So, I’m not crazy. I am homesick. Yes, homesick. You may find this confession odd as I’m writing this from my home office, BUT i’m not talking about my residence. I’m talking about my home. You know, that place you are always happy, you are carefree, and always discovering new things. Disney is home. It is a second home to many Disney lovers. No matter which park, cruise line, or resort, Disney just has a hold on our psyche and when our vacation ends, a piece of us remains on Disney property. This ache, loss of will to return to everyday drudge has a name. All you skeptics out there, may find this superficial or hard to believe, but this feeling does have a name: Disney Withdrawal. Although I suffer from it frequently in the aftermath of my return home, I have devised ways to overcome it. And here is the lowdown for all you die hard wannabe Mickeys out there on ways to ease Disney Withdrawal Symptoms.

It all Started with a Mouse
Ways to Ease Disney Withdrawal Symptoms

First, the Underlying Signs you have Disney Withdrawal

  • You arrive home and are in a funk where there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • You consider booking your next trip regardless of budgets, money matters, and vacation time considerations.
  • You snap when anyone suggests that you need to move on and that Disney will “always be there” for you to return.
  • You dream about Disney for nights at a time.
  • You Watch Disney movies on loop
  • You wear all your Disney clothes
  • You crave Disney food like the kitchen sink, dole whip, or other favourites.
  • Something Disney is part of every day.

Do you have any or all of these? I honestly must confess to several of these. The symptoms above can subside, but they never really go away if you are a die hard fan and would wear your Mickey ears out to do your grocery shopping.

As much as we would love to be on a continuous Disney trip, reality must come back into our thoughts and actions and in order for us Disney fans to get there, I have devised a 10-step/suggestion process (similar to shopaholics strategies actually) to get you back in the every day groove with or without the next vacation booked.

Disney Magic Kingdom
Disney Magic Kingdom – Ways to Ease your Disney Withdrawal

Step 1: Declare your Feelings

Though not always easy, the first thing that I did to overcome this feeling and the first of the ways to ease Disney withdrawal was to admit to feeling this way, accepting that the vacation of my dreams had come to a close, and pledge to act on it to improve my psyche. It did help me begin the lift out of the darkness! Now many might think, are Disney trips seriously worth this? Heck yes! They are an escape from the ordinary. They are an abyss of happiness. They are a fun-filled jam-packed extravaganza of character, magic, and some of the most amazing foods you can eat. So yes. Declare your withdrawal and sadness. The first step to healing.

Roy O. Disney statue with Minnie Mouse, Main Street USA
Roy O. Disney statue with Minnie Mouse, Main Street USA – Ways to ease your Disney Withdrawal

Step 2: Relive Memories Positively

Don’t think back at your trip with a sad face. Relive the memories of some of the best times of your life! Remember when Mickey signed your book. Cherish the character dining and hugging Piglet after eating a hearty dinner buffet at Crystal Palace. Think of the experience in a positive light and it will help get through the sadness of the holiday ending.

With Piglet
With Piglet

Step 3: Think About the next Trip

So this doesn’t mean you book a vacation blindly. Thinking about the next trip can involve going online and pricing out trips in the various parks worldwide, setting goals, discussing holidays with your family, and other strategies. Thinking of the future and having something to consider can help since you aren’t wallowing in despair that this will be the last Disney holiday of your life.

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

Step 4: Start a Disney Fund

Just like Carl and Ellie in UP!, Why not start a savings jug/fund/account for your next trip? Having something to aspire to can really help the withdrawal and the Disney side of your psyche. If you are a visual person, the jug in your home may be the better option. If you are tempted by the excess money, than perhaps putting it out of sight, out of mind in a bank account would be better.

Travel Budget
Travel Budget

Step 5: Download the Disney Parks Radio App

Music soothes my mind and soul. And if music does the same for you, than why not add a touch of Pixie Dust to the mix? Download the Disney Parks Radio App. It works with your data or wifi and plays Disney park music all day long! Everything from ride themes to the land music as you walk through, to songs from parades and firework shows. Plus the music spans all parks around the world. One minute you have a song from Epcot and then another moment you have a tune from Shanghai Disney.

Disney California Adventure
Disney California Adventure

Step 6: Join Disney Facebook Groups

I found this super helpful! Connect with other Disney fans and compare notes! Discuss dining, souvenirs, resorts, characters, and more. I particularly love the groups Disney Fans, Canadian Disney Addicts, and Disney Foodies. They seriously get you in the mood and help with ways to ease Disney Withdrawal.

Tree of Life Animal Kingdom
Tree of Life Animal Kingdom

Step 7: Check out your Pin Collection/Souvenirs

I love looking at my pin book. I have such a nice collection and love reminiscing about the cast member who traded for this one, or that nice guest who gave this one to me because it was my birthday. This may give some of you comfort to revisit these memories and think about the next time you get to trade pins with cast members and grab limited editions in the parks.

Disney Pin Trading
Disney Pin Trading

Step 8: Create Disney Related Projects

Another way to get through this rough time is to keep your mind occupied with a Disney project. Maybe you have a room to paint or clothes to make. Or if not that industrious, perhaps you have a scrapbook to put together. Use the energy positively and you will see how the time passes until your next trip to Disney.

Disney book
Disney book

Step 9: Yoga

I find that releasing thoughts and meditating are great ways to ease Disney withdrawal. It helps empty your mind in a peaceful setting allowing for fresh thoughts and beginnings. Try going a couple of times per week and you will feel much better.


Step 10: Study films for Hidden Mickeys & Watch Special Features

I never used to watch or pay attention to the special features of my movies. My husband who does animation for a living would put the “making of” specials on and we would watch the behind the scenes interviews and details of how our favourite Disney movies came to be. After watching these, you can appreciate the films more and at the same time, spot hidden Mickeys easier than ever before! I find his to be sort of therapy and one of the great ways to ease Disney Withdrawal.

Watch special features and spot Hidden Mickeys
Watch special features and spot Hidden Mickeys

So there you have my 10 steps to overcoming the strong withdrawal symptoms after a Disney trip. Try these and let me know what you think! What have you done to ease the feelings?



10 Ways to Ease Disney Withdrawal
10 Ways to Ease Disney Withdrawal


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