I love a great distillery. The tours, the history, the educational questions answered on how the spirits are made. But what I love most are local establishments bringing unique tastes and blends to the marketplace. Our local wineries and libations section features the lesser known establishments bringing beautiful wines, spirits, and brews to the world, but more importantly, their local communities. Amy of Out Chasing Stars visited Ironworks Distillery in the heart of Lunenburg Nova Scotia. Below are further details on this local gem in the heart of the Canadian Maritimes.

Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg Nova Scotia
Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Ironworks Distillery – Lunenburg Nova Scotia

The quaint seaside town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia in Canada is home to the Ironworks Distillery.  Named after the building it resides in – which used to be a blacksmith shop – Ironworks houses a gorgeous, huge copper still. Using it, they produce rum, gin, and brandy, as well as a variety of liqueurs and eau de vie.  None of their fruit comes from more than 150 miles away (including the pears and apples they ferment). A very special product is pear eau de vie, with an in bottle pear. How do they get the pear in there? 400-500 bottles are places around buds every year, and the pears grow inside the bottle.

Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg Nova Scotia
Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg Nova Scotia
Credit: Out Chasing Stars

Hours of operations vary depending on the season but we were lucky enough to visit during the summer when the distillery is open every day. Tours are offered, where you can go down into the cellar room, and if you are lucky you can see the still at work!

No tour would be complete without a tasting. We were offered to taste up to 13 of their products in the Ironworks kitchenette. We had to decline towards the end, having enough booze in our system to make us happy.

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Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg Nova Scotia
Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg Nova Scotia Credit: Out Chasing Stars

Many of their products are available for sale in the shop itself, or in various liquor stores in Nova Scotia.  Some of the items are rather unique, like Rhubarb Esprit and Blueberry Liqueur, but Ironworks has suggested recipes for delicious cocktails (ever heard of a Blueberry Grunt? Me either.)

We came away from Ironworks slightly tipsy and happy to fill our bellies with a local lobster roll afterward, enjoyed while overlooking the harbour. Ironworks is a lovely addition to the town.

Where to find Ironworks Distillery:

The Blacksmith’s Shop
2 Kempt Street
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Canada B0J 2C0


Heading to Nova Scotia? Than you will need to add Ironworks Distillery to your itinerary. Head here where they make a variety of liquors, gins, rum, brandy, and more. Take a tour, sample a few, and enjoy the atmosphere right in the heart of the Maritimes. #distillery #novascotia #canadatourism #themaritimes #novascotiatravel #canadatravel #brandy #rum #liquor #distillerytour
Ironworks Distillery, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia




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