Finding a charming local coffee shop is such a joy while travelling. You not only can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, but you can also be satisfied in the fact you are supporting a community, an independent business, a caffeine artist. We are on a quest to provide our readers local options to satisfy their caffeine addiction while abroad. And in the next installment of our Local Coffee Shops Around the World, we bring you a charming local coffee shop in South Africa. Alya of Stingy Nomads, found this gem while travelling through this beautiful African nation and just had to share the experience with us and with you below.

Coffee shop in South Africa
Coffee shop in South Africa – Local Coffee Shop

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And now, more from Alya…

We’ve travelled all over the world and love to discover a momentous local coffee shop that is cozy and unique. Recently we did a beautiful road trip along the coast in South Africa and it might sound strange but Green Shed Coffee Roastery was one of the highlights of our Garden Route trip.  We stopped for a night in the small and cute little town of Wilderness. We were having lunch in a restaurant and noticed a strange and funky looking place nearby saying “Coffee shop and Roastery” and decided to check it out. The Green Shed Coffee Roastery is a small place, and from the outside, it looks like a tiny shack.

Coffee beans at Green Shed Coffee Roastery
Coffee beans at Green Shed Coffee Roastery – Local Coffee Shop in South Africa
Credit: Stingy Nomads

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The first thing that caught our eyes about this local coffee shop was an old rusted Beetle painted in red parked outside the local coffee shop. Inside the car is a live jungle of lush green plants sticking through its broken windows. Small wooden tables and benches were placed around the car. On a nice sunny day it is the perfect atmosphere sitting outside enjoying beautiful views and the tranquility of this small town. There are more tables in the backyard garden, where you can sit among trees and flowers sipping your cup of coffee.

Green Shed Coffee Roastery, Beetle Outside
Green Shed Coffee Roastery, Beetle Outside – Coffee shop in South Africa
Credit: Stingy Nomads

On a rainy day hiding inside the coffee shop surrounded by coffee and chocolate aromas is a real pleasure. The Green Shed’s interior makes a contrast with the outside look- fancy glass lamps, mirrors and paintings on the walls.

The coffee here is exceptional. They import beans from all over the world! Choose from Colombian, Brazilian, Indonesian, Ethiopian, Vietnamese and many other rich coffee beans. The Green Shed’s house blend made by mixing different beans is delicious and satisfying. It is smooth with a touch of chocolaty sweetness. A local does all the roasting. The owner of the Green Shed Coffee and Roastery used to do it, but he tended to burn the beans so he taught one of his employees. Boy does he do a great job! Besides delicious coffee and cappuccino in Green Shed, you their food choices are also delicious and perfect for pairing with your drinks. Enjoy savoury muffins, pies and scrumptious desserts. In particular, you need to try their chocolate cheesecake.

Green Shed Coffee Roastery Chocolate Cheesecake
Green Shed Coffee Roastery Chocolate Cheesecake – Coffee Shop in South Africa
Credit: Stingy Nomads

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The Green Shed Coffee Shop in South Africa has a great vibe. Upon arrival you feel it as soon as you enter. You see people smiling, you are served by friendly staff, and you can tell they enjoy their jobs being so positive and helpful.

After your meal, why not check out the attached shop inside the Green Shed Coffee Shop? They carry an array of health products, interesting books, and clothes curated by local designers.

This is a great example of a local coffee shop and an independent business thriving thanks to customers choosing them over commercial chains. Supporting these smaller spots helps economies and assists local entrepreneurs.

The Best Coffee Shop in South Africa
The Best Local Coffee Shop in South Africa


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