The month of January many use as a stepping stone for the upcoming year. Resolutions are made, goals are set, and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, winters are survived. Maria followed suit and set some resolutions herself. Check them out and let’s see if she can keep them for 2018.

New Year's Goals
New Year’s Goals

Buy a hammock. Spend more time in the wild.

Last summer I posed a challenge to myself: to spend more time in nature. As at first it sounded quite vague to me and I wanted to make sure I would stick to it, I added some extra thrill to it by making it more specific: “Spend more time out of your flat, preferably sleeping in a hammock. On weekdays. Then go back to work in your office.”.

As crazy as it sounded, it turned out to be one of the most memorable things I did that summer inspiring many other people to break out of their routine and sleep in a hammock on weekday nights. It showed me that resolutions are doable if you make them specific enough and if they are just a little bit challenging, but not too much to make you give up.

Sleep in a Hammock
Sleep in a Hammock, Credit: 203 Challenges – Embracing Nature

So in 2018, I’ve decided to keep my resolutions as detailed as possible. I’m waiting for the summer to continue with my fresh hammock nights out of my apartment. As I did this by myself only once last summer, this year I’m dedicated to venturing more often into the wild alone. This is quite a challenge for a woman but it’s so worth it when you wake up in the morning and brew your coffee under a pine-tree (unless you were dreaming of a fox stealing your sandals all night, but hopefully these dreams won’t happen again).

Forest - Embrace Nature
Forest – Maria will be Embracing Nature This Year

I’m lucky enough to have a high mountain just a 20-minute drive out of the city center, so I can easily spend the night in a forest and then head back to work even before the morning traffic jams. Many people can do it on weekends but only few dedicated nature lovers would make the effort to manage to do it on weekdays.

One thing I know – call it a ‘challenge’ instead of a ‘resolution’ and your chances to stick to it raise immensely.

Maria of 203 Challenges
Maria of 203 Challenges




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