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Hey y’all! Welcome to Fill My Passport! I am Janine, an active traveller who enjoys writing about my many expeditions and experiences. After visiting 40 countries, eating snails and emu, and building a wealth of knowledge, tips, tricks, and experiences to share, I am your girl for all your travel guide and information needs. Thanks to this experience in the travel industry, Fill My Passport was born.

Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge
Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

A Bit More Serious Background…

A graduate of the Journalism program at Humber College in Canada, with specializations in print, editing and creative writing, she busily puts her expertise to work with each entry.

As an EAC member and cupcake evaluator, I thoroughly build Fill My Passport week by week, providing readers with key travel tips and tricks for their romantic and honeymoon getaways, as well as key guides for your perfect Disney holiday.  And, I simultaneously run a communications company Editor-in-Style, as well as 2 NEW BLOGS hitting the blogosphere in 2017. Could you say go-getter any louder perhaps!?

At the East Gallery of the Berlin Wall!
At the East Gallery of the Berlin Wall!

Personal Story

As a thirty-something who used to be in a stagnant routine, reading endless travel magazines and blogs, and saving every travel quote appearing on my newsfeed, I felt that sharing with everyone how those over thirty, and those past the cut-off for an employment visa, can live the lifestyle of freedom and joy working and travelling abroad. Initially this was where my story began, and Fill My Passport’s large amount of content reflects this globetrotter’s journey.

Now, with Fill My Passport nearly a year old, it is veering in its new direction of being that one-stop shop for Honeymoon destinations, both sunny beaches and adventurous alternatives, coupled with that perfect fairy tale Disney holiday. That’s right. We are the sizzle gurus you never knew your travel-style needed.

Magic Kingdom

I currently live in Toronto, Canada with my Aussie hubby, who is also an entrepreneur in the film and production industry.

I wish to welcome you and hope after reading, you will be inspired to fill YOUR passport with travel moments, sublime culinary experiences, and add that romantic sizzle as you collect as many passport stamps as possible.

NATJA Member
NATJA Member


So, um, I want to start a blog. Is it hard? Where do I begin?

My friends, blogging is a very rewarding job, but also an involved one that takes lots of hard work. To read more about getting started on this incredible journey, check out my blogging baker’s dozen of tips in my post:
So, You want to Start a Travel Blog do Ya?

Happy Traveller
Happy Traveller

What is the Most Rewarding part about being a Blogger?

I think the most rewarding aspect of this career of choice is the freedom lifestyle. This being said, it is a long road before you can monetize your blog and make money in this career. Keep this in mind before starting! Once past that hurdle and you enjoy the niche you chose, you will certainly love what you do, the freedom, the working your own hours, and the ultimate control of your own business. Plus! You meet many new friends within the same industry. There may be thousands of us, but the community is small.

You meet like-minded blogging BFFs!
You meet like-minded blogging BFFs!  Fill My Passport’s Janine with Flight to Fancy’s Allison

What Keeps you Going in this Industry?

The Three P’s of Blogging: Patience, Planning, & Persistence. (and the odd hug from Olaf…)

Trivia Time! More Quirky Facts about me…

1 – I am a Canadian girl who found love in Paris and married him! He is Australian and we met at the halfway point! Small world indeed…

In the Cotswolds with hubby :)
In the Cotswolds with hubby 🙂

2 – I just adore animals and make it a point to see them on my travels. China travels included a panda sanctuary, Australia included the Australia Zoo, and should I get the opportunity to head to Africa, you can betcha I will be on a safari!

3- I am an avid curler and have played with Olympic champions! It is quite thrilling to wear a Gold Medal around your neck as if you were there and completed the tournament yourself 😉

4- One of my favourite places in the world is London and I wrote a special section just about this amazing city.

platform 9 and 3 quarters
platform 9 and 3 quarters

5- My YouTube Channel has just revamped its formatting and is now featuring its new series called “Jewels of the Globe!” The first video featured the incredible country of Austria and coming soon to the channel we anticipate the next jewel to be about (shhh…Italy!)

Now for the Shameless Self-Promotion!

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In Monaco!
In Monaco!

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Love to all of you ones,

Janine @ Fill My Passport


Romance at its finest
Romance at its finest


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