Okay, let’s just say this – you don’t need to be a die hard fan to come down with Disney fever. Seriously. I hear those out there saying “that wouldn’t be me. I wouldn’t buy much at Disney.” Huh! Want to test that theory? You can budget all you want for your upcoming trip to the happiest place one earth and STILL go home with things you never expected to buy. When you arrive to the resorts, you are already surrounded by temptation. And when you pass through the gates of your chosen park, even more fun things you never imagined will appear in front of you. There is just so much on offer at all the Disney Parks that it can be overwhelming and hard to choose what to take home. We are here to help! Here is our epic list of seriously super cool Disney World Souvenirs you need to consider on your next trip.

Super Cool Disney Souvenirs you need
Super Cool Disney World Souvenirs you need as well as Disneyland Souvenirs

1 – Mickey Ears

This one goes without saying. You seriously need to swallow your manhood and prissy sophistication and don these beauties. They really are adorable and a Disney staple. They are available in all the parks and in a huge variety of styles, colours, characters, and more. If you don’t want the hat style ears, you can also opt for headband style. The Minnie ears come in a variety of designs, but the ones that are most popular and so adorable are the sparkly ones! These come in black, green, polka dot and many more options. For a different spin, check out the milestone ones for birthdays, honeymoons, and other celebrations, as well as those depicting favourite characters like Star Wars droids or movie icons like the Mad Hatter. Our favourite store to grab these is Chapeaux right on Main Street USA located to the left of the Town Theater.

Get Those Mickey Ears on Main Street USA!
Get Those Mickey Ears on Main Street USA! – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


Hubby wearing classic Star Wars Mickey Ears!
Hubby wearing classic Star Wars Mickey Ears! – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


Mad Hatter Ears
Mad Hatter Ears – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


My Disney Flair- Minnie Ears
My Disney Flair- Minnie Ears – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

2 – Magic Bands

So you should be familiar with magic bands. They store all your trip details making it super easy and super quick to access such things as fast passes, dinner reservations, hotel details, shopping, and more. When you stay at a Walt Disney World resort on property, for the most part magic bands are included with your stay and come in a variety of colours to choose from. Needless to say if you frequently vacation at the Disney parks, you will generate a pretty impressive collection. (we have 6 now).

If you aren’t staying on the resort, you can still go old school in the parks with papers and receipts, or you can purchase a magic band at the admission booth for an additional fee. And it doesn’t stop there. Disney took this quintessential accessory to a whole new level. Not only are these beauties offered in all colours of the rainbow, but now you can get a special magic band featuring your favourite character, film, attraction etc.! Plus they have limited release designs and accessories for your bands. Disney goes big here. So not only can you get a magic band with Mickey on it, or the Seven Dwarfs in my case, but I can also get jewels to adorn them (like Crocs charms), and a handy watch face. (Cuz wearing magic bands and watches together simply is not comfortable!). Bands vary in price and can be synced to your account easily in literally less than 5 minutes. I think these are super cool. They are an electronic marvel and seriously save on the paper, worries of losing that all important receipt, and look fashionable at the same time.

the coloured Magic Bands received at the resort
the coloured Magic Bands received at the resort


My Ultra Cool Seven Dwarfs Magic Band the Cast Members Loved
My Ultra Cool Seven Dwarfs Magic Band the Cast Members Loved. – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

3 – A Special Postcard Mailed from Main Street USA

How cool is this? There are active mailboxes on Main Street USA where the USPS collects any mail deposited through the slot. What makes this even more cool is that Disney has a special stamp to show you mailed it from there! Buy a postcard at the Emporium or the small shop just past the admission gate. Next, head to the Chamber of Commerce and purchase postage stamps. Write out your message and mail a postcard back to yourself! When you get home you will have a super cool memento from your time at Magic Kingdom 🙂

The Main Street USA Stamp!
The Main Street USA Stamp – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


Mailing our postcard in the official USPS Mailbox located across from Guest Relations
Mailing our postcard in the official USPS Mailbox located across from Guest Relations – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

4 – Pressed Pennies

There are seriously so many things people collect at the parks. This is another one – Pressed Pennies. They are super fun and for those currencies that have stopped penny production, it is an aesthetic and great way to use them up. There are booths all over the parks and resorts with prices and varieties ranging from booth to booth. Some of the newer booths offer multiple styles with a $5 deal for 8 pressed pennies, accepting credit card payments, and other vintage wind-up pressers that require exact change. Collect a whole bunch? Disney has your back with some stylish pressed penny albums at the various shops for $15 ish with tax. It is a fun thing to collect with literally designs with almost all characters.

