Lining up for attractions is such a drag. You know, I wish we could get to the experience in an instant. In your dreams Janine. Last week Toy Story Land opened at Disney Hollywood Studios and the line to experience the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster alone was 7 HOURS long. 7 HOURS! Sorry, but my time is too precious to stand in a line for such a long time. At least Walt Disney World recognizes this pain in the arse at their parks thanks to extreme popularity and top-notch attractions. And in recognizing this, they created and implemented Fast Passes. They are the quintessential sanity keepers that work when chosen strategically. And, they’re FREE! (It grates on my theme park soul when they are an extra cost beyond the already steep admission price…) Our guide will give you thorough insight and Disney Fast passes secrets and tips to land those difficult ones having you spending more time making memories and stuffing your face with Dole Whip instead.

Disney Fast Passes Secrets to land those tricky ones!
Disney Fast Passes Secrets to land those tricky ones!

So, first of all, what is a Fast Pass?

A Fast Pass is a delightful little voucher that allows you to skip the line and get on the attraction more quickly. In essence, it’s your mini VIP red carpet treatment at a particular time of day. The Fast Pass whether in paper form or programmed on your Magic Band will allow you to skip the line of a particular attraction at a certain scheduled time frame.

Here is a Fast Pass Scenario:

Let’s say you want to ride the Flight of Passage in the Pandora World of Avatar in Animal Kingdom. If you land a Fast Pass, it will tell you what time to arrive at the ride (for this example, let’s say between 11-12 pm). Show up within the time frame, scan your magic bands/redeem your pass and you are good to go. You will be in a shorter line, and in some cases get immediate access depending on the attraction. Complete awesomeness… Although this greatness saves you heaps of time, there are stipulations, regulations, etiquette, and some Disney Fast Passes secrets in obtaining the very difficult ones. As Disney only issues a certain number per attraction daily, it is crucial to book them fast and as early as possible.

The Art of Animation Resort features Finding Nemo Characters!
The Art of Animation Resort features Finding Nemo Characters!

Disney Fast Passes Secrets & Tips – Lowdown

1 – Stay on Resort

This may sound totally out to lunch when it comes to Fast Passes at the parks, but honestly guys, it has its benefits. Firstly, when you stay on resort over the neighbourhood hotels, you can choose three initial fast passes for EACH DAY of your stay 60 DAYS in advance of your trip. This is double the time frame for those staying in other accommodations! With this extra month buffer on other guests, you have a far better chance at nabbing the difficult Tier one attractions. Whaaaa? Did I just speak gibberish? Tier 1 Tier 2? I will get to that next. But seriously guys, make it worth your while to cram in as much magic as possible and reduce your time in lines by booking a resort if you can afford to. Plus, the service is impeccable and there are many more benefits. (Post coming soon on this!).

Meet Cars characters at the Art of Animation Resort! - Walt Disney World Tips
Stay on Resort – One of many Disney Fast Passes Secrets

2 – Choose your Tier 1 Fast Passes Wisely

So I have learned from many Fast Pass mistakes on my visits to the parks. Seriously. I know it isn’t algebra, but it is a tested and true science to perfect Fast Passes at Disney World. So Walt Disney World is aware that they have attractions that generate heaps and heaps of interest more than some of the other incredible experiences. This isn’t taking anything away from Tier 2 experiences (The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is one of my husband’s FAVOURITES and who doesn’t love Pooh?), but these guys are the ones that are trickier to obtain. Staying on the resort makes securing these much easier as they will be more plentiful 2 months ahead. That being said, there are NO guarantees of getting the ones you want. (I had to keep refreshing and checking back to nab Flight of Passage ones and still didn’t manage until the day I was AT ANIMAL KINGDOM…). The Tier 1 Attractions per park are as follows:

Magic Kingdom

Lucky you – there are no tiered attractions at the Magic Kingdom! However, there are still attractions that fill up super fast and are very difficult to nab a fast pass for. The top 3 attractions that you should grab when possible are as follows:

