We are so busy. Life, technology, work, deadlines, stress, they are contribute to lessening the amount of free time we have each day. But somehow we manage to squeeze in a moment to (sometimes guzzle) a coffee, latte, and sometimes a double espresso shot (you know, for those zombie-style mornings we simply cannot get it together.) But although we as a worldwide society of quickly adapted to this pace and new on-the-go lifestyle, finding new and unique coffee shops around the world has really become a thing. The next installment in our local coffee shops section takes you to the beautiful and up and coming touristy city of Medellin Colombia. Our blogging friend Sam of The Hammock Hombre, compiled a wonderful round up of Medellin Coffee shops that will work perfectly with any Colombia itinerary.

Our Medellin Coffee Shop Round-up

As Colombia’s second city, Medellin has a great deal to offer visitors. Over the last decade it has become increasingly cosmopolitan, and with that its popularity has grown in a big way.  More and more quality establishments have been popping up. The city is now dotted with attractive restaurants and bars, and the coffee culture is growing fast.

That may sound strange given that Colombia is one of the largest exporters of coffee across the world, but because of this exportation, the home-grown specialty coffee isn’t a staple for locals. In recent times the Medellin coffee shop culture has started to take off, and there is an ever-growing number of cool cafes opening. Plus, there are also charity cafes set up in the poorer neighbourhoods of Medellin, giving caffeine enthusiasts a chance to give something back with every indulgent latte.

Toucan Cafe & Tours

Toucan Cafe & Tours is one of the key players in the expansion of the city’s coffee culture. In-house experts comb through the myriad of coffee options to bring the crème de la crème of local beverages, putting this place at the top of the list for coffee tourists. The café itself is modern, stylish and welcoming, and the coffee is something else.

Toucan Cafe - one of many Medellin Coffee Shops
Toucan Cafe – one of many Medellin Coffee Shops – credit: The Hammock Hombre

One of the best picks is La Sierra, a local coffee blend with a difference. The harvesting of this coffee supports local farmers who have been victims of the country’s internal conflict. Farmers from this region have come together to create a truly unique, flavoursome blend that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Toucan Cafe - one of many Medellin Coffee Shops
Toucan Cafe – one of many Medellin Coffee Shops – credit: The Hammock Hombre

This isn’t the only coffee experience Toucan can offer you though. Their tours are designed to educate on the origins of local coffee, the processes it goes through, and the hard work put in by the family-run coffee farms that bring it to the cafes.

Pergamino Café

The Provenza barrio in the affluent Poblado area is the place to head to if you like to relax in hip, trendy café environments. Pergamino café is a top choice for locals, tourists and digital nomads alike, making it one of the most popular cafes in Medellin. This café is known for its chilled vibes and excellent baristas.

Pregamino Cafe - A Wonderful Medellin Coffee Shop
Pregamino Cafe – A Wonderful Medellin Coffee Shop – credit: The Hammock Hombre

The company own plantations locally, and these churn out vast amounts of delicious, quality coffee for your consumption. Grab yourself one of their sought-after filter preparations like Aeropress and Chemex, and if you like what you taste, take home a bag or two of their wonderful coffee. These also make great gifts thanks to their aesthetically pleasing packaging!

Pregamino Cafe - A Wonderful Medellin Coffee Shop
Pregamino Cafe – A Wonderful Medellin Coffee Shop – credit: The Hammock Hombre


Café Ondas

Café Ondas is a great Medellin coffee shop for various reasons. Firstly, it’s situated in a pretty, tree-lined avenue in Floresta, a quieter neighbourhood that isn’t so well known. It’s one of Medellin’s hidden gems, and is great for those who like a little calm with their coffee and cake.

Speaking of coffee and cake, you can’t go wrong with the offerings at Café Ondas. It promises visitors a lovely experience, as well as the top quality products. Choose to sit outside in the sunshine, or work peacefully in the pleasant indoor vibes.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, there’s a decent hostel above the café, which is a popular choice for tourists. Lastly, the café hosts a weekly conversation club in which locals can chat with foreigners to share company and learn languages together.

Café Aroma de Barrio

The clue is in the name: aroma. If you like aromatic coffee, you will love Café Aroma de Barrio. It’s situated in Comuna 13 neighbourhood, which used to be one of the city’s no-go areas, but has since been reinvented as a hot-spot for digital nomads and entrepreneurs.

The café hasn’t been open long, but it is already popular. This place oozes with art and culture, making for some funky, chilled vibes that complement your coffee experience perfectly. It may only be a small café, but it is certainly unique. The chances are you’ll be coming back for more – the coffee alone guarantees it.

Café Revolucion

Down in the welcoming neighbourhood of Laureles, you can find Café Revolucion. This little café is known for its excellent coffee (obviously) and its delicious pastries, paninis and smoothies. The café may be on the small side but it is cozy and inviting, and the baristas are professional and friendly. They certainly know how to serve up an unforgettable brew.

This company could be considered another of the specialty coffee pioneers of Medellin. You’ll be hard pushed to find better beans, and if you’re looking to do a bit of work or net surfing while you sup, you can make use of their high-speed internet. Digital nomads love it for this reason – it has all the right factors covered.

Cafe Revolucion
Cafe Revolucion – credit: The Hammock Hombre

Café Al Alma

Café Al Alma Coffee Roasters is a café chain consisting of three locations, all of which are small and quiet, but rich with both personality and mouth-watering aromas. Travelers absolutely love these cafes, which you can find in the Poblado neighbourhood. They do great baked foods and pastries, and they have a selection of amazing breakfast and lunches too.

Did we forget to mention the coffee? Well, it goes without saying that they’re on this list because of their high quality local coffee options. The coffee menu has so many options on it that you’ll need to return day after day to sample them all. If you’ve got time on your hands, it’s a great idea to spend a few hours of it at Café Al Alma.


Another gem of the Laureles neighbourhood is Algarabia café, which is definitely a contender for the title of best coffee provider in Medellin. Again, it’s not a huge café, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in relaxed atmosphere and superb products.

The coffee here is unreal – excellent quality and exceptionally flavoursome. They have various filter methods for you too choose from, including Chemex, V60 and French Press. No stone has been left unturned when it comes to your coffee experience. Locally grown coffees are a forte, and no true coffee lover would pass through Medellin without stopping by here.

All in all, Medellin coffee will suck you in, and if you’re a true fan of the drink and the culture that comes with it,. You probably won’t want to leave in a hurry. Just make sure that when you have to exit, you do so with a few bags of the finest locally grown product from the region… this is the best way to keep Medellin fresh in your memories for a while.


Sam runs the blog The Hammock Hombre– a travel blog focused around the digital nomad lifestyle. Over the past 3 years, he’s travelled to every continent, and writes about a broad range of countries, cities and destinations.


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The Best Medellin Coffee Shops for your Colombia Itinerary. Photo: The Hammock Hombre


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