Let’s get one thing straight. London is an epic city with a population of over 8.6 million as of 2016. Every country on the globe is represented within its boundaries. Yep, if you craved Samoan food, you would find it here. As this city is such a draw for visitors every year, a hub for working holiday visa holders, an escape for young adventurers, and a sightseeing haven for all those proud tourists, London has everything for everyone – the usual tourist traps, unbelievably swanky restaurants, exquisite shopping, tranquil parks, and hidden gems that only the seasoned Londoner would know about. Here are 150 things to add to any London itinerary – both usual and unusual for any budget.

All our recommendations are from our subjective perspective. Some of you out there may wish to visit attractions that are not listed, but are famously referenced in every London city guide out there. We hope our list gives you a broad selection to work with to ensure the BEST London vacation possible.

Churchhill overlooking Big Ben in London
Churchill overlooking Big Ben in London

So now to the Not-So-Common (and few common)Things to Do on any London itinerary on the cheap (FREE to MAX £15-25)

1- Brick Lane Street Art – FREE

Want to see some really incredible outside art? Well, Brick Lane has some of the most amazing and detailed graffiti artists in all of Europe. Take a stroll on your own, or book a walking tour as you photograph and marvel at the creativity demonstrated in the Brick Lane Street Art.

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150 Uncommon Things to add to Any London Itinerary
Brick Lane Street Art – London Itinerary


unique things to do in London
Brick Lane Street Art – London itinerary

2- Stop in for a Chocolate Fix at Dark Sugars – Prices vary

What I LOVED about this chocolatier was its story. A lady from Ghana who immigrated to the U.K started up her own chocolate business bringing the flavour of Ghanaian cocoa beans to visitors. The West African culture combined with the deliciously rich truffles, is an indulgence worth your daily calorie count. This wonderful shop is located in the centre of all the incredible Brick Lane street art. Add this to your London itinerary.

150 Uncommon Things to add to Any London Itinerary
Dark Sugars Brick Lane


best things to do in London
Dark Sugars Brick Lane, London Itinerary MUST

3- Columbia Road Flower Market – FREE or varies with bouquet cost

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE flower markets. Ever since visiting Amsterdam and seeing the sea of tulips of every colour. Just such a beautiful display of blooms. Well, head to Columbia Road and browse the most famous flower market in all of London. Browse tulips, English roses, lilies, gladiolas, and more. Heck you can get a beautiful bouquet for as low as £5!

4- Check out the Charles Dickens Museum – Marginal admission fee

You know that classic story around Christmas time that involved a cheap stodgy old man named Scrooge? Well, Dickens was responsible for his creation along with Oliver Twist, Madam Lefarge, and David Copperfield. Take a gander at the history of his life and learn more about how he came up with such classic characters we continue to embrace. It is a must in the list of things to do in London.

5- Buy a Puppet at Hamley’s – max £25

Located in the heart of London on Regent Street, let your inner child guide you to the sweetest puppets around. They come in all colours of the rainbow and in an assortment of creatures. I’m quite fond of mine. He is affectionately named “Shenanigans” and reminds me everyday of my joyous time in this incredible city.

fun things to do in London
Shenanigans from Hamley’s

6- Put some Light on the Subject! Marginal Fee

Check out the Lights of Solo art gallery that features pieces strictly made from lights. Now celebrating three years, this beautiful display of creativity can been seen by the public until 6 pm six days a week. They are currently taking membership applications should you wish to join for all the bright and bold benefits including bespoke cocktails served at their exclusive bar, party rooms for events, and meals that should satisfy any appetite. Plus, if you are super keen on a particular piece, you can make it your own! All pieces are for sale! All you need to do is find a space in your beloved home. Do check it out on Brewer street, just in the heart of Soho.

7- Have a Gander at Paul McCartney’s office – FREE

“Hey Jude…don’t make it bad…take a sad song and make it better…”

Have you ever wondered where some of the most iconic song lyrics penned by Paul McCartney originated? Well, for both the fab four and Wings, many a tune was composed in his Soho Office. Head on over to Soho Square and take a gander at the one large office with rounded bricks. On the right day, you just maaaaay see Mr. McCartney at his desk!

