The Book of Mormon was amazing!” “Oh Janine you must see the Book of Mormon. It is HYSTERICAL.” “If you are struggling to choose what show to see on your anniversary weekend, I highly recommend grabbing The Book of Mormon Tickets London. And below are the reasons behind these comments from previous spectators…

When it was announced that my hubby and I were considering a west-end show as part of our wedding anniversary celebration in London, friends and co-workers quickly offered their praise for the aforementioned show. They were adamant this would be the most memorable and that The Book of Mormon tickets would be the ideal choice.

Taking the recommendations into consideration, I quickly researched The Book of Mormon show dates, locale, The Book of Mormon Tickets London, and reviews. Now, after seeing the show, I will provide you with my review of a show I believe possesses a satirically hilarious collection of off-colour jokes, a score of musical brilliance, and an acting caliber warranting its numerous accolades, including the many earned Tony Awards.

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My husband and I did not know exactly what to expect. Booking the Book of Mormon tickets London based on recommendations and hype is usually a risk, but sometimes it’s fun adding spontaneity to life (This was my head’s reassurance on repeat as I am usually such a staunch researcher).

So there we were; sitting patiently awaiting the lifted curtain with bated breath for the show to begin.

The Book of Mormon - A Hilariously Poignant West-End Show by Fill My Passport
The Book of Mormon Tickets London

The story’s premise sends the lead character, a devout missionary, to Uganda to recruit members and develop a successful Mormon chapter in the region. Sounds simple right? Perhaps since the lead is an overly-confident, narcissistic chap; possessing such self-acclaimed charisma and expertise, you would expect him to have instant success in his assignment. Not a chance.

Hilariously his travel partner happens to be an overly nerdy rookie requiring guidance and assistance from this seasoned big cheese. Needless to say, the necessary rearing of the nerdy partner is not a welcomed requirement, leading to some of the funniest banter between these two protagonists, evoking outright audience hysteria.

You cannot avoid laughing out loud at the geeky Mormon wannabe striving to be succeMssful and at the overly pompous Kevin, who continuously believes he was given a raw deal being sent to Uganda instead of Disney World (the happiest place on earth).

The Book of Mormon - A Hilariously Poignant West-End Show by Fill My Passport
Leicester Square- The Book of Mormon Tickets London

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The Book of Mormon show concludes with a full-cast performance, comprised of fictitious Mormon facts conjured by the geeky newbie, leading to a finale deserving of all the received accolades.

The cast and crew were incredible. The cues were perfectly executed, the stage brilliantly set and switched with ease, and the orchestra superbly on key.

London Broadway Orchestra
London Broadway Orchestra – The Book of Mormon Tickets London

I highly recommend this show to anyone visiting London wishing a good laugh. Please keep in mind that the humour is quite risqué. As we attended without prior content/plot knowledge, we were slightly surprised with some of the jokes, but we continued laughing along with the audience. You have been warned ahead of time (There you go – your research completed.)

The Book of Mormon Tickets London are available at select theatre ticket sellers throughout London. If you do not wish to spend a pretty penny on tickets, matinée prices are much cheaper and have more seat availability; plus, you have a way better chance of avoiding a tall head blocking your view of the stage…

End verdict: were the reviews and recommendations we received accurate?

To me, dear readers, The Book of Mormon was truly memorable and perfect for a rainy afternoon in London. Go see it!



The Book of Mormon Tickets London
The Book of Mormon Tickets London

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