There is a reason that Paris is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Besides being the home to some of the most delicious gastronomy in the world, it showcases some of the most pristine architecture alongside the gorgeously tranquil river Seine.


Three years ago I made my way back to the city of love. Single, I had no expectations on my 5-month sabbatical other than seeing the world, indulging in self-discovery, getting consumed with self-healing, and becoming educated in what is out there beyond the borders of my comfort zone.

My itinerary steered me to this magical city. Blessed for a return visit, I had planned to make the most of my time here (2 days) and see the things I missed the first time thanks to having my eyes closed to its culture and personality.

One of those places I missed the first time was the gorgeous and iconic Notre Dame Cathedral.

Erected back in the 1190’s and one of the largest churches in the world, this Roman Catholic cathedral has been considered one of the most impressive buildings demonstrating French Gothic architecture. The combination of the sculptures and stained glass windows makes this cathedral a quintessential example of naturalism differentiating it from Roman architecture.

Why is the Notre Dame Loved So Much in Paris? - Fill My Passport
The Notre Dame Cathedral


Beautiful Stained Glass window in Notre Dame
Beautiful Stained Glass window in Notre Dame


Why is the Notre Dame Loved So Much in Paris? - Fill My Passport
Beautiful interior of Notre Dame

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The Notre Dame Cathedral is an incredible place to visit where you feel instantly immersed in blessings and comfort. Upon my entry into this sacred place, I felt joy, love and purity. The stained glass windows painted its history, while the columns whispered its trials and its structure adversity over the centuries. Amidst the crowd, I stood silently and watched visitors genuflect to the virgin Mary, kneel and send prayers, and light candles of hope. It was a visit of reflection, of gratitude, of grace for the love and protection around my life and this journey.

Why is the Notre Dame Loved So Much in Paris? - Fill My Passport
Notre Dame Candle Lighting

I was compelled to burn a candle here sending my prayers for safety, self-discovery, healing and opportunity to God. I also believed it was a perfect place to express my gratitude for my life, its path and the support circle given to me and my life. I paused and graciously said thanks.

My visit began with a tourist intention – snapping photos of this momentous place in the heart of Paris; it ended with my mind and my heart full of grace and joy.

This cathedral has served Paris well over the centuries. It is a safe haven for the Catholic community and a place for everyone who visits to be humbled, marvel in its beauty and be educated on the incredible history it has endured. This iconic landmark has carved a footprint in not only Catholic pilgrimage over the years, but also through the tourism, entertainment and numerous entrepreneurial industries. In fact, the cathedral proved so significant, that it inspired Victor Hugo’s best-selling story Hunchback of Notre Dame, which was later adapted into film starring Lon Chaney.

Why is the Notre Dame Loved So Much in Paris? - Fill My Passport
Lon Chaney in Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Notre Dame is located in the heart of Paris on 6 Parvis Notre-Dame – Pl. Jean-Paul II. Being a central landmark in the city, you cannot help but be enthralled by the smells and sites surrounding it.  You just never know what you will see. Take in the atmosphere. Soak up the culture. Count your blessings. Send a prayer.

During his visit, my husband embraced the city and culture, soaking up all Notre Dame and Paris’ surroundings, including the energy and joy of a homeless man engaging with the birds. It was inspirational and humbling to my hubby who couldn’t help but photograph this moment.

Paris is one of those cities where magic is there for everyone, experiences will be there and different for everyone, and blessing surround all its visitors. Notre Dame is a must to show grace, gratitude, and glamour.

A perfect trifecta.

Why is the Notre Dame Loved So Much in Paris? - Fill My Passport
Homeless man with the birds





Why is the Notre Dame Loved So Much in Paris? - Fill My Passport
Notre Dame


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