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unique things to do in London
Sir Paul McCartney’s Office


Soho Square
Soho Square

8- Check out the Bank of England Museum – FREE

Now I know this doesn’t sound too exciting, but when I think of this museum, all I can think to myself is the song from Mary Poppins “Tuppence prudently, thriftily, frugally Invested in the Fidelity Fiduciary Bank…” Learn more about the British bank’s history and of denominations of the past – shillings, threepence, tuppence, etc. They are only open 9-5 daily, but if you happen to leave early from work, or on holiday in the city, this may just satisfy a touristy craving. Hence, it is a must for those looking for unique things to do in London.

9- Head to Brixton and Check out the David Bowie Tribute – FREE

The world mourned and still mourns the passing of such an incredible artist as David Bowie. He had many a persona including the infamous Goblin King and of course Ziggy Stardust. Right in the heart of Brixton, check out the mural painted of the infamous Ziggy character. It really is a brilliant piece of art.

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best things to do in London
David Bowie mural in Brixton

10- Rock down to Electric Avenue – FREE

While you are in Brixton paying tribute to Bowie, head down to the official Electric Avenue where Eddy Grant was inspired for his 1982 classic.  Another freebie in such an expensive city!

11- Welcome the Tall Ships in Greenwich – FREE

Every April the magnificent tall ships make their way to Greenwich. Spend some time out that way and take in some incredible views of these vessels only for a limited time. Take in the celebrations with evening fireworks and other events specially planned for their arrival.

Tall Ship on its way to Greenwich
Tall Ship on its way to Greenwich

12- Learn more about the most famous Nurse in the World Florence Nightingale – Marginal Fee

Celebrate the life of the most famous nurse in the world. Learn about her practice, and just how she valued her career helping others. The museum has many events happening year round and is located at the St Thomas hospital near the River Thames.

13- Check out one of the many farms in the city! – FREE

These are real farms in the heart of London, so not your average petting zoos 🙂 Check out the cattle, pigs, chickens, horses, and more.

Farm Chicken
Farm Chicken


Farm Goats
Farm Goats

14-  Check out the original Mumin Shop at Covent Garden – FREE (without purchase)

For those of you unfamiliar with this adorable creature, he is a white hippo made famous in Finland. Covent Garden has a boutique that is dedicated to the stories of this little guy and friends. Stop in and grab a key ring, game, plushy or book from the collection. He is just too cute.

Visiting Covent Garden? Check out our post here.

15-  Take a Ukulele Lesson – FREE

For the epitome of cool, why not learn to play the ukulele and busk your way to stardom. Enjoy a fun lesson for a mere £20 refundable deposit. Simon Cowell will be so impressed and send you right through to the semi-finals. Check out the Queen of Hoxton for further details and taking regular classes.

16- Have a Classic Martini at Ian Fleming’s Hangout – The Dukes Bar – Up to £25

top things to do in London
Martini at Dukes Hotel London

Ever wondered where Ian Fleming penned the shenanigans of the infamous spy also known as 007? Well, friends he frequented this swanky hotel bar just in the heart of Mayfair. Reservations are not acknowledged here and therefore, plan your visit accordingly outside after-work hours. Otherwise you will be trampled by all the upper-class business people! The Duke is world famous for their incredible shaken (not stirred) martinis and is therefore one of the top things to do in London.

17- Visit the Sky Garden – FREE

This is a much cheaper alternative to the Shard! There used to be a trick with telling the staff of the Shard you had reservations and get up there for free with a restaurant meal. But they have now learned of this trick and even if you have reservations, you still need to pay the hefty £30 per person for the ride. So unless you wish to spend that crazy elevator cab fee, why not see incredible London views from a FREE observation deck that also offers reasonably priced munchies. Head to 20 Fenchurch Street and check it out. Just make sure you make reservations! It fills up FAST.

18- Take a Walk along South Bank – FREE

In Toronto we have a Buskerfest every year, celebