There are so many layers to a trip to Disney World. The man was a genius in all respects, had an imagination unlike any other, and passed on his never-ending diary of ideas to so many, allowing his legacy to go on. Can you believe that it all started with a mouse? I can’t, considering the worldwide empire that has come from it.  With this in mind, to help you on your trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, we have comprised a Disney packing list for you of everything you need to make your vacation as magical as possible.

This is the best Disney Packing List for your next trip
It all Started with a Mouse

Most of us know the basics of layers, smart duds, toiletries, and gender specific necessities; however, Disney trips add another element of specific Disney packing list that we all must bring regardless of how much of a Disney nerd you are. I would say i’m a 10/10 in the nerd rating department – though my last trip didn’t reflect it as much as I could have nerded it up.

Disney packing list

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Now, the Disney Packing List

Besides the essential undergarments and clothing suiting the time of year you are visiting, here are the Disney-specific packing essentials:

Disney Flair

When travelling to Disney World, everyone is wearing something with a character or sprinkle of pixie dust. Custom dresses, hats, purses, accessories, and even manicured nails are dawned everywhere in the park. Yep, even the boys are clad in Disney ware – I lost count of how many young Jedis were walking through toting light sabers at the hip. Should you wish to join the trend, to avoid expensive costs at the parks, try buying something fun to wear prior to arrival perhaps on Amazon, Etsy, or the Disney Store.

Although I bought my ears at the park, they were definitely a hit and worth every penny. Should your budget allow the odd splurge, the Disney shops have so many incredible options for everyone young and old. I am still wishing I bought that Beauty and the Beast T-shirt! I could have worn it to the premiere on March 17th…sigh.

Disney packing list
My Disney Flair- Minnie Ears – Disney-Specific Packing Essentials

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Yoga Towel

I highly recommend a yoga towel for your day bag at the Disney Parks. They are very versatile offering so many functions: an extra pillow for those hard seats in restaurants, outdoor shows, curbs for parades and fireworks, plus many more uses. Yoga towels are also great after enjoying wet rides. They can absorb quite a bit of moisture to avoid chills or other discomforts of wet clothing. I know at times I wish I had a towel to absorb the moisture from some rides. Thirdly, this towel is great as a cover up at the water park. They are not as bulky as terry blend towels and can absorb just as much moisture. Thus, they are the perfect essential to add to your Disney-specific packing list. You can buy a really good towel here.


Disney packing list
Yoga towel – Disney-Specific Packing Essentials


Now we got caught in rainfall just this past trip and I seriously would have loved remembering to pack a poncho! In Florida the rain doesn’t last tooooo long, but quite frankly, who wants to get soaked in that small window of time. In some of the other Disney parks worldwide, weather patterns will be different. Ponchos can fold up nice and easy in day bags and are perfect should clouds come by and start showering.

Day Backpack

A day bag is one of the most essential items in your Disney-specific packing list to bring with you to any Disney park. Since you will need to bring an assortment of amusement park/day trip musts like water bottles, cameras, sunscreen, hats, wallets, and other things, having a handy small bag that leaves your hands free to hold on to rails and other things could not be more stress-free. Do keep in mind that your bag will be checked prior to entering the park by security. They will want to see inside to ensure safety of all guests. It’s a good thing.

Phone Charger

Now, phone chargers are a MUST on your Disney packing list since the Disney Resorts, all parks worldwide, the water parks, and shopping areas have free WIFI to access the My Disney Experience app. I love that app so much. It allowed me to book reservations, fast passes, and check plans on the go. Everything to do with your trip is logged in the app for easy and quick reference. Nothing could be more annoying than having a dead phone and being unable to access the app, make phone calls, take photos, call an Uber, or other specific needs. Bring your charger along with you just in case. Most restaurants have outlets available for this purpose.

Disney packing list
phone charger – Disney-Specific Packing Essentials

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Disney Autograph Book or Your Favourite Disney Character Book

I loved being a kid again. I cannot stress enough how autograph books are not just for kids and that adults at Disney need to get the characters’ autographs! Your heart is completely warmed when Winnie the Pooh approaches you and you get the opportunity to grab his autograph. *heart is warming as I write this.* Make sure you bring several pens, even Sharpies so that when you come across a character, you will be ready to stop them for their “John Henry” along with a photo!

Disney packing list
The book I chose for my Autographs – Disney Packing List


Disney packing list
Getting Elsa’s Autograph – Disney-Specific Packing Essentials

USB Stick

Many camera SD cards have limited capacity. Don’t stress about picking and choosing which photos to take and deleting memories to make space. Download your daily photos onto a USB stick at one of the resort computers or, if you brought one, your own personal laptop.


Now, i’m a sucker for Disney hats and I adored my Minnie ears, but everyone needs to wear a hat for protection from the sun and/or potential rain. If you have a favourite, bring it along and pack it in your day bag. If you want to get your nerd on, why not buy one of the many styles at the Disney parks or Downtown Disney Shopping District?

