It’s no secret that New York is a magical place. I have harped on and on about this beautiful attribute all week in my features, detailing just how and why this city became the gold mine for memories, experiences, and style. Heck, when I went to New York for the first time, I was on a grade 12 school trip and even back then, I felt the buzz and that magic rush to me in every direction- Times Square, Ellis Island, the Met, Rockefeller Centre…the list could go on. With all this magic in the air and all this hype I am giving this city, it is no surprise that one of the most pivotal and important moments in life would be most ideal to happen in such a beloved atmosphere. So here is our guide and recommendations on why you should Pop the Question in New York.

Marriage proposal example
Marriage proposal example – Pop the question!

Marriage proposals are moments most girls dream about their whole life. Finding that special partner to grow with, to love, to cherish and live life. That one person who will complete them. The dream of true love, partnership and complete joy that begins with four uttered words “will you marry me?”

Through the years marriage proposals have become a competitive gesture. Many do not fully comprehend the power and strength of such a commitment. The focus is directed more on the spectacle, and the size and shape of the bling.

But for those who maintain the sacrament, having a truly romantic and beautiful setting to pop the question with lifelong responsibilities is vital. New York City is just the place with its many options for those romantically-inclined.

Beautiful Daisies in a heart shape
Beautiful Daisies in a heart shape – Pop the Question in New York


Engagement ring on branch in the Park
Engagement ring on branch in the Park – Pop the Question in New York

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My husband knew this. He knew that New York City would have the ideal setting for such an important question. For his proposal to me. And he wanted something that made sense to us, that kept with our stance on marriage,  and had the power to recognize such a life-changing event.

So he chose one of the most iconic landmarks in the entire city to pop the question. One that stands strong, faces daily adversity, and is captured in thousands of photographic memories – The Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge New York
The Brooklyn Bridge New York – Pop the Question in New York

More About Where He Decided to Pop the Question

Built in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge stands proudly connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn with a pedestrian pathway for a quick commute or a leisurely stroll.

After spending some educational and sentimental time in the Brooklyn Museum we decided to walk back to the Manhattan side of the island via Brooklyn Bridge’s footpath. You see, my husband, who is from Australia produced an award-winning class film which was chosen to be screened internationally 14 years prior right in the museum. He wasn’t able to travel from Sydney to New York to attend the premiere, so visiting the exact room where it was screened was quite an emotional moment for him.

Where Josh's award-winning film was screened in the Brooklyn Museum
Where Josh’s award-winning film was screened in the Brooklyn Museum- Pop the Question in New York

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Halfway across the bridge we stopped to admire the views of Manhattan and Lady Liberty. 

Welcome to Brooklyn
Welcome to Brooklyn – Pop the Question in New York

Then, we saw something all too familiar to us and our union- all the locks that were left in previous promenades; it made us reminisce of our lock-leaving moments across Europe that sealed our relationship, commitment and devotion to each other. How we brought opposite sides of the planet together into one union.

Locks left on the bridge
Locks left on the bridge – Pop the Question in New York

And then the unexpected happened.

Josh with the key to the engagement lock
Josh with the key to the engagement lock

My beautiful man brings out a key and states that it symbolizes the key to his heart. Emotionally beautiful, I was unsure of why he was getting incredibly romantic and sentimental here in the middle of this iconic bridge. And then, he brought out the lock, suggesting to place one here in a new continent….

Engagement Lock with an engraved proposal
Engagement Lock with an engraved proposal – Pop the Question in New York

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He then proposed to me. I couldn’t believe I had received my marriage proposal. The one I had dreamed about for years like the rest of us girls.

I was flabbergasted. Speechless. Shocked. All of the above.

These were my feelings that second to leave no voice in my larynx to utter Yes. I apologized to my husband for instilling that unnecessary fear of the delayed response, then burst into tears with my acceptance of his kneeling proposal. It was (harp in full swing) magical.

Placing the lock on Brooklyn Bridge
Placing the lock on Brooklyn Bridge – Pop the Question in New York


On Brooklyn Bridge After our proposal
On Brooklyn Bridge After our proposal – Pop the Question in New York

The new happily engaged couple continued back to Manhattan and savoured the beautiful moment that will change their lives forever, brimming with excitement to plan the event of a lifetime.

This could happen to you. You can choose a beautiful setting as the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, or go for something completely different.

The options are clearly surrounding you. Here are some of the ideas found in our first edition of our upcoming city series of proposal printables providing inspiration and ideas on planning that perfect moment in your life, assisting on choosing a place to pop the question.

A Surprise at the flagship Tiffany’s and Co. Store on 5th Avenue

If your budget allows, surprise your partner with a private trip to Tiffany’s like Patrick Dempsey in Sweet Home AlabamaTiffany’s brings not only a beautiful selection of engagement rings of unlimited cuts, styles and metals, it also has a renowned reputation of elegance, style, and poise. I mean, any shop that would mesmerize Audrey Hepburn would certainly be worth considering.


Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's
Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Tiffany and Co on 5th Avenue
Tiffany and Co. on 5th Avenue – Pop the Question in New York


Outside the Tiffany's Flagship Store in NYC
Pop the Question in New York

If Tiffany’s is outside your budget, why not share a champagne picnic in Central Park? Grab a some goodies, a bottle of bubbly, and make the moment yours.

Picnic in the park
Pop the Question in New York

I hope my divulging of my incredible engagement details has inspired many of you to take the leap, plan a romantic getaway, or even renew your vows. Be sure to stay tuned for the release of our new series of city proposal printables to help inspire everyone to ask the question that will change your life forever.

Purely Magical.



Marriage Proposal Spots in New York
Pop the Question in New York


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