Bangkok. A capital city of a country whose kaleidoscope of culture, cuisine, customs, and charisma captivates millions of travellers yearly. Not to mention, a favourite location for so many Hollywood blockbusters….(The Beach anyone? Yes, my friends, anything with Leo is alright with me…) Arriving in Bangkok, the first thing that welcomed me was humidity. (Gosh it was hot!) Coming from China where my coat and hat were my best friends, I was not prepared and my pants stuck to my legs. But nonetheless, I was excited to start my thorough Bangkok itinerary.

Bangkok Itinerary
Bangkok Itinerary

Bangkok has so many landmarks and interesting areas to see and do. Plan to be there for a minimum of 2 days in order to sight-see and take in some of the country’s most incredible sites. See our list below of some of our favourites things that you need to include on your Bangkok itinerary.

Your Essential Site Guide for any Bangkok Itinerary
Your Essential Site Guide for any Bangkok Itinerary

The Ideal Bangkok Itinerary

The Weekend Market

Deemed the largest of its kind in the world, all visitors to Bangkok must visit the markets! Did you pack that all-important sarong? The weekend markets are a one-stop shop for everything you could possibly need from souvenirs, authentic Thai cuisine, cheap island clothing, and so much more.

The Bangkok Weekend Markets - Bangkok Itinerary
The Bangkok Weekend Markets – Add this to your Bangkok Itinerary


Every possible semi-precious stone and rock you could want at the Weekend Markets Bangkok
Semi-precious stones at the Weekend Markets Bangkok – Bangkok Itinerary

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There was no exaggeration on the size of the market. There were giant tarp-like tents set up with corridor after corridor of weaving paths and booths. It was a labyrinth money pit just waiting to swallow your cash.

Everywhere you looked vendors were selling everything from the cheap clothing, to jewellery, precious stones, ripped DVD’s, souvenirs, food, household items, belts and much more. It definitely set me back on my first day. 3 bags of clothing and 2 bags of souvenirs later, I was already ready to tackle this humidity.

In the middle of the Weekend Markets Bangkok - Bangkok Itinerary
In the middle of the Weekend Markets Bangkok – Bangkok Itinerary

Although the market is incredible and full of bargains, just be mindful of your surroundings. As the corridors wind around every corner, you can lose your sense of direction and your group very easily. It is difficult to choose a meeting place as many kiosks sell the same things. Keep your bag close, your money belt tight, and your wits about you!

It is also wise to steer clear of fresh fruits and drinks with ice cubes. The water in Thailand is not clean enough to drink so having the ice cubes could make you sick. Stock up on bottled water, but be alert and buy untwisted capped bottles as some vendors will try and sell cheap tap water in bottles to tourists…(sad, but true.) Should you need a fruit fix, choose one with a peel such as an orange or banana..
Bangkok Fruit Stall at the Weekend Market - Bangkok Itinerary
Bangkok Fruit Stall at the Weekend Market – Bangkok Itinerary

Enjoy a Classic Thai Meal.

Hungry after all that bargain hunting? You have come to the right place for incredible authentic Thai cuisine. There are a few good restaurants within the market where you can sit and have a meal served to you from the kitchen or take a stroll along the city streets and check out the small cafes. If you do go to a restaurant, the rice dishes are great and for such a small price. Be sure to stock up on local currency before ordering. Many restaurants do not accept credit cards.
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Delicious Thai Cuisine in Bangkok - Bangkok Itinerary
Delicious Thai Cuisine in Bangkok – Bangkok Itinerary


Enjoying a meal at a Bangkok cafe - Bangkok Itinerary
Enjoying a meal at a Bangkok cafe – Bangkok Itinerary


Thai Spring Rolls - Bangkok Itinerary
Thai Spring Rolls

Instead of the bus, try a Tuk Tuk.

Tuk tuks are classic vehicles of Southeast Asia! They are delightful 3-wheelers that take passengers all over the city for a fraction of cab fare. Agree on a price with the driver and hang on for your ride to your hotel or next stop on your Bangkok itinerary. Not only will you be commuting in an authentically Thai way, but you will also be supporting a local family’s business instead of city-run transportation.

Authentic Tuk Tuk in Bangkok - Bangkok Itinerary
Authentic Tuk Tuk in Bangkok


Taking an authentic Tuk Tuk - Bangkok Itinerary
Taking an authentic Tuk Tuk

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The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace, one of the largest and most momentous buildings in all of Thailand, is set on an island and is accessible by boat for a glorious morning of sightseeing. Within the palace grounds, be sure to visit Wat Phra Kaew, the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand.

Grand Palace Bangkok - Bangkok Itinerary
Grand Palace Bangkok – a must on your Bangkok Itinerary


Grand Palace Bangkok - Bangkok Itinerary
Grand Palace Bangkok – A must on your Bangkok Itinerary

This temple differs from many others as no monks live nearby, and it spans several buildings. You will feast your eyes on a beautifully ornate group of sacred buildings and monuments. In particular, do grab a snapshot of the Emerald Buddha, the most sacred Buddha representation in all of Thailand. Although the entry fee is quite high at 500 Thai Bhat, it is still a wonderful experience to see such a sacred entity.

Emerald Buddha, Bangkok - Bangkok Itinerary
Emerald Buddha, Bangkok – Bangkok Itinerary

Wat Pho

Be sure to see the home to the world’s largest reclining Buddha – Wat Pho. Also known as the most famous massage school in the country, Wat Pho will have you learning about the ancient Thai practices while enjoying a reasonably priced service. Admission is approximately 100 Bhat which includes a complimentary beverage.

Wat Pho Bangkok - Bangkok Itinerary
Wat Pho Bangkok


Reclining Buddha - Bangkok Itinerary
Reclining Buddha

Have Dinner at the top of the Sky Tower

Take a cab or Tuk tuk to the State Tower on Silom Road. Ascend to the 63rd floor for dinner and cocktails at the Sky Bar! Deemed the world’s tallest rooftop bar, take a gander at Bangkok’s beautiful city line. The food and drinks are a little pricier than the small local cafes, but the views and ambiance pay for themselves. Plus there’s a free jazz band for some brilliant nightlife.

Beautiful views - Bangkok Itinerary
Beautiful views in Bangkok Thailan

Take a Culinary Class

I must recommend an incredible Thai cooking class experience on your Bangkok itinerary. Limited to 10 participants to ensure personal learning and interaction, you will thoroughly enjoy fusing classic Thai spices together to create your favourite dishes. Tours include a shopping trip to the market to collect your ingredients, and then step-by-step lessons in creating classic cuisine on the daily menu. Do be sure to book a class of choice well in advance. As many visitors yearn to take a stab at Thai cooking, these classes fill up super quickly!

Traveller Safety in Bangkok

Bangkok is a relatively safe city with very friendly locals. However, as with any country, if you are unfamiliar, do take heed of your actions and make the normal adjustments to avoid culture clash. Currently with the recent passing of their King, take extra care in respecting the Thai people and their customs.

Always keep your belongings close, never leave your passport or other travel documents in your room, and ensure your luggage has locks. Make sure you wear respectable clothing (especially during the mourning period) and refrain from taking photographs of government or military establishments.




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