A vacation at Walt Disney World covers so many facets. You plan out which parks to visit, which attractions are a MUST, what restaurants need to be on your schedule, and so on. But without that thorough guide on each area of the park, it is hard to make those plans. As you saw in our guide to Main Street USA, there are heaps of things that normally get overlooked as you walk through heading to the next land. So for the next installment in our Lands guide series, here is your ultimate guide to Disney Adventureland.

Walk past the castle on your way to Disney Adventureland

Fun Facts – Ultimate Guide to Disney Adventureland

  • The majority of attractions here are original from opening day in 1971.
  • Adventureland combines many different themes – jungles, the Middle East, and Polynesia all in one.
  • The Tiki room thatched roofs are actually made of pieces of aluminium!
  • You actually feel like you are in the exotic jungles of three continents!
  • Dole Whip, the ice cream craze dessert can be purchased here.
  • The camels in the Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride were originally on a Disney parade float! They spit water every now and then so keep an eye or you could get wet!

Attractions – Ultimate Guide to Disney Adventureland

With every Disney land within the Magic Kingdom park, there are of course attractions! Adventureland is no different. Here are the attractions you can find here in Adventureland to enjoy.

Jungle Cruise

I just love this ride! One of the original attractions from park opening nearly 50 years ago, the Jungle Cruise brings the quirky jokes of the ride operator to the wild waters of the Nile, the Amazon, and beyond. Enjoy animatronic animals around you with culture explained through witty quips. Also, check out the wooden boats – they are some of the trickiest hidden Mickeys to spot! This relaxing boat cruise located near the Swiss Family Robinson tree house in Adventureland is the perfect ride after enjoying a hearty lunch!

Did you know? Walt Disney originally wanted REAL animals for this ride! Whoa….

The Jungle Cruise
The Jungle Cruise – Ultimate Guide to Disney Adventureland


The Jungle Cruise
The Jungle Cruise Animals – Ultimate Guide to Disney Adventureland


the Boats with the exclusive Hidden Mickey faces
the Boats with the exclusive Hidden Mickey faces

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

This attraction is so much fun. And, it rarely as a wait! Climb the tree to see just how the Swiss Family Robinson adapted to their environment and conditions.

swiss family robinson tree house
Swiss family Robinson tree house – Ultimate Guide to Disney Adventureland

This diversion from the long lines and fast pace of the park is the solution after enjoying Dole Whip or another incredible treat. (Kitchen sink anyone!?) Check out and photograph the detailed displays of how the family lived in the film. If you haven’t seen the film, make sure you do! It is fab. Considering this attraction was switched to Tarzan in Disneyland Anaheim, make sure to enjoy this nostalgia while it lasts.


Magic Carpets of Aladdin

This ride in the heart of Agrabah is fun for the young guests who haven’t enjoyed the Dumbo the flying Elephant throughout the decades. I particularly love the spitting camels as you walk on by. As Dumbo has the nostalgic presence and the adorableness of a baby elephant, I would recommend overlooking this ride in favour of Dumbo if your time is limited. Perhaps head here when Aladdin, Jasmine and (if you are lucky!) the Genie are around for photos, and then head off to another attraction. Or, just wait to catch the spitting camel!

Pirates of the Caribbean

I really love this ride. It shows classic history and also truly depicts the scenes in the classic film enterprise. At the moment it is under refurbishment to remove a particular scene. The controversy has brought opposite opinions to various forums, yet no matter what anyone thinks, I feel Disney should’ve left it alone as it depicts the times and history. (Another topic for another day…) At some point I kinda wanted the real Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones to pop out from behind the display. My teenage crush came out on the ride. Perhaps that explains my stunned look in the ride photo haha!

Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Photo
Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Photo – I am at the back bewildered in the pink jacket…

The Fast Pass would be recommended if you go during the day. If you choose to visit this attraction in the evening, your wait shouldn’t be much more than around 15 minutes.

Enchanted Tiki Room

A fun and whimsical escape from the fast pace of the parks, the Enchanted Tiki Room was the first use of animatronics in the parks! Step in and marvel at the birds, sing along with them and enjoy the moment and the pause. It is an original attraction from the opening day back in 1971. The menagerie of exotic birds will enchant you as you enjoy the show, take in the totem poles and gardens, and watch in amazement as the birds lower into the room for a fun little sing along.

Enchanted Tiki Room
Enchanted Tiki Room


Enchanted Tiki Room
Enchanted Tiki Room

Dining Highlights – Ultimate Guide to Disney Adventureland

Aloha Isle

This guide would be incomplete without mentioning the craziest snack stop in the entire complex – Aloha Isle. You will not believe the crowds of people waiting in line for a classic Dole Whip ice cream. You cannot leave without enjoying a Dole Whip. You just can’t.

Dole Whip
Dole Whip

Jungle Navigation Canteen

This fun restaurant is a great choice if you are not wishing a character or fine dining experience. It is a more casual table service restaurant with some truly unique offerings. Enjoy fish of the day, soups, fun desserts, and exceptional cocktails. Reservations are still recommended as walk-ins rarely get tables. Review to come!

Skipper Canteen - Adventureland
Skipper Canteen – Adventureland

Sunshine Tree Terrace

If you really cannot take the long lines for Dole Whip, the alternative is the very close comparison – the Sunshine Tree Terrace. Here, they have similar citrus ice cream delights that will surely please your palate. We enjoyed these, especially the larger ones that were afloat in orange pop. Only one snack credit required for such a hearty snack!

Sunshine Tree Terrace. Ultimate guide to Disney Adventureland

Tortuga Tavern

This spot offers the usual fast food options, but with a few bonuses. They have turkey legs. Many come to Adventureland strictly for the turkey legs! Personally I find them way too big, but many families disagree! They also acknowledge celebratory buttons and offer a cozy atmosphere right across from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tartuga cookie for my birthday
Tortuga cookie for my birthday

Ultimate Guide to Disney Adventureland – Characters

Looking for more autographs? In Adventureland there are a couple of character encounters that you may want to add to your itinerary.

Aladdin & Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine appear daily in Agrabah across from the Flying Carpets ride. Line up to get photos, autographs and a memorable experience. On special events, come back here as Genie and Abu are known to make rare appearances!

Meeting Aladdin and Jasmine in Adventureland
Meeting Aladdin and Jasmine in Adventureland

Jack Sparrow

On the odd occasion, if you catch it right, you could meet the wacky and fun Jack Sparrow outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride right after the Pirates Adventure performance!

pirates of the caribbean - Jack Sparrow
Pirates of the Caribbean – Jack Sparrow

So there you have our guide to Disney’s Adventureland. Do take note that this land is NOT on the parade route so if you want to see the Festival of Fantasy, make your way to another area of the park 🙂 What ride would you add to your itinerary?


Want to show off your fandom at the parks with adorable Disney outfits? Grab yours below!

Peter Pan dress

Peter Pan dress
Peter Pan dress
Credit: Brave Little Tailor

Aladdin and Jasmine dress
Aladdin and Jasmine dress
Credit: Brave Little Tailor

Peter Pan skirt

Peter Pan skirt
Peter Pan skirt
Credit: Brave Little Tailor
Ultimate Guide to Disney's Adventureland
Ultimate Guide to Disney’s Adventureland


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