There is nothing like a great cuppa jo. A caffeinated mug of joy that helps many get through the morning, through a boring meeting, or simply through a first date. Coffee shops pop up on every corner nowadays with the rat race called life speeding by faster and faster. In light of this fast-growing trend and popularity, here are what we feel are 5 of the Best coffee shops in Toronto.

As a Starbucks snob, who enjoys lattes and collecting my bonus stars, I do step out of my familiar go-to in order to try some unique blends, crafted beverages, and be impressed with sophisticated foam art. It is a way of supporting local tourism and trying innovative blends and trends, while supporting the little guys in the global economy. For more local spots around the world, check out our Local coffee shops section.

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5 Best Coffee Shops in Toronto:

1) The Green Beanery

Located at Bloor and Bathurst across from the late Honest Ed’s shop, The Green Beanery is one of the best coffee shops in Toronto that boasts having the largest selection of coffee of all coffee shops in the world. With environmentalists founding and establishing this iconic coffee shop, enjoying a handcrafted beverage by one of their talented baristas supports the fair trade coffee industry and efforts to educate consumers on the current industry.

5 of the Best Coffee Shops in Toronto Canada - Fill My Passport
Green Beanery Latte

By enjoying a coffee here, you take the industry to positive levels by supporting farmers in Africa, Asia, Latin and South America who produce beautiful coffees in the niche market. These little guys are getting the recognition they deserve. It is crazy, but some coffees can become extinct. It is hard to believe that coffee can become extinct as we only think of animals have this ill-fated future. By supporting the Green Beanery, you are helping these endangered blends from this dark future. Plus, their coffees taste fantastic; especially paired with one of their daily baked pastries.


2) The Good Neighbour Café
Why not stop in to this lovely little coffee nook in the Junction? A growing swanky area just west of the main city centre, the Junction has grown into a very trendy neighbourhood with some very unique and tasty eateries. The good Neighbour serves a variety of coffee beverages with delightful pastry accompaniments. Located on Annette Street & High Park, enjoy a large latte served in a bowl, or one of the many freshly baked pastries that could melt in your mouth.
Grab a book, bring some friends and have a “Good Neighbour” chat over some truly wonderful bespoke barista drinks. To get here, take the subway to Keele Station on the Bloor Line and bus it down Annette right to their door.
5 Best Coffee Shops in Toronto Canada - Fill My Passport
Coffee at The Good Neighbour – Best Coffee Shops in Toronto

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3) The Sam James Coffee Bar

This swanky little coffee bar opened in 2009 and has been serving students and visitors ever since on Harbord street near the University of Toronto campuses. Nearby students, cyclists, and coffee lovers make this their destination all year round and enjoy a variety of roasts and flavours.

It’s a small swanky coffee house but one of the best coffee shops in Toronto that boasts a perfect break from the rat race with picture-perfect bespoke beverages that will not only give you the caffeine boost you desire, but also enhance any foodie Instagram profile.

4) Fahrenheit Coffee

A swanky coffee house on Lombard Street in the heart of Toronto’s city centre, Fahrenheit Coffee was awarded the Best Specialty Coffee House in Toronto since 2012.  Head on over to this delightful cafe and enjoy the most social beverage out there. They recommend the Cortado, it is their favourite of all their drinks.

5 of the Best Coffee Shops in Toronto Canada - Fill My Passport
Beautifully handcrafted coffee

5) Manic Coffee

Conveniently located at Bathurst and College, head on over to this funky coffee house for a delicious espresso artistically made with beautiful foam art and perfectly paired with homemade pastry. Sometimes trying a coffee at an independent cafe is more satisfying as you are supporting artisans bringing fresh and different blends to its customers. These are some of the reasons why it is highly recommended as one of the best coffee shops in Toronto, Canada.

Coffee shops play such a huge role in society as a social and/or business meet-up venue. Pair this with deliciously brewed drinks and you have a perfect marriage of ambiance and taste. Manic’s cafe and drinks complement each other perfectly, giving customers that ultimate beverage experience.

5 of the Best Coffee Shops in Toronto Canada - Fill My Passport
Manic Coffee Courtesy of the Manic Coffee website

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There are so many coffee shops, but these are our top 5 best coffee shops in Toronto. If you know of an exceptional java hut, let us know about it below! You can also check out what else is in store in Ontario!


Do you run on coffee like we do? If so, you have to check out our 5 Best coffee shops in Toronto. We will share our favorite coffee shops in Toronto with you so you can get a good cup of coffee while you’re traveling. Make sure you save this to your travel board so you can find it while you’re in Toronto. #toronto #coffeeinToronto #torontoontario
5 Best Coffee Shops in Toronto



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