Who doesn’t enjoy a beer on a warm day? Well, when travelling they taste even better as you are enjoying new surroundings, new drink flavours, and new ambiances never experienced before. Our local wineries and libations section showcases the delightful local establishments creating delicious wines, beers, and spirits that you may not be able to get in the commercial shops. Jackie, our friend from the blog Nomad Epicureans discovered an incredible local microbrewery and Distillery tour just outside of Copenhagen and could not wait to share it with you.

Take a Microbrewery and Distillery Tour in Koge Denmark

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Most people who visit Copenhagen flock to Carlsberg Brewery or perhaps Copenhagen Distillery. However, if you want to visit a brewery and distillery off the beaten track, you should head south-west to the little town of Køge. Køge is home to Braunstein, a microbrewery and distillery established in 2005. If you are wondering why this Danish brewery has a German name, it’s because the founders’ family is originally from Austria and they still stay true to original Austrian brewing tradition today.

Braunstein Microbrewery Distillery tour
Braunstein Microbrewery Distillery tour
credit: Nomad Epicureans

Braunstein isn’t generally open to the public but organizes guided tours and tastings every first Saturday of the month. Tickets cost 175 DKK per person and include the tour as well as a tasting card with which you can get 5 different samples of either beer or spirits.

You need to make reservations online, but pay when you arrive at the brewery. You then get put into groups and you may have to wait a little while before it’s your turn to tour the facilities. The tour leads you through all the production steps right up until the bottling of the beers. What’s particularly charming is the fact that the owners are giving the tours themselves. It’s lovely to see how passionate they are about their company and their products.

Braunstein Whiskeys for you to try after your tour
Braunstein Whiskeys for you to try after your Distillery tour.
Credit: Nomad Epicureans

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Afterward, you can use your stamp card to try some of their products. The spirit samples are rather small, but it’s not every day that you get to try Danish whiskey!
On location, you can also buy some fresh Danish sausages from the grill (which you might need after all that alcohol) and buy some of their products in the shop.

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Enjoy a distillery tour in Køge Denmark! Most flock to Copenhagen to do the commercial tours. Check out this one just outside of the city and enjoy local spirits #distillerytour #denmark #KøgeDenmark #europe #traveltips
Enjoy a distillery tour in Køge Denmark


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