Disney packing list
Fun Hats from the Disney Parks! – Disney-Specific Packing Essentials


Disney packing list
Hubby wearing classic Star Wars Mickey Ears! – Disney-Specific Packing Essentials

Trading Pins

Do you collect the pins? Have you jumped on the bandwagon yet? Well, hubby and I did and would never go back. It is such a fun hobby and if you come with pins you wish to trade, it will save you time and money when you find the pins you really want!

Disney packing list
Hubby wearing his wonderful pin collection – Disney-Specific Packing Essentials


Disney packing list
One of many pins you can buy at the parks! – Disney-Specific Packing Essentials

Water Bottles

You need to stay hydrated while at the parks! Continuously buying bottles of water can get very pricey. Take reusable bottles with you and fill them up at the many water stations throughout the park.

Hand Sanitizer

I am no germaphobe by any means, but I also don’t like catching unnecessary germs in public washrooms, railings, pools, and other places. Carry some sanitizer or wipes with you and that way, you will have a little extra protection.

Travel Size Umbrella

Along with packing raincoats and hats, a travel-size umbrella is a must in your Disney packing list. You don’t want your bag to get wet and it just adds extra protection should it downpour 🙂

Walking Shoes!

Now this may seem like something obvious, but one can never be too prepared when it comes to shoes. Make sure the shoes you bring not only have thick soles for a ton of walking, but that they are also broken in! There is nothing worse than getting blisters while at Disney. It will make standing in lines and some attractions less enjoyable. If you find after you arrive that you need a better pair of shoes, although they will be brand new, consider a pair of Disney Crocs. Proven to be very comfortable, these shoes will get you from ride to ride with few foot sores. Plus they are way cooler than the original with Mickey Mouse ears instead of just round holes!

Your Important Disney-Specific Packing Essentials by Fill My Passport
Disney Crocs Available at the Parks

Fun Disney Socks!

If you bring runners as your main footwear staple, than you need a good pair of socks. Ensure they absorb sweat to avoid unwanted blisters. As an added flair, perhaps a pair with your favourite character on them!

Plastic Page Protectors

I didn’t have these on my last trip and regret not bringing any. This will help keep your ticket stubs, park maps, necessary receipts, and other keepsake paperwork in one safe place. Keep it handy in your day bag.

Magic Bands

The Magic Band is such an integral part of your time at Disney. They can be purchased at the park or at your resort and are incredibly convenient. They store all your information and sync to the My Disney Experience app. Disney is now so advanced that all you need to do is tap your bracelet at the entrance to gain access to the parks. They also act as your admission for Fast Passes, Disney Memory Maker photo stops, and for some restaurant reservation confirmations. They truly are a technological genius available in a variety of colours. Plus, no more worrying about losing tickets, confirmation receipts, or other important papers. Everything is stored on this bracelet. I know right!? Incredible.

Disney packing list
My lovely Pink Magic Band – Disney packing list

Scavenger Hunt Info or other Guides

There are so many Trivia books and Scavenger Hunts within the parks. Are you wanting to complete any or enjoy a challenge during your vacation? Well, if you do, don’t forget to bring the materials to complete these fun activities! One of the most unique activities to try is the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Quest. More later on the blog!


As a female I find dresses to be the best clothing for Disney. They are comfortable, loose-fitting, and are available in many styles, including Disney prints! Hence, don’t forget to include this in your Disney-specific packing list. Order some online prior to your trip, or get some really cute exclusive designs at the park if your budget allows. If you have little girls, they may wish to wear their princess dresses to the parks. They will feel completely enchanted dressed just like their fairy tale heroines.

Disney packing list
With Tiana at Disney World Fantasyland – Wearing a Disney Dress!


Your Important Disney-Specific Packing Essentials by Fill My Passport
Princess Dress ready for Disney – Disney packing list

Starbucks Card

I was so excited when I saw my favourite caffeinated-face – Starbucks within the parks. Not only do they have Disney exclusive mugs and other merchandise, but they also accept the Starbucks cards! Therefore, if you have enough stars accumulated for freebies, they will be valid here when you need a coffee fix!

Your Important Disney packing list
Epcot’s Starbucks! – Disney packing list


Disney packing list
The Exclusive Starbucks Cups at Disney – Disney packing list

So there you have it. A list of Disney-specific packing essentials that will make your trip more magical! For more essentials, why not check out our Jam-Packed! Packing Guide available in our eShop!

Want to show off your fandom at the parks with adorable Disney outfits? Grab yours below!

Disney Cruise Line skirt

Disney Cruise Line skirt
Disney Cruise Line skirt
Credit: Brave Little Tailor

Walt Disney Skirt

Walt Disney Skirt
Walt Disney Skirt
Credit: Brave Little Tailor

Little Mermaid Dress

Little Mermaid Dress
Little Mermaid Dress
Credit: Brave Little Tailor

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Disney Packing List


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