Grabbing a Pressed Penny for my collection!
Grabbing a Pressed Penny for my collection! – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


Pressed Pennies
Pressed Pennies – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


The Perfect Home for your Pressed Pennies
The Perfect Home for your Pressed Pennies – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

5 – Pins

So pin trading is one of the most popular hobbies of Disney fans. It is so popular that it warranted my Ultimate Guide to Pin Trading so newbies could start knowing all the ropes before arriving in the parks. There are over 120,000 pins out there all over the world. It is such fun trading with cast members and with other guests, as well as grabbing the latest limited release. Be sure to check out the open release pins at the parks while there (those that are on sale and available for everyone to buy) and the pin trading areas to grab some that are more scarce.

Pin Trading in Epcot
Pin Trading in Epcot – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

6 – Mickey’s Kitchen Sink

So this is both an ultimate snack/indulgence as well as a souvenir. My snack guide will definitely have Mickey’s Kitchen Sink gracing it as oh my lord, you just cannot leave the Magic Kingdom without downing one of these babies. Offered at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlour on Main Street USA, this mega sundae will have ice cream lovers thinking they arrived in dessert heaven. First, you get three scoops of ice cream in flavours of your choosing, then a topping you select from chocolate fudge, caramel, peanut butter and others. Next, add on a couple swirls of whipped cream and maraschino cherries for the ultimately epic ice cream dessert treat you deserve after hitting your pedometer daily steps goals. The souvenir part? You get to keep the uber adorable kitchen sink bowl that it was served in that has a moving faucet and moving taps! I think this is a great souvenir as the bowl can be used so many ways when you get home.

Mickey's Kitchen Sink
Mickey’s Kitchen Sink – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


Mickey's Kitchen Sink
Mickey’s Kitchen Sink – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

7- Muppets Hats

So I am the biggest Muppets Nerd. I have confirmed this characteristic about myself in so many ways and proudly display my adoration in form of hats, photo bombs, and tantrums over the removal of the hot air balloon at Hollywood Studios. So of course when enjoying the Hollywood Studios park, I had to pick up some truly cool character hats. They have Kermit, Animal and Beaker available and they are as warm as ever! Seriously. Winters get pretty cold in Canada so a Muppets Hat will be just the trick to keep your head and ears warm. And you are making a serious nostalgic fashion statement. Not visiting the Hollywood Studios but still want a Muppets hat? No worries! You can find them as well in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom and select stores in Disney Springs.

Fun Hats from the Disney Parks!
Fun Muppets Hats from the Disney Parks- Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

8- Exclusive Park Stuffies

So my husband says I have enough stuffies. I have quite the collection of beautiful plush characters that I love from the parks. But there is something different about those exclusive to the parks and not available in the Disney Store or elsewhere. Check out the different shops while on property and consider one or two to bring home that are unavailable off site. We particularly love the cats with the super long tails (Marie of Aristocats and Lucifer from Cinderella), the Beast plush available near Beast’s castle, and Hank from Finding Dory. But there are so many more – park-specific Mickeys and Minnies, exclusive characters like Flower the skunk and Mrs. Jumbo with baby Dumbo.

Marie from the Aristocats with a super long tail
Marie from the Aristocats with a super long tail – She came home with me!


Beast –  Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


Hank from Finding Dory
Hank from Finding Dory –  Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


Dug from Up!
Dug from Up-  Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


Oswald the lucky Rabbit
Oswald the lucky Rabbit –  Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

9- Resort Merchandise

There are 14 resorts open on Disney property with a few being built. Each has brought out its own special merchandise line for guests to remember their stay! We stayed at the Art of Animation resort. It was a fabulous hotel with themed rooms and life-size sculptures of some of my favourite characters. Their line of merchandise was equally impressive with mugs, shirts, hoodies, and limited release collector pins. Thinking of staying at the Art of Animation Resort? Check out our video below along with our resort merchandise recommendations!


