If you hadn’t guessed by now, this week, I have placed my writing focus on the bustling and beautiful city of London; a city where around every corner, something is waiting to be discovered – a restaurant, an experience, an artisan, a landmark, a wise chap… The amount of notes and photographs I have compiled from my various trips to London would astonish even the most experienced of writers and travellers alike. But let’s cut to the chase. One of my favourite places to visit while in London is the Borough Market.

This eclectic showcase of local cuisine, wholesale produce, and artisan design, has been supplying local businesses and residents with their grocery needs for centuries. Can you believe this market has been going strong since the 10th century?

The market’s current building, erected in 1851, is located Southwark Street and Borough High Street on the southern end of London Bridge. Artisans open their stalls as early as 2 a.m. for grocers wishing wholesale produce and meats. Every traveller needs to visit the Borough Market at least once to experience the richness of the products, an incredible meal, and supporting the locals.

Here are  my top five reasons everyone should visit the Borough Market while in London.

  1. You are Supporting Local Farmers
5 Ways the Borough Market Enriches Your Trip to London - Fill My Passport
Borough Market Fruit Stall, supporting local farmers

Fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers are displayed daily. By purchasing produce here instead of grocery stores selling imports, you are helping the British economy and its farmers survive. Besides, doesn’t a ripe peach or apple sound great as an afternoon snack while sightseeing?

2. You can Buy a Fresh Romanesco Broccoli 

5 Ways the Borough Market Enriches Your Trip to London - Fill My Passport
Fresh Romanesco Broccoli found at the Borough Markets, London

Not many grocery shops offer Romanesco broccoli, the broccoli and cauliflower vegetable combination. Buy one at the local stall and include it in salads, boil and serve with butter, etc. The possibilities are endless.

3. You can Buy Exotic Mushrooms from the Iconic Mushroom Stall 

5 Ways the Borough Market Enriches Your Trip to London - Fill My Passport
Mushroom Stall at the Borough Market

A large variety of wild and exotic fungi, as well as common species such as button, portobello and shiitake come to visitors at the famous Borough Market mushroom stall. November is the most optimal time to visit as it is foraging season, where supplies are plentiful, and the most exotic of breeds are available in the marketplace.

4. You will Enjoy Innovative Mulled Wine Flavours

5 Ways the Borough Market Enriches Your Trip to London - Fill My Passport
Mulled Wine Stall at the Market

If you are planning your visit in the winter months, especially over the Christmas holidays, treat yourself to a glass of mulled wine. A traditional holiday beverage in the UK, mulled wine combines wine with brandy, orange juice and cinnamon. At the market, local winemakers bring their unique blends to the cauldron, combining unique flavours outside the traditional. Grab a glass as you browse stroll through; it will keep you warm and fuzzy on those wintry days.

5. You can indulge in a Delicious Macaroni and Cheese Tart at Rabot 1745

5 Ways the Borough Market Enriches Your Trip to London - Fill My Passport
Rabot 1745 is an elegant rooftop patio restaurant boasting chocolate infused cuisine.

This beautiful rooftop restaurant owned and run by Hotel Chocolat, prides itself in culinary innovation. Boasting a menu of chocolate-infused dishes, guests receive cocoa beans to begin their experience.

5 Ways the Borough Market Enriches Your Trip to London - Fill My Passport
Cocoa beans given to guests upon arrival to the restaurant

Since macaroni and cheese is a Canadian staple, I could not help but crave this comfort food while living in the UK. You can only imagine my excitement when I saw a gourmet Macaroni and Cheese Tart offered on the menu. The meal was delicious, creamy, flavourful and completely satisfied my craving. It is served with greens and proves gastronomically ingenious. Grab one today on your next visit to the Market! On the way out, be sure to indulge in the variety of chocolates. Considering the restaurant is owned and operated by an elite chocolaterie, there is no doubt you will leave with a buzz.

I cannot express enough how incredible the Borough Market is to visit. There are many more reasons the market should be an essential on your itinerary, but I hope after reading these five, you have been enticed.



Borough Markets London
Borough Markets London


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