I love London.  Full Stop. There you go, that’s all I need to say about London. It’s a city rich with history, culture, flavour and buzz. In every corner of the endless border of borough upon borough you will find an iconic landmark, a notable piece of nostalgia, or even an influential marker, dictating international movement; hence, the borough of Greenwich– where time is determined. If you need or are looking for reasons to visit Greenwich, London, here are our five favourite finds located on the Greenwich London map.

Meridian Line – Top Site on the Greenwich London Map

The meridian line definitely attracts the majority of visitors to this beautiful area of London; however, there is so much more to see. There are significant buildings, artifacts, and eateries overflowing with tourism appeal.

Meridian Line- Top attraction on the Greenwich London Map
Meridian Line- Top attraction on the Greenwich London Map

Bring a water bottle, wear comfortable shoes and take a 20-min. ascending walk up to the observatory – the official East and West divider of the earth since the 19th century when GMT was established. Upon arrival, you will be amazed by the incredible collection of artifacts, exhibits and of course, souvenirs available to remember your experience when you visit Greenwich, London.

Tickets to enter the observatory are £9.50 for adults and £5.00 for children.

Once admitted, walk through the cobbled walkway and take in the views of London. The view alone will have you feeling a sense of accomplishment for climbing that steep hill!

Line up for the classic meridian line photo opportunity where East meets West. Take that ever-essential selfie striking the famous one-foot-in-each-hemisphere pose, defying the test of “time.” Truly a once in a lifetime experience! This alone is a valid reason to visit Greenwich, London.

The Iconic National Maritime Museum – Top Site on the Greenwich London Map

Maritime Museum - Top site on the Greenwich London Map
Maritime Museum – Greenwich London Map

Established in 1934, the National Maritime Museum is the largest of its kind in the world. Its collection of maritime artifacts and royal significance places this museum as one of Britain’s most influential heritage sites. The land where the museum sits today served as the landing place for the Romans and adding regal importance, King Henry VIII resided nearby along the meridian line.

The museum itself holds more than two million pieces of Britain’s nautical history. During your visit, stroll through the many galleries housing displays of ancient cartography, ship models and plans, scientific and navigational instruments, portraits including one of famed explorer James Cook, and priceless astronomical utensils.

The museum is open daily to visitors and as with many London Museums, offers free admission.

 Climb at the O2 Arena

Climb the O2 - Greenwich London Map
Climb the O2 – Greenwich London Map

What better way to get your adrenaline pumping than to strap on a safety harness and climb the edge of a domed stadium? You can experience this when you visit Greenwich, London and the O2 Arena!

Visit the O2 website to view their pricing, health information, and detailed opening hours as these differ with each month. The 90-minute experience will take you up to the 52-metre summit, where you will be privileged to see some of the most incredible views of London. To capture your experience memories, purchase professional photographs taken throughout the climb once back on ground level! A truly incredible experience.

Should the idea of climbing the O2 make you squeamish, there are always events running for various tastes in music and theatre, and VIP tours available for scheduling. Contact the arena directly for showtimes and tour packages.

 Eat at the North Pole Piano Restaurant

What a treat! This beautiful pub-style jazz restaurant was definitely a winner. We booked this restaurant for my husband’s birthday and we truly received the royal treatment. A truly gastronomic masterpiece combined with impeccable service; not to mention an ambiance perfectly suiting a celebratory birthday lunch.

For spectacular indulgence, make sure you order the paté for a starter and either the chocolate soufflée or the seasonal cobbler for dessert. We truly felt spoiled with this incredible meal! The restaurant takes reservations and offers jazz piano entertainment in the evenings over supper.

Take the Emirates Airline Cable Car

While you visit Greenwich, London and tick off attractions and sites on the Greenwich London Map, you will have come across the Emirates Airline cable car. Officially opened in 2012, the 10-minute ride takes you across the River Thames and provides exemplary views of London from another angle. Keep your camera handy as you cross the city divide. Passes cost  £4.50 for a one-way trip.


So there you have five of the best attractions to tick off the Greenwich London map while you’re exploring the area. What other parts of this London borough do you enjoy visiting?


5 Reasons to Visit Greenwich
Greenwich London map



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