If you are similar to me, than you need to travel on a budget. You regularly brew your coffee at home, you toast a bagel and eat it on the go, or you stop in for the odd Egg McMuffin now and then. You look for a reputable hostel to stay the night and hope the person in your dormitory doesn’t snore. This all sounds just too familiar doesn’t it? Well, it is those budgeting travellers who sometimes truly need pampering with an indulgent meal or experience in the lap of luxury; in a venue we never dreamed we’d ever visit. An opportunity to see how the rich and famous live on a daily basis inside and outside the limelight. And so with this notion, we decided to treat ourselves while in NYC to a delicious Plaza Hotel Breakfast with all the fixings.

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The Plaza Hotel has always been on my list of places to visit. The first time I had the chance to see this hotel I was in the 12th grade on a school trip. The highlight of my visit was bumping into Tommy LaSorda, the former L.A. Dodgers Manager, and receiving an autograph. Since then, so many years ago, I had hoped I could return to this infamous lobby where Macaulay Culkin coerced Rob Schneider to bring his bags to his suite and where Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin reunited after being switched at birth in Big Business. That way I could take photographs of the glistening chandelier, admire the glamourous women sitting on chesterfields, and fix my hair at the publicly displayed floor-length mirror when nobody was looking.

Enjoy A Luxurious Breakfast at the Plaza Hotel - Fill My Passport
Plaza hotel Chandelier – Plaza Hotel Breakfast

When my husband, whom you all have already learned doesn’t shy away from making milestones (in my case 35 years of life) special, surprised me with a beautiful Plaza Hotel breakfast. I was speechless and incredibly moved by his thoughtfulness and effort in making my day as special as possible, giving me the chance to have that luxurious experience I’d always dreamed of.

The Breakfast Table
The Plaza Hotel Breakfast Table


Enjoy A Luxurious Breakfast at the Plaza Hotel - Fill My Passport
Plaza Hotel Breakfast Dining Lounge

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More About the Plaza Hotel Breakfast

The Plaza Hotel breakfast is buffet-style. The selection is exquisite with a variety of fruits, cheeses, eggs, potatoes, breads and pastries. And, as an added touch, a glass of bubbly is served alongside your cappuccino made to order.

The ambiance for your Plaza Hotel breakfast experience is elite. It is swanky. It was definitely a far cry from my budgeting bowls of cereal and home brewed joe. I savoured every bite and just marveled in the experience.

And then it happened. The spotlight. On ME in this beautiful place.

I thought I had escaped the birthday recognition and that the Plaza Hotel breakfast practices wouldn’t include such festivities. Humbly, I was so honoured to be recognized here with a plate of individually decorated chocolate covered strawberries.

Enjoy A Luxurious Breakfast at the Plaza Hotel - Fill My Passport
Birthday Strawberries served at my Plaza Hotel Breakfast


Happy 35th to me! Strawberries at the Plaza Hotel
Happy 35th to me! Strawberries served at my Plaza Hotel breakfast

After such an incredible breakfast, we confidently walked around the hotel to explore the venue and see everything it has to offer its guests.

Beneath the lobby and dining areas on the lower level is an exclusive shopping market offering a posh selection of desserts, savouries, photo opportunities, promotional activities, florist, shoe polishing services, and limited edition gifts. There was even a Star Wars inspired kiosk for those die-hard fans.

Enjoy A Luxurious Breakfast at the Plaza Hotel - Fill My Passport
The Plaza Hotel Market

I hope when you go to New York City, that for one day or one night, you pop on your sparkling shoes or comfy duds and splurge with an experience at the Plaza Hotel.

Toast your trip, acknowledge your hard work to enjoy this vacation, celebrate an important event in your lives, or simply give yourself that little treat. New York is a magical place. And all of us deserve a little sprinkle now and then.


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