Many of us put our dreams aside in order to get through everyday life and the challenges put in front of us. It isn’t always possible to step back and assess what we truly want out of life. Our time on this earth is precious and it is short. It is time to affirm following of dreams and making time for our inner self. Roxanna of Gypsy with a Day Job is doing just that in her life. She aspires to embrace life and expand horizons further this year.

Expand Horizons
embrace life and expand horizons

Here is her affirmation for 2018…

Like many people around the world, when we transition from one year to another, I find myself reflecting on the path I have progressed in the prior year, and deciding whether I should continue on a similar path in the coming year.  There is no way that I can say 2017 was an easy year, but it was definitely one of blazing new trails and going outside my comfort zone. This is a direction I believe should continue.

A Trail to follow
A Trail to follow to your Dreams – embrace life and expand horizons

The years have crept up on me, and I am in the midst of what can only be referred to as middle age. It would be so easy to slip into a life routine, repeating the same patterns day in and day out. Work and responsibilities make stability seem to create a good quality life, but that does not mean we should be in a rut we cannot escape.

Perhaps it is strange, but I remember the dreams and goals my own parents had when I was a child.  Looking back, I recognize different moments in their lives when those dreams were left behind. Their lives slowly transitioned into a cycle of television reruns. When opportunities for exploration or adventure were presented, they were filled with apprehension. At times, they would wistfully talk about the things they missed, and those they wished they would have done. Sadness swept over me during these moments.

Follow your dreams
Follow your dreams – embrace life and expand horizons

There are many beautiful aspects of growing older.  The wisdom gained through experience, and the peace developed by learning what is truly important in our lives, are qualities I fully embrace. But I cannot accept that growing older requires us to sacrifice the yearnings we have carried throughout our lives. Learning, exploration, and adventure can continue as we age  We can have experiences that alter our perception of the world, that somehow change who we are inside, well into our senior years.


Embrace your Dreams
Embrace your Dreams – Credit: Gypsy with a Day Job

When old age comes upon me, I want to look back knowing that a full harvest was made on all the seeds that had been planted in my life. I want to leave my glass empty. This is important to me not only for myself, but also so that my children and grandchildren can understand that zest for living is always possible.  Perhaps it will guide them to spend their lifetimes doing things they love.

2018 Goals
2018 Goals – embrace life and expand horizons

Through the last year, my life moved in this direction.  Many routines and patterns that have dominated my days have begun dissolving. Travelling to Europe, riding in a helicopter, riding on a passenger train, walking along the canals in Amsterdam , and standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon, were all first time adventures, that often had me giggling like a child.  Allowing someone else to plan an entire trip for me may have been the furthest I have ever been outside of my own box, and it brought me face to face with a whole lot of my insecurities.   Although they may each seem small, together the represent an entire new perspective on life.

Grand canyon
Grand canyon

So I have made some resolutions for 2018…  I resolve to continue expanding my horizons, and embracing new experiences. I resolve to seek out adventures that are new, and exciting. I resolve to step beyond the lines of my comfort zones, and face fears, so that I can feel the heart racing exhilaration. I resolve to look at things with an open heart and open mind, so that the beauty around me gives me goosebumps.  I resolve to meet each new culture with appreciation, seeking to understand the people, how we are more alike than different.

I do not know where all my travels will take me in 2018, but with each of them, I will endeavor to live up to these resolutions.

Roxanna of Gypsy with a Day Job
Roxanna of Gypsy with a Day Job will embrace life and expand horizons


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