Art of Animation Resort Merchandise
Art of Animation Resort Merchandise –  Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

10 – Sorcerer Spell Cards

So this is pretty cool. You can defeat Disney villains throughout the Magic Kingdom park and collect fun spell cards along the way! What is particularly neat about this activity is that the villains are rarer ones than those more prominent in the parks. I’m talking Hades, Cruella De Ville, Cruella’s henchmen and more. Merlin takes you through the scavenger hunt and explains the rules. That too is nice since the Sword and the Stone is another classic film that doesn’t get the attention it deserves in the parks. Now, this activity is FREE to begin with. Head to the Fire Station on Main Street USA and pick up a map and your first set of spell cards. Each person in your party gets a FREE set of cards each day. If you get doubles, you can trade with the cast members at the fire station. Collect a lot of cards? Disney sells some official albums specially for the spell cards as well as limited edition cards you cannot get in your freebies.

Sorcerer Spell Cards Album
Sorcerer Spell Cards Album –  Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


Some of the many Spell cards
Some of the many Spell cards –  Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

11 – Lumiere Light up Figurine

So if you are a Beauty and the Beast fan, you need Lumiere in your life. First of all, reserve a table at Be Our Guest Restaurant for dinner. Why? Well, you get to meet Beast. (the only time you can – he does not appear for breakfast or lunch). Secondly, dinner is the only table service dining option at this restaurant – the other meal times are Quick Service. Next, you must try the gray stuff, and most importantly, you are escorted to your table by Lumiere! when we arrived here and I saw the figurine, the cast member handed him to me to guide me to our table and I instantly knew I needed him in my life. And so will you. He is available in the shop beside Beast’s castle as well as in the French area of the World Showcase at Epcot.

Thinking of dining at Be Our Guest? Check out our detailed review here.

With Lumiere Ready to head in for Dinner!
With Lumiere Ready to head in for Dinner-  Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

12 – Driver’s License

Head on over to Tomorrowland and take a spin on one of the coolest rides at the parks – the Tomorrowland Speedway! This vintage ride is great as it gives riders the opportunity to control a vehicle. Mind you, there are quite a few crashes on there ha ha. After your enjoyable ride emulating Lightening McQueen, check out the driver’s license booths. For $5 you can grab your very own license! How cool is that!? I decided to make mine look silly since your are forbidden to smile or make any type of face on the real ones…

Speedway drivers license
Speedway drivers license – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

13 – Haunted Mansion Ghost Pictures

Not for the faint at heart, but totally awesome for those loving a good piece of Haunted Mansion nostalgia! I just love this original attraction located right in Liberty Square. After your spooky ride of Eleanor Audley’s floating head and prolific collections of hidden Mickeys and ghosts, head to the gift shop and check out the really cool Haunted Mansion souvenirs. What we loved here were these spirit photos that change as you walk by. A normal photo is taken of you which is then placed in a hologram style finish. Depending on where you are standing in your home, the picture will change from normal human to ghost in seconds. A great decoration to have on display for all the dinner parties you host!

Haunted Mansion Ghostly Photos
Haunted Mansion Ghostly Photos – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


Haunted Mansion Ghostly Photos
Haunted Mansion Ghostly Photos

14 – Bubble Makers

I was on the fence on whether to include this one, but they were absolutely EVERYWHERE in the parks while on my last visit that it couldn’t be avoided. Bubble makers are the absolute favourite it seems of the child guests! They come in many characters including Mickey, Minnie, Buzz Lightyear, and a few princesses. They are filled with a soapy liquid and with battery power, creates streams and streams of bubbles. They are $30 ish and sold at nearly every shop on property with certain characters available in particular stores and merchant carts (though Mickey is available at ALL of them) and will seriously keep those kiddies occupied when having to wait in long lines.

Bubble Makers
Bubble Makers – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

15 – The Mickey Promotional Backpack

I thought I came to the parks fully equipped for everything I needed to carry around. I thought my multi-pocketed handbag would do the trick. Nope. It didn’t fit my sorcerer card album, my pins, water, camera equipment, or my layers of clothing when it got super hot during the day. It is inevitable that you will be purchasing merchandise here at the parks so why not take advantage of the promotional backpack offer and grab it for $20? It is this price when you spend $40 on other stuff. We bought one and used it every day. We found it super helpful AND carrying around a purse just sucks as it dangles on shoulders vs. a backpack out of the way and not impeding my ability to grab my phone to take a quick selfie. Buy the bag. Seriously. Myself and hundreds endorse this decision as I think I counted about 1000+ people with this bag in the parks daily.

