We hope you enjoyed our Irish Stew post and will give the recipe a try! If you are planning a trip to Ireland and want to know a great place to try Irish stew for the first time, here are our 5 recommended places for you to visit while travelling!

Irish Stew Recommendations
Irish Stew Recommendations in Ireland


  1. Boxty House, Dublin
    A large array of traditional Irish cuisine, Boxty House proudly serves a delicious and traditional stew made with lamb shanks and potatoes. Brilliant with a pint of Guinness.
  2. The Arlington Hotel, Dublin
    Enjoy the iconic dish while being entertained with a 2-hour Celtic dancing show!
  3. Quays Restaurant – Temple Bar
    Enjoy this famously Irish dish in the most famous area of Dublin- The Temple Bar!
  4. Farmgate Restaurant and Cafe
    Rated 5 stars by many of us reviewers, patrons enjoy a large selection of famously Irish cuisine, including their replication of the traditional Irish stew.
  5. Maxwells Bistro – Galway
    Catch Maxwells  it’s the daily special…savour the hearty stew served with bread and a drink of choice; you will be buzzing all day.


These are just five of our favourite places in Ireland to enjoy Irish stew. Do you have an ultimate “Stew” experience to share? Let me hear about it! It is always great to list recommendations for future trips!


Happy Travels!