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This is my favourite ride at the Walt Disney World parks. It is one of the hardest rides to grab a fast pass. Even at 2 months ahead of your trip, this ride proves challenging. The animatronics, the pre-ride presentation, and the experience itself makes it very popular with guests. Try on the day to refresh constantly. If a fast pass comes up, grab it! If you are unlucky and cannot grab a fast pass, there are a few other ways to avoid the 2+ hour line which I will elaborate upon later on. However, in this case, you could sprint to Fantasyland as fast as possible immediately following the park opening rope drop presentation. This sometimes shortens your wait drastically.

Snow White's Mine Train Ride Photo!
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride Photo!

Peter Pan’s Flight

This one is all about nostalgia folks. Some question why this ride is soooo popular, is sooooo hard to nail a Fast Pass, and just why the lines are ridiculously long at 1-2 hours throughout the day. It’s like this: It is one of the first and original park rides, it is full of animatronics, and sadly the loading and unloading takes aaaaaaages. Each flying boat only holds max 3 people so with such a teensy number of people getting on and off, the wait times increase. If you time it properly, you should be able to grab a Fast Pass for Peter Pans’ Flight on the day you go.

Disney Fast Passes secret: be mindful with the fast pass for Peter Pan’s Flight that you do miss out on the ride presentation that is around the line of the Darling’s house. You miss out on the Darling apartment and details, but honestly, waiting over 90 minutes for the ride isn’t worth that extra detail.

Peter Pan's Flight - Magic Kingdom in one day
Peter Pan’s Flight – Disney World Fantasyland

Enchanted Tales with Belle

If you have princesses in your group than you cannot escape the Enchanted Tales with Belle experience. A tour of Maurice’s house, getting up close and personal with Lumiere, Wardrobe, Cogsworth, and Belle, and Memory maker photos makes this a very popular attraction and one that can sometimes prove challenging for Fast Passes. Keep in mind that meeting Belle is NOT guaranteed as only selected children get photos with the princess. If you are a die hard fan and MUST meet her, you will need to head to the World Showcase at Epcot either in France at selected times or at Akershus restaurant in Norway for Storybook dining.

Enchanted Tales with Belle
Enchanted Tales with Belle


So, Epcot has tiered Fast Passes. I know, that doesn’t seem fair that you cannot book more than one tier 1 attraction as your initial fast passes, but you just have to roll with the punches. The Tier 1 attractions at Epcot are as follows:

Frozen Ever After

This is the most popular, most spectacular, and most sought fast pass at the Epcot park. Whether you are a fan of the movie or not, if you are lucky enough to nab a fast pass, DO NOT “Let it go.” I was lucky enough to ride Frozen Ever After TWICE on my last trip. Since I was staying on property I was able to get one nabbed 60 days in advance. I must admit, though I was sad Maelstorm was replaced with a ride featuring my beloved Olaf, Frozen Ever After is incredible and the animatronics blew me away. If you are unable to grab a Fast Pass, the ride will give you a wait time of at least 90 mins. Sigh…

One of my Disney Fast passes secrets for this one: If it is in the budget, attend the Frozen Dessert Party. It is $79 pp, BUT part of that is an exclusive opportunity to ride Frozen Ever After immediately after the fireworks.

Frozen Ride - Disney Epcot World Showcase
Frozen Ride – Disney Epcot World Showcase

Test Track

If you are unable to nab the Frozen Ever After ride, or simply have no desire to ride it, the second best option in my mind is Test Track. This fab ride gives guests the opportunity to design their own vehicles! Whoa…

You customize your funky wheels and then drive along the track at crazy warp speeds! The experience is a more lengthy one at the parks and so worth it. The wait times do get long so it is my recommendation to grab a fast pass here. If you are going to the Frozen Dessert Party, use your Tier 1 option for this ride.