The Super Handy Mickey Backpack
The Super Handy Mickey Backpack – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

16 – Country Bears Jamboree Moonshine Jug

So everything to do with Frontierland steals my heart. Why? Well because for the most part, the majority of the attractions were original visions of Walt Disney and have withstood the test of time. You have the Enchanted Tiki Room, Tom Sawyer Island, Swiss Family Robinson Tree house, shooting grounds, etc., a fun and interactive hoedown where if lucky, you can dance with RARE characters. (Brer Rabbit, I will love you always my cottontail casa nova for that spontaneous dance), and the Country Bears Jamboree show. This show is adorable and the characters come out to meet guests afterward. Just outside the theatre is a little snack shop across from the Trading Post. Here, is the one spot you can grab an official and limited Country Bears Jamboree Moonshine jug! Have it filled with your favourite drink and take the jug home! I just love this as it is pure nostalgia and super unique. When home, why not use it as a vase?

Pro-Tip: This is the ONLY place to grab this awesome souvenir. It is not available in park stores, Disney stores, other Disney Parks or online! Going home or don’t want to wash it? Don’t worry! The awesome cast members will pour your drink in a throw away cup and give you a brand spankin’ new jug to pack in your suitcase.


Country Bears Jamboree Moonshine Jug
Country Bears Jamboree Moonshine Jug

17 – Disney Autograph Book

So this one isn’t a rarity, but it is still super cool and in my opinion, a MUST on every trip. You seriously never know which characters you will meet beyond those with set meet and greets and fast passes so why not collect autographs? I personally like the Character encyclopedia you can buy before hitting the parks. (This one I use and LOVE). The parks have oodles of autograph books in all the shops to choose from as well as some pretty neat pens.

Pro-Tips: If you choose the encyclopedia, keep in mind not all characters are in there. Elena, Joy, Sadness and Mary Poppins are not in there so you will need them to sign the covers. As well, there are a few characters that do not sign autographs who you may meet in the parks – Beast, Baymax, Olaf, and King Louie.

With my autograph Book ready to meet Peter Pan!
With my autograph Book ready to meet Peter Pan!


Fairy Godmother signing my autograph book!
Fairy Godmother signing my autograph book!

18 – Mickey & Minnie Eared Hoodies

So while we were at the parks, the temperatures were certainly not balmy! Coming from the cold, we were so hoping for a break from the chilly winter climate, but arrived in Orlando during single digits! I must say that I personally believe Disney made more money on hoodies, hats, gloves, and blankets, than they have ever in their 47-year legacy. So although we packed knowing the weather conditions we were going to face, we still fell short of warm clothes and scored these pretty cool hoodies! These we loved as they come in both Mickey and Minnie patterns and have the cutest hood featuring mouse ears! These were warm and toasty and brought with them that hint of cuteness. You can grab these at a few shops in the parks but the most prominent with the largest stock are the Emporium, The Big Top Shop near Dumbo Flying Elephant, and Mouse Gear in Epcot.


Minnie Hoodie!
Minnie Hoodie!

19 – Fine Art

So we went to the International Festival of the Arts at Epcot this past January. (There is still time! It runs until Feb 19th!) Here, there were displays of some of the most incredible pieces of art you’ve ever seen. Adaptations of favourite characters. Uses of different artistic media to capture the beauty and sweetness of stories we have loved through the decades. While visiting, why not pick up a limited release canvas or print? Don’t worry if you aren’t able to make the festival. There are galleries throughout Epcot and Magic Kingdom with some truly beautiful pieces. If you are lucky, you just may get there while the artist is on site to get a signed piece!

Thinking of heading to the Festival? Check out our guide here.

With Stephen Fishwick at Disney's Epcot Festival of the Arts
With Stephen Fishwick at Disney’s Epcot Festival of the Arts


Stephen Fishwick signing our piece of art at Disney's Epcot Festival of the Arts
Stephen Fishwick signing our piece of art at Disney’s Epcot Festival of the Arts

20 – Parasols in China of the World Showcase

The World Showcase is such a fun area of Epcot. It literally depicts each nation quite to point and brings cultural experiences, cuisine and souvenirs for guests. I particularly enjoyed China this year for several reasons. First, they showcased models of the new Shanghai park, second they had some Shanghai Disney exclusive merchandise, and third they upped their offerings of unique cultural items. The parasols on offer here are just so cool. They are authentically made in China and if you wish, can be personalized! They aren’t too pricey and can fit into suitcases easily and safely for your trip home. Which one would you grab?

