish, eye strain, unnecessary shopping bags, and unbearable blisters from being on my feet for eight+ hours straight. I too avoided searching for that most important epiphany; that catalyst to change ME.

Happy Traveller
Happy Traveller

We hope our forum will inspire, appeal and encourage you to stretch your palate, book a ticket, sport the Mickey ears, and Fill YOUR Passport with as many stamps as possible.

Our blogging platform will provide you our readers (our friends), with written testimony of extraordinary culinary experiences abroad, Disney planning tips, Thorough city guides taking you to different experiences from the ordinary, and assist with milestone celebrations planned abroad.

Alternative Wedding Style
Alternative Wedding Style

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