Test Track Souvenir Photo - Learn the Many Disney Epcot secrets in Future World
Test Track Souvenir Photo – Learn the Many Disney Epcot secrets in Future World


This is a very fun simulation ride that elevates you and has you travelling through the world at a bird’s eye view. You soar past the wonders of the world within the 7 continents. Super Cool. I do love this ride, but wouldn’t choose it over Frozen Ever After or Test Track for your Tier 1 choice. If you aren’t into the vehicle building and are attending the Dessert Party, this would be my choice and recommendation to you.

Epcot Character Experience

This one just became a Tier 1 experience. There are were mixed feelings on this as meeting the classic characters shouldn’t be restricted as a reserved Fast Pass. Nevertheless, it is and I do recommend it as a second choice to Frozen Ever After if you have small children in your party or if you’re visiting Disney World for the very first time. Nothing compares to meeting the mouse who started it all and his best friends.

Meet Mickey Mouse and Friends at Disney World
Meet Goofy at Epcot with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Illuminations: Reflections of Earth

VIP fireworks viewing is this Tier 1 Epcot choice. Now, after you use your first three pre-booked Fast Passes, you can continue to book fast passes one at a time throughout your day. Save this one until near the end. That way, you can enjoy all the Future World attractions and Frozen Ever After without the long and annoying waits. If you are attending one of the Dessert Party events, this Tier 1 Fast Pass should be skipped as you will be viewing the fireworks from a VIP section anyway.

Illuminations Fireworks at Epcot - Disney Fast Passes Secrets and Tips
Illuminations Fireworks at Epcot

Hollywood Studios

The tier 1 attractions at Hollywood Studios has gone through major changes. There used to be waaaaaaaay more Tier 1 attractions, but now it has been reduced to 3 – ALL Toy Story Land! (this undoubtedly will change when Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens in 2019…) So those of you Rockin’ Roller Coaster lovers, that one as well as the Beauty and the Beast VIP seating and Fantasmic have all been pushed to Tier 2. Yippee. Based on this change, it is safe to say that Toy Story Mania! would be the easiest of the 3 to nab on your first 3 you can book ahead of your trip 60 or 30 days ahead depending on your accommodations. If you see Slinky Dog Dash available, BOOK IT ABOVE THE REST.  This ride generated, as I mentioned at the beginning of my guide, a 7-HOUR line-up. Those crazy guests hopefully enjoyed it after all that time! If you cannot get it after refreshing up to your day at the park, keep the Toy Story attraction you did land and refresh throughout the day to nab Slinky Dog Dash and the Alien Saucers if you can!

Our High Score in Toy Story Mania! Walt Disney World Tips
Our High Score in Toy Story Mania!

Animal Kingdom

As you may have guessed, the only 2 Tier 1 attractions at Animal Kingdom are the Pandora World of Avatar rides – Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey. From experience, I was unable to nab Flight of Passage in my initial Fast Passes; however, throughout the day, I was lucky to get one. For my initial fast passes I was however able to book a Na’vi River Journey. It is definitely worth booking as well, but after riding both, would choose Flight of Passage over the Na’vi River Journey if the option presents itself.

Na'vi River Journey
Na’vi River Journey

3 – Book Initial Fast Passes Together 

What do I mean by this? Well, one of the biggest mistakes I made at the beginning of my Disney travels was book my first three fast passes willy nilly when I could get them. NOT IDEAL. You see, you cannot book any other Fast passes throughout the day until you have used up your first 3 that you secured before your trip. Sooooo if you have a fast pass at 10 am, another at 11 am, and then another at 5 pm, you cannot book another fast pass until after 5 pm. What a waste of time! To experience as many rides and attractions as possible, book them as close as you can together to avoid this mistake that will waste a lot of your precious magical time.