Parasols at China in the World Showcase Epcot
Parasols at China in the World Showcase Epcot

21- Choosing an Oyster for a Pearl in Japan World Showcase

Another super cool experience in Epcot’s World Showcase is the oyster fishing for a pearl. For $18, you get to choose an oyster from the tank. The Japanese cast members will open the oyster and show you the pearl that your chosen oyster harvested. Next, they will show you the measurement and place the pearl in a bag. You can then choose from a variety of settings ranging from $25-$100+ in gold, silver, and white gold. This was so cool. If you are lucky, you just may choose a silver pearl! Only 5% of the oysters have silver pearls.

Choosing an Oyster for a Pearl in Japan at the World Showcase!
Choosing an Oyster for a Pearl in Japan at the World Showcase!


Choosing an Oyster for a Pearl in Japan at the World Showcase!
Choosing an Oyster for a Pearl in Japan at the World Showcase!


Choosing an Oyster for a Pearl in Japan at the World Showcase!
Choosing an Oyster for a Pearl in Japan at the World Showcase!

22 – Get Genie’s Lamp in Morocco!

After meeting Jasmine in Agrabah, why not head on over to the Morocco market and grab Genie’s lamp? They have a huge variety of beautiful authentic items including jewellery, textiles, and lamps to take home. You never, know – give it a rub. You just may never have a friend like Genie!

Genie's Lamp
Genie’s Lamp – Morocco World Showcase, Epcot


Morocco Textiles
Morocco Textiles

23 – Authentic Clothing in the World Showcase

Another neat element added to the World Showcase is their selection of cultural clothes worn in the featured countries. You can grab a kimono in Japan, a brocade dress in China, beautiful textiles in Morocco as well as dresses and outfits similar to Jasmine’s couture, and in Mexico, ponchos and other fine pieces. While there, I picked up an adorable handcrafted top with some beautiful embroidery. The prices are reasonable with the garments made in Mexico.

Authentic Mexico Shirt
Authentic Mexico Shirt – World Showcase, Epcot


Authentic Moroccan Dress - World Showcase, Epcot
Authentic Moroccan Dress – World Showcase, Epcot

24 – Day of the Dead Items – Mexico World Showcase

I just saw Coco. I LOVE this film and was in tears at the end. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you other than to say Gael García Bernal stole my heart in this film and has become one of my new Hollywood faves. With that being said, there are rumours floating around that the Mexico boat ride will get a face lift to reflect this new cultural film. At first, I was apprehensive and wondered if the change would be good for the attraction, but after seeing Coco, can only praise this notion.

At the moment the ride reflects Mexico and has the 3 Cabelleros at the end. But in the pavilion itself, the market stalls are full of Day of the Dead and Coco mementos for you to take home. Check out the stalls and consider one or two fun Mexican items. I particularly love the Day of the Dead hand-painted skulls. And, perhaps a Dante stuffy (but don’t tell my hubby…hahaha!).

Day of the Dead handpainted skulls in Mexico - World Showcase
Day of the Dead handpainted skulls in Mexico – World Showcase

25 – Figment Stuff. Period.

So who is that adorable purple dragon anyway? Well, he is the sweetest image of Epcot’s Future World area that you could want! He is super sweet and has been embraced by guests for 35 years. Items featuring Figment are only available in Epcot (except for a few trading pins) so grab such fun stuff as stuffies, mugs, hoodies, pins, and much more.

Credit: Sam Howzit

26 – Epcot World Showcase Passport

How fun! Grab the passport from one of the many shops at Epcot near the World Showcase and head off to the 11 countries to have it stamped! There are special areas in each building where a cast member from that country will stamp your passport and sometimes decorate the pages with cultural stickers, drawings or symbols. They are $12.99 and seriously such fun.

Epcot Passport - Outside the Canadian Pavilion!
Epcot Passport – Outside the Canadian Pavilion!

27 – Crystals – Germany World Showcase

So in the Germany area of the park there is much more than simply an Oktoberfest bar. As many flock to this country to drink their way around the World Showcase (out comes my intolerance face for drunkenness at Disney!) there is much more to the spot than just steins of beer. Check out the German products including Steiff bears, Hummel figurines, and absolutely gorgeous crystal figurines. They have all the characters you could want in a variety of price points. The ones that truly stood out to me were the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast, Belle herself in her ball gown, and the jewelled Oswald figurine.

Pro-tip: Worried about carrying all your loot? Don’t worry! If you are staying on Disney property and are not leaving in the imminent 48 hours, have them delivered to your resort directly! How convenient is that!?

