Ireland, a nation of prolific beauty and rugged landscapes, brings unprecedented culture and embraceable tradition to every visitor. It is a nation where no trip is ever long enough to marvel in all it has to offer. Because Ireland is a country so rich with history and scenery, now and then travellers seek inspiration in planning their itineraries. I hope, dear readers, I can inspire you to visit one of my favourite landmarks in the Emerald Isle: The Cliffs of Moher. This gorgeous area of the country is iconic and seen in so many films. With such a strong presence and with more historic and pop culture facts, why not enjoy it properly on a Cliffs of Moher tour?

5 Reasons You Must See the Cliffs of Moher - Fill My Passport
Cliffs of Moher Welcome Sign – Cliffs of Moher Tour

What to See and Learn on Your Cliffs of Moher Tour

Located in the Burren Region of County Clare, the Cliffs of Moher have been gracing the land for 390 million years. 390 million! That in itself is worthy enough trivia to have me planning a Cliffs of Moher tour. To think they evolved from sandstone and sediment…

Now, if the amazing age of the Cliffs of Moher isn’t enough inspiration (that and these scenic photographs) to have you penning them into your trip plans, here are another five fabulous reasons the Cliffs of Moher attract over one million travellers every year:

The Natural Beauty- Perfect for Photographs

They are 702 feet (214 meters) high and span across eight miles (12.8 km)! The landscapes make beautiful panoramic backgrounds for memorable photographs!

Book a Cliffs of Moher tour
Book a Cliffs of Moher tour

They have Interactive Exhibits

While here, why not visit the interactive and educational exhibits? The newly opened educational facility offers documentary films, artifact displays, and interactive galleries featuring details of the area’s historical expeditions, wildlife, geology, and environmental evolution.

Classic movies were filmed here!



Cliffs of Moher
The Princess Bride was filmed at the Cliffs of Moher – Cliffs of Moher Tour

Let your inner pop-culture free as you visit the scenic backdrop of the classic chick-flick The Princess Bride. I don’t know about you, but knowing this, made me uber excited to visit the cliffs (wink). Other classic movies filmed here include Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and Ryan’s Daughter to name a few.

Cliffs of Moher Tour- Trek to O’Brien’s Tower

5 Reasons You Must See the Cliffs of Moher - Fill My Passport
O’Brien’s Tower – Cliffs of Moher Tour

O’Brien’s Tower offers a panoramic perspective of this flawless vista. 

The tower, built in 1835 by local hero Cornelius O’Brien, provides an incredible viewing point for tourists to see beyond Loop Head on a clear day.

See a Beautiful Array of Birds

The Cliffs of Moher offer sanctuary to a variety of sea and nesting birds. Depending on when you visit, the species of birds you may encounter will differ. Puffins flock to the cliffs from April to July and can be seen regularly by bird watchers. However, should you wish to see Razor bills or Guillemots, ideally you should plan your visit closer to September.

Beautiful Puffin
A beautiful Puffin – Cliffs of Moher Tour

These are just a handful of reasons you need to see the Cliffs of Moher for yourself. Voted the number one natural attraction in Ireland since 2006, once you visit, you will understand why.

Cliffs of Moher Weather

Be sure to plan your visit in the summer! From personal experience, seeing them in both summer and winter, I enjoyed my visit more in the summer as the weather conditions in the winter can prove volatile. During my visit in the winter, it was very cold and we endured 120 km winds when trekking to O’Brien’s Tower. If you are brave enough to visit in the winter, double check the forecast and take care in bundling up in waterproof clothing.

Book a Tour: From Doolin: Inis Oirr Island and Cliffs of Moher Ferry

5 Reasons You Must See the Cliffs of Moher - Fill My Passport
My Sister and I Freezing on the Cliffs of Moher in the winter


5 Reasons You Must See the Cliffs of Moher - Fill My Passport
Cliffs of Moher Tour taken in the Winter

Book a Cliffs of Moher Tour here: From Dublin: Cliffs of Moher Full-Day Tour


5 Reasons You Must See the Cliffs of Moher - Fill My Passport
Cliffs of Moher Tour Ireland



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