Coffee is more than a drink. It is a culture. And Melbourne embraces this culture in a big way. Here are four amazing cafes to try while you’re in Melbourne that we feel definitely belong on all Melbourne foodie tours of the city.


Cafes that Seriously Belong on Melbourne Foodie Tours

Locals in Melbourne are privy to some of the best cocoa beans of humankind. Home to the world renown Piccolo Latte – a favourite of the Secret Traveller, people Down Under know how to take a classic and re-purpose it into that satisfying and in some cases, trance-worthy beverage.

1 – Brother Baba Budan

This charming establishment is named after a legendary Sufi, who was said to have smuggled seven coffee beans into the country during the 17th century. A coffee of the day partnered with small pastry bites and cakes offer the ultimate marriage for that breakfast on the go. Just keep in mind that due to its popularity, and its clout (I mean it is so worthy of a spot on all the Melbourne foodie tours as mentioned…) that you will need to wait for your caffeine fix and lines do span outside of the cafe of patrons anticipating their crafted drink.

This Cafe belongs on All Melbourne Foodie Tours
This Cafe belongs on All Melbourne Foodie Tours
Credit: Ronwald Hansen

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Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane offers something a little different from the norm. Besides serving coffee to clients, it gives them an additional unique opportunity to learn the process. They offer classes detailing the process and offer coffee subscriptions sending different roasts weekly to your home!

This cafe belongs on all Melbourne Foodie Tours for their great coffee and added value
This cafe belongs on all Melbourne Foodie Tours for their great coffee and added value.
Credit: Ronwald Hansen

You’ll be able to find a variety of blends with roastery beans sourced from sustainable resources in countries including Rwanda, Guatemala, Bolivia and Brazil. If you have a penchant for something exotic, be sure to try out the blends offered by this store.

Dukes Coffee Roasters

Sustainable product is the hallmark of Dukes Coffee Roasters. Dukes place real emphasis on making sure you’re supporting the local communities who helped to take part in the production process. This is an important element to many Melbourne foodie tours. The sustainable and local element. It isn’t all about the finished product.

Dukes Coffee Roasters belong on all Melbourne Foodie Tours for their strong sustainable and local emphasis
Dukes Coffee Roasters belong on all Melbourne Foodie Tours for their strong sustainable and local emphasis Credit: Ronwald Hansen

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This idyllic spot is a recreation of a coffee store which was originally housed in Windsor, in the UK. While that establishment has long since closed down, you can sample the new and improved version in the sunny heart of Melbourne.

Industry Beans

Despite being founded as recently as 2010, Industry Beans has risen to being one of the most exciting brands of coffee found on the high street and a perfect addition to Melbourne Foodie Tours. It’s not easy to break through and create a leading chain overnight. But Industry Beans knew what to do….

Industry Coffee Beans is a great addition to your planned Melbourne foodie tours
Industry Beans is a great addition to your planned Melbourne foodie tours Credit: Ronwald Hansen

The Simmons brothers, founders of Industry Beans, have created a caffeinated empire within the developed and embraced coffee culture of Melbourne. Their warm and friendly nature has helped them to step out from the crowd and put their name at the forefront. Definitely grab a cuppa joe from them.

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There you have four of our favourite cafes in Melbourne. They definitely are extraordinary and should be a part of the Melbourne foodies tours you book. Get your feet wet in the Melbourne coffee culture when you arrive safely from your home base by trying one of these gems. You won’t be disappointed.



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Heading to Melbourne Australia? The city is KNOWN for its incredible coffee culture. Check out these four stops that seriously belong on Melbourne foodie tours for their quality roasts, crafted drinks, and additional perks. #melbourne #australia #coffee #coffeeculture #localcoffeeshop #australiatravel #melbournetravel #victoriaaustralia
These cafes belong on all Melbourne foodie tours


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