Crystal Enchanted Rose
Crystal Enchanted Rose


Crystal Belle Figurine
Crystal Belle Figurine


Jeweled Oswald
Jeweled Oswald

28 – Yoda Backpack – Hollywood Studios

So he was my favourite Jedi EVER. Probably because he was voiced by Frank Oz and I love anything to do with Muppets and puppetry. (The CG Yoda was just not cool!). So of course I just wanted to cuddle that Yoda backpack to death when I found him in Star Wars Launch Base at Hollywood Studios. He is a great little backpack and can hold the necessities! I think I would just cuddle him to pieces instead of using him! He isn’t cheap ($64.99!) but he is unique and a great remembrance of your time at the Hollywood Studios.

Yoda Backpack - Hollywood Studios
Yoda Backpack – Hollywood Studios – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

29 – Star Wars Hats – Hollywood Studios

So I am a Muppets Nerd and my husband is a Star Wars nerd. Nerds stick together! What can we say? At Hollywood Studios, nerds will be in heaven with the selection of awesome Star Wars hats including Yoda, Chewbecca, and many other classic characters. You can grab yours in the Launch base after enjoying the fun simulation ride!


Chewbecca Hat
Chewbecca Hat – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


30 – Build Your Own Light saber – Hollywood Studios

Don’t worry, not everything super cool from Hollywood Studios is Star Wars themed. But seriously, creating your own light saber? That is pretty neat don’t you think? Once you complete it, you can battle with the likes of Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Kylo Ren!

Star Wars
Star Wars – Build your own Lightsaber

31- Build Your Own Droid – Hollywood Studios

So my final recommendation for Star Wars merchandise is this one! Kids will love this! Head over to the Launch Base and check out the bins of Lego-style pieces ready to make your droids! They range in price and no two will ever be the same!

Build Your Own Droid
Build Your Own Droid


Build Your Own Droid
Build Your Own Droid – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

32 – Celebrity Photos – Rockin’ Roller Coaster

So this is just super cool – you can get your face super-imposed onto famous film scenes! Everything from Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, and more. They take your photo, than place your face into a famous picture. In our case, we make a good Indiana and Marion don’t you think?

Celebrity Photos - Hollywood Studios
Celebrity Photos – Hollywood Studios – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

33 – African Handmade Wood Carving – Animal Kingdom

So I just love this. You can buy a hand-carved wooden statue, sign, or other piece of decor made by a cast member native to Africa. We particularly loved the Hakuna Matata sign. What would you choose?

Pro-Tip: Your country strict on wood products? Don’t worry! You can get these products safely home! 

Hand-Carved Wooden Decor
Hand-Carved Wooden Decor


Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

34 – Create Your Own Avatar – Pandora World of Avatar, Animal Kingdom

The latest land Pandora World of Avatar has been a massive hit for Disney guests! In particular, those who LOVE the film and see the incredible attention to detail within the gardens, waterfalls, sights, and sounds. So is it any surprise whatsoever that they have some super cool souvenirs? I think not. So first of all, you can create your own Avatar! How cool is that!? They scan your face with a safe scanner, you choose various facial and body features, then they create it in 45 minutes.

Heading to Pandora World of Avatar? Check out our thorough guide here.

Avatar creation Scan of your face
Avatar creation Scan of your face


Avatar creation on the computer
Avatar creation on the computer


Avatar creation getting your Avatar once created through this machine
Avatar creation getting your Avatar once created through this machine


Hubby and his Avatar!
Hubby and his Avatar!

35 – Remote Control Banshee – Pandora World of Avatar

Not keen on the $74.99 price tag for a personalized Avatar? Well, why not grab a slightly cheaper, but no less cool remote controlled banshee? They come in a variety of colours and some pretty neat accessories like perches and stands. These guys are $60 and a true hit with the younger kids.

Banshees to choose from
Banshees to choose from – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs


Cast Member showing off the new banshees
Cast Member showing off the new banshees – Super cool Disney World Souvenirs

So there you have our favourite souvenirs at the parks! I can truthfully say we did not buy all of these! 1/3 would be most accurate I think 🙂 Which of these would you choose?

Want to show off your fandom at the parks with adorable Disney outfits? Grab yours below!

Princess and the Frog dress

Princess and the Frog dress
Princess and the Frog dress
Credit: Brave Little Tailor

Nemo and Dory dress

Nemo and Dory dress
Nemo and Dory dress
Credit: Brave Little Tailor

Alice and Wonderland dress

Alice and Wonderland dress
Alice and Wonderland dress
Credit: Brave Little Tailor
35 Super Cool Disney World Souvenirs
35 Super Cool Disney World Souvenirs




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