There’s something just so incredibly charming about eating at a local cafe and sipping lattes made by residents of the town. There’s something so satisfying about supporting an independent spot over constantly settling with chain restaurant flavours and options. Our latest featured local coffee shop is in the delightful little country of Kosovo. Details below on this delectable eatery specializing in bespoke beverages and authentic Kosovo food and drink.

Local Coffee Shop Specializing in Kosovo Food and Drink
Local Coffee Shop Specializing in Kosovo Food and Drink

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Dit’ e Nat’ is one of my favorite places. It was opened in 2009 as the first café – bookstore in Pristina, Kosovo. I thoroughly enjoy its atmosphere which is always welcoming, filled with lovely music and friendly staff. Dit’ e Nat’ occasionally organizes various events such as live music performances or it rents out its space to other organizations/persons to host different cultural events or at certain times also panel discussions on particular hot topics.

Dit'eNat' Coffee Shop Interior - Check it out for authentic Kosovo Food and Drink
Dit’e Nat’ Coffee Shop Interior – Check it out for authentic Kosovo Food and Drink
Credit: Kosovo Girl Travels

More about Dit’e Nat’ Delightful Kosovo Food and Drink

I usually go there for lunch, or a coffee or a beer after working hours, but also whenever I feel like working away from the office (which is literally a 3-minute walk away). Dit’ e Nat’ café is one of the first places I head to work as it provides ample working space for digital nomads (or semi-digital nomads like me). It has a relatively big working areas at the entrance plus another four-person table inside.

I usually have an Americano coffee or a tea (accompanied by a biscuit) or a local beer (they have Peja, Prishtina, and Sabaja – all local beers and other brands). Once I asked them for their specialty drink and they proposed their lemonade. I did accept their suggestion and had their special lemonade (a mix of lime, lemon, mint, and orange) which was very delicious (and suddenly more people around started ordering it as well).

Dit'e Nat' Lemonade - Authentic Kosovo Food and Drink
Dit’e Nat’ Lemonade – Authentic Kosovo Food and Drink
Credit: Kosovo Girl Travels

Dit’ e Nat’ serves food – vegetarian food specifically, and it’s delicious. My favorite dish is their carrot linguine! I just love it and that’s probably one of the biggest reasons I head there during lunch break.

Finally, Dit’ e Nat’ is a very lovely place to go to in warm weather as it has a lovely and cozy backyard. And you know what else? They have an impressive collection of books for sale. Perfect for the book lovers out there.

Oh! I almost forgot! Do you love cats? If you do, you will love their resident cat Lule! (flower in English) He goes around or lies on chairs – so not a place for those allergic to cats i’m afraid, but PERFECT for cat lovers.

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Trying the house lemonade - Authentic Kosovo Food and Drink
Trying the house lemonade
Credit: Kosovo Girl Travels

Where to Find Dit’ e Nat’

Location: Str. Fazli Graiçevci 5, Pristina, Kosovo (in a small street in city center behind the Kosovo Government Building)

Working hours: Monday-Saturday 8 am-midnight & Sunday 12 pm-midnight.

Travelling through Kosovo? Than you need to check out this local coffee shop that serves authentic and delicious Kosovo food and drink. Try their specialty lemonade for a thirst-quenching treat on a hot day #Kosovo #Kosovotravel #Kosovotraveltips #localcoffeeshops
Local Coffee Shop serving Authentic Kosovo Food and Drink


Lavdi is a guest writer for Fill My Passport. She is the blogger behind the delightful site Kosovo Girl Travels. Check it out for inspiration to visit Kosovo on your next European holiday and get inspired by her Instagram feed.


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