Rockin Roller Coaster - Aerosmith Limo car. Hollywood Studios secrets revealed
Rockin Roller Coaster – Aerosmith Limo car. Hollywood Studios secrets revealed

4 – Download the My Disney Experience App

This by far is one of the most important Disney Fast Passes secrets and tips of mine. Who on earth has time to find a Fast Pass booth in the park? Disney has WIFI everywhere in the parks, resorts, Disney Springs, water parks and everywhere else. If you have a phone or tablet, you cannot visit without using this amazing app. First, it is free to download. It takes no time to learn and navigate, and is easy as hell to use. Plus, EVERYTHING from your trip is there in front of you – your resort details, your dining reservations, your shopping, AND, the quintessential fast passes details – those you have booked, and the super simple capability to book more. Plus, it refreshes soooooo fast for you to try and nab those difficult ones. I honestly would NEVER have been able to land the Flight of Passage fast pass if it weren’t for the app. I kept refreshing and refreshing until somebody released it for me to snatch up in record time. Without the app, this would not have been possible as I was waiting for the Finding Nemo show to start – not searching aimlessly in the parks for a booth…

Avatar Flight of Passage Confirmation pass
Avatar Flight of Passage Fast Pass Confirmation

5 – Choosing Your Attractions for the Magic Kingdom

So although there are no tiered rides at the Magic Kingdom, there are 25 ATTRACTIONS to choose from! Daunting task! I have outlined the top three in my opinion, but other than Seven Dwarfs Mine Train being an absolute must (unless your family fails to meet the height requirement), choosing the other initial fast passes could prove difficult from the 24 remaining. This can be especially hard as well if you want to take my advice in #3 with booking them close together. Planning a Disney trip has so many facets and important steps in order for your to see and experience as much as possible. Knowing a strategic way to book Fast Passes and my Disney Fast Passes secrets and tips is a good start in achieving this and having few regrets on your Mickey’s Magical Express transfer ride to the airport. As the Magic Kingdom has the MOST rides and experiences for Fast Pass use, having a plan and knowing the ropes will be a huge asset to you as well as the greatest tip to avoid unnecessary headaches when you arrive. So I guess the tip here is to use the strategies outlined here as well as recommendations to choose your attractions from the large list.

6 – Extra Magic Hours – Choose an Excluded Ride to Fast Pass

For the Magic Kingdom Extra Magic Hours, these are usually exclusive to Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. If you are heading to the Magic Kingdom during this time (an hour before or an hour after park closing), don’t use your pre-booked fast passes for these rides as they will have small crowds. Instead, book your first ride in one of the other lands where crowds generate significantly. Some suggestions include Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, or my favourite, Splash Mountain.

For the other parks, for the most part, the entire complex is open during the extra time frame. Epcot may have different stipulations with the World Showcase, so make sure you check before rushing to Frozen Ever After and discovering it isn’t open yet or has closed at regular time.

Haunted Mansion, located in Liberty Square Disney World
Haunted Mansion, located in Liberty Square Disney World

7 – Mickey Mouse and the other Character Encounters – Magic Kingdom

So my biggest regret was not visiting Mickey on my last trip to Disney World on Main Street USA. He no longer speaks to guests. His vocal chords retired May 31st this year for good. He is by far the most popular character at the Magic Kingdom for guests to meet (second being Cinderella) and Fast passes for him are very tough to nab. They still prove challenging in spite of the fact that he no longer speaks. If you LOVE Mickey and he is the highlight of your time at Disney, make sure you book one of your initial fast passes with him. You may not be able to during the day at the parks!

Meet Tinkerbell at the Town Theatre
Meet Tinkerbell and Mickey Mouse at the Town Theatre

8 – The Booth Locations in Magic Kingdom

I cannot stress enough how important it is to download and use the app. But for the old-school guests who aren’t able to figure out a smartphone or tablet, here are the booth locations in Magic Kingdom to book fast passes:

  • Tomorrowland- Near where you meet Buzz Light Year
  • Fantasyland- Mickey’s Phillharmagic
  • Adventureland – Jungle Cruise area
  • Liberty square – At the Diamond Horseshoe Restaurant
  • There are no booths in Frontierland
Mickey's Phillharmagic
Mickey’s Phillharmagic

9 – Epcot Booth Locations

Just like the Magic Kingdom, Epcot also has Fast Pass booths for the old school guests who aren’t able to use the app. There are fewer in this park so keep in mind that you won’t be the only one heading to these machines to book these necessary vouchers to save time and energy.

  • Near the Soarin’ Ride close to the Epcot character encounters
  • Near the Mouse Gears shop
  • Between France and UK in the World Showcase
United Kingdom area - Secrets of Epcot World Showcase
United Kingdom area – Secrets of Epcot World Showcase

10 – Hollywood Studios Booth Locations

With Toy Story Land just opening and the craze of seeing it first underway, getting the Fastpasses the old fashioned way will prove challenging and frustrating. Nevertheless, here are the three booth locations in Hollywood Studios for you to get even a remote chance of landing a Tier 1 attraction:

  • Between Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster down Sunset Blvd.
  • Near Starbucks between Sunset and Hollywood boulvards
  • In Toy story land near Toy Story Mania.
Rock n Roller Coaster has a bunch of Hollywood Studios Secrets
Rock n Roller Coaster – Disney Fast Passes Secrets await

11 – Animal Kingdom Booth Locations

Here are the booth locations for y’all in Animal Kingdom:

  • Near the “front” of Africa from Discovery Island
  • At Island Mercantile close to Tree of Life
  • Near the Kali River Rapids ride

12 – Toy Story Land Early Strategies and Disney Fast Passes Secrets

From research and reports leading up to the grand opening of Toy Story Land, Hollywood Studios definitely took a welcomed hit on the crowd front. For the last couple of years it was seeing the lowest number of patrons thanks to unsightly construction. Closures of attractions and unattractive scaffolding deterred guests from visiting thinking their time would be wasted on a half open park. NO. MORE. Now that Toy Story Land has opened the influx has been tremendous. And here are the strategy findings for Fast Pass use here.

Toy Story
Toy Story

First of all, as I reported earlier, record 7+ hour waits were recorded for the Slinky Dog Dash ride. Now, I don’t know about you, but from the clips and footage I have seen, this ride looks cute, but definitely not worthy of the extensive waits. Perhaps it is the novelty of the brand new attraction, the adorable factor that Slinky Dog is a roller coaster, or the nostalgic nod to Jim Varney who sadly passed away and no longer voices the beloved character. Maybe with time the lines will subside, but for now, if you can land a Fast Pass for a Toy Story Land attraction, I would keep this one. Toy Story Mania! Still remains a favourite and has quite a bit of substance to it. With time I can see it continuing to bring in the crowds even if Slinky Dog Dash hype dies off a smidgen. The Alien Swirling Saucers to me will not maintain the interest in the same way. It reminds me very much of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party ride at the Magic Kingdom. In time the dust will settle on the new area of Hollywood Studios and seasoned guests will leave their impressions through Tier 1 Fast Pass dominance.

Walt Disney World Tips - Toy Story Land Model in Man Behind the Magic Attraction
Toy Story Land

13 – Height Requirements in Toy Story Land

So this is a simple tip. The Slinky Dog Dash has a high height requirement! This will limit the number of children who are physically able to experience the ride. With this being said, make sure you refresh and refresh your app constantly for a released Fast Pass. Parents with kids who do not meet the height requirement will be releasing their fast passes (probably annoyingly) which will become available to you for literally a split second. Be alert and on top of the app to snag yours.

14 – Tier 2 Attractions at Hollywood Studios to Snag

Those visiting Hollywood Studios now will notice that the tiered rides significantly changed after Toy Story Land debuted. The first half of the year there were many more. Some of the previous Tier 1 attractions that are now Tier 2 worthy of an early booking in my mind are the Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, and the Beauty and the Beast show. Also another tip: Rumour has it that the contract with Aerosmith is coming to a close opening the Rockin’ Roller Coaster up for theme changes and upgrade discussions. Ride it now before it closes for refurbishment!

Tower of Terror Pink Architecture - Hollywood Studios Secrets revealed
Tower of Terror – Disney Hollywood Studios

15 – Early Morning Disney Fast Passes Secrets and Tricks – Hollywood Studios

You can bet your bottom dollar that the majority of the crowds will be heading straight to Toy Story Land first thing in the morning to have as little wait for the rides as possible. (especially Slinky Dog Dash…) This means the other attractions should have very small wait times by comparison. If you don’t need to dash to Toy Story Land right away, why not take in the other attractions with little crowds? It woudl be just like extra magic hours in a way.

Star Tours the Adventure Continues - Hollywood Studios secrets, Add this to your Disney Itinerary
Star Tours the Adventure Continues – Hollywood Studios secrets, Add this to your Disney Itinerary

16 – Animal Kingdom Disney Fast Passes Secrets and Strategies

Animal Kingdom became second in popularity of the four parks when Pandora world of Avatar launched. The realistic area of the Animal Kingdom truly makes you feel like you are in this fictitious world. This being said, the two rides in this area are the Tier 1 options with the others being demoted to Tier 2. The hardest Fast Pass to grab at the Animal Kingdom for your first three is definitely Flight of Passage. It took me ages to land one and I was lucky to do so while waiting for the Finding Nemo Musical to start. Refresh your app constantly to try and snag one to avoid the 120+ minute wait.

Pandora World of Avatar, Disney Animal Kingdom
Pandora World of Avatar, Disney Animal Kingdom

17 – Which Rides in the Animal Kingdom’s Tier 2 Options are Best?

From our experience once you have confirmed an Avatar experience, use your other two early Fast Passes to secure the Kilimanjaro Safaris and Expedition Everest. Both are fantastic rides that generate lengthy lines.

Expedition Everest - Disney Animal Kingdom - Disney Fast Passes Secrets and Tips
Expedition Everest – Disney Animal Kingdom

18 – Expedition Everest – one of our Disney Fast Passes secrets and Tips

Just like the height requirement for Slinky Dog Dash, Expedition Everest has another option which may make your wait times smaller if you cannot nab a Fast Pass. If you are travelling with children or your party cannot ride this roller coaster with you, perhaps this would be a great parent swap opportunity for folks who cannot ride the attraction together. This brings me to the single rider’s line! You will get on much faster as a single rider, avoiding the long lines and using a fast pass. Test Track in Epcot is another attraction where this strategy would work well.

19 – Disney Vacation Club Presentation

If I could, I would be a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member NOW. But finances have prevented me from signing on the dotted line. BUT! Going to a presentation does have an upside even if you must sadly decline the club’s pricey membership. When we attended, we received complimentary fast passes. We each received 3 to use while at the parks. The only catch was that they were not valid for few rides. You can pretty much guess which ones, but I will list them anyway. Either way, even with this restriction, they were great fast pass additions to the day.

You cannot use the DVC Complimentary Fast Passes on these attractions:

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Avatar Flight of Passage
  • Na’vi River Journey
  • Slinky Dog Dash
  • Alien Swirling Saucers
  • Toy Story Mania!
  • Frozen Ever After

We used ours for Test Track, Spaceship Earth, and Soarin’ as we were at Epcot that day. Still a pretty good use of these golden tickets of Disney sanity! If you are visiting Animal Kingdom, they can be used on Everest Expedition, Kilimanjaro Safaris and all the other rides. Magic Kingdom rides I would suggest are Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, or the Haunted Mansion. Hollywood Studios – The Rockin’ Roller Coaster hands down.

20 -Disney Fast Passes Secrets: Shorter wait time without a pass tips

So you couldn’t get that golden fast pass for that super tough attraction. Bummer! I get stressed about this too as time at the parks is incredibly precious in an attempt to take all the magic in. As you will note from my list of 100+ secrets at Magic Kingdom alone, there is much more to the parks than simply character meetings, eating fun snacks, and rides. But not all is lost! These are my true tested tips on enjoying the rides even if you couldn’t get a Fast Pass for them with a small comparable wait time.

  • Make breakfast reservations to enter the park ahead of most guests and high-tail it to the ride you really want to enjoy after scarfing down your danish. For Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Be Our Guest is a good one to get Breakfast reservations as it is right beside the ride. Check out our review of the breakfast here to help you with this decision. Crystal Palace right at Main Street USA is another great spot in a central location to get you to whichever ride you want to enjoy.
  • Head to the ride of choice while guests are watching fireworks at night. If you are going to be at the Magic Kingdom park more than one day, you can spare one viewing of the fireworks right!?
  • Extra Magic hours! If you are staying on resort (another perk!) you get these wonderful little bonuses allowing you to enjoy attractions before the rest the public. This is a great time to head to the rides in Fantasyland and/or Tomorrowland if you are Fast Passless…
  • Attend an exclusive event like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Christmas Party to name a few. The crowds are significantly lower as it is an extra fee to go, and the max I ever waited for a ride was 35 minutes.

21 – Club Level Packages

Introduced in 2018, guests can pay an additional $50 USD per day for club level admission and access which will entitle them to the following perks:

  • 3 additional Fast Pass choices each day of their trip on top of the already allotted 3
  • Fast Passes booked in multiple parks in a day with Park Hoppers
  • More than one Tier 1 Fast Pass option for early booked Fast Passes
  • 90 Days to book Fast Passes before your trip instead of 60 days
  • VIP seating/viewing for shows and fireworks daily.

This may be money well spent for some guests. Check it out the next time you’re at the parks to see if you are keen on the extra cost and if the perks are worth it for your vacation.

Pixar Place - Disney Hollywood studios secrets
Pixar Place – Disney Hollywood studios secrets

22 – Pre-Selected Fast Pass Packages

Another option that was introduced in 2018 were Fast Pass itineraries that were pre-selected for guests that are visiting the parks for one day and simply cannot be bothered or don’t have time to plan their trips. Disney takes the planning and work out of the equation and has curated these plans for hassle-free experiences. Personally, I prefer planning my own days and may not want to ride those pre-selected. That being said, for the busy family, the stressed family, or the last minute visitor, these may be the right choice.

23 – The Advantage of Magic Bands

The Disney Magic Bands have to be the most brilliant piece of technology ever invented. They are convenient, green (paperless), and have everything you need programmed inside it. For the fast passes, they are such an advantage over the tickets you get at the booths. Once you tap your magic band at your selected Fast Pass attraction, you can immediately log in to the app and choose the next one. It is that fast. Keep refreshing and refreshing to find the attraction you truly want. You will have a better chance at nabbing it with the magic bands than any other way.

the coloured Magic Bands received at the resort
the coloured Disney Magic Bands

24 – Book Your Initial Fast Passes Midday

I say this because when you bolt to the chosen rides first thing in the morning, the lines are substantially smaller. So why waste a fast pass in the first hour? I suggest you have your first Fast Pass scheduled for 11 am. This way, after rope drop, you can sprint to the first ride, get on with smaller waits, and then nab the favourite ride while everyone else waits in the multi-hour lines.

Hilarious space mountain souvenir photo
Hilarious space mountain souvenir photo

25 – Attractions without Fast Passes to Note

So sadly not all attractions have Fast Passes attached to them. The thinking is mainly that they don’t generate long enough waits to warrant a fast pass, but this isn’t always the case. Here are a few rides and experiences to keep in mind while at the parks that don’t have fast passes and may have longer waits thanks to the absence of these. Knowing these ahead of time will help you plan accordingly.

Magic Kingdom

  • Prince Charming’s Carrousel
  • Astro Orbitor
  • Meeting Merida
  • Meeting Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland
  • Meeting Peter Pan
  • Meeting Gaston
  • Meeting the Wicked Stepsisters/Fairy Godmother
  • Meeting Chip ‘n’ Dale and Pluto in Main Street USA
  • Meeting Tweedledee, Tweedledum, or Alice/Mad Hatter at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
  • Meeting Aladdin and Jasmine
  • Meeting Pooh and Tigger
  • Hall of Presidents presentation
  • Liberty Belle Riverboat
  • Tom Sawyer’s Island – Raft
  • Swiss Family Robinson’s Tree house
  • Carousel of Progress
  • The Peoplemover
  • Walt Disney’s Railroad
Aboard the Magical Carousel- Disney Magic Kingdom
Aboard the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel- Disney Magic Kingdom


  • Meeting Daisy Duck
  • None of the character meet and greets in the World Showcase: Belle, Aurora, Mulan, Jasmine, Snow White, Alice, Mary Poppins, or Donald in Mexico.
  • The Mexico Ride in the World Showcase
  • Meeting Baymax
  • Meeting Joy and Sadness
  • Meeting Anna and Elsa in Norway
Meet Elsa while in Norway!
Meet Elsa while in Norway!

Animal Kingdom

  • Meeting King Louis
  • Meeting Pocahontas
  • Meeting Russell
  • Meeting Rafiki
  • Meeting Safari Mickey and Minnie
Meeting Russell from Up at the Animal Kingdom - Walt Disney World Tips
Meeting Russell from Up at the Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

  • Meeting Mickey and Minnie on the Red Carpet
  • Meeting all Star Wars Characters – Chewbecca, BB-8, and Kylo Ren
  • Meeting Olaf
  • Meeting Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the Soldier in Pixar Place
  • Meeting Cruz Ramirez in Pixar Place
  • Meeting Krut
  • Meeting Edna, Frozone, and the Incredibles
Meeting BB-8 at Star Wars Launch bay, Hollywood Studios on my Disney Itinerary
Meeting BB-8 at Star Wars Launch bay, Hollywood Studios on my Disney Itinerary

So there you have my 25 tested and true Disney Fast Passes secrets and tips to help you see the most magic possible while at the Disney parks. Double check the locations of the booths as they can change anytime. These strategies worked for us and we were able to ride everything and meet everyone during our stay. As noted it was tricky with a bit of luck to land Flight of Passage, but other than that, following these tips should help you.

Want to show off your fandom at the parks with adorable Disney outfits? Grab yours below!

Pluto Skirt

Pluto skirt
Credit: Brave Little Tailor

Cinderella Dress

Cinderella Dress
Credit: Brave Little Tailor

Beauty and the Beast dress

Beauty and the Beast dress
Credit: Brave Little Tailor
Check out our post that details our tried and tested 25 Disney Fast Passes Secrets and Tips to Get the most out of your time at the parks! We tell you the Tier 1 rides vs. Tier 2, and some great strategies so you can master this art of seeing the most you can in the parks. #disney #disneyworld #disneytravel #USA #USAtravel #traveltips #waltdisneyworld #fastpasses
25 Disney Fast Passes Secrets and Tips to Get the most out of your time at the parks


Check out our post that details our tried and tested 25 Disney Fast Passes Secrets and Tips to Get the most out of your time at the parks! We tell you the Tier 1 rides vs. Tier 2, and some great strategies so you can master this art of seeing the most you can in the parks. #disney #disneyworld #disneytravel #USA #USAtravel #traveltips #waltdisneyworld #fastpasses
25 Disney Fast Passes Secrets and Tips to Get the most out of your time at the parks


Check out our post that details our tried and tested 25 Disney Fast Passes Secrets and Tips to Get the most out of your time at the parks! We tell you the Tier 1 rides vs. Tier 2, and some great strategies so you can master this art of seeing the most you can in the parks. #disney #disneyworld #disneytravel #USA #USAtravel #traveltips #waltdisneyworld #fastpasses
25 Disney Fast Passes Secrets and Tips to Get the most out of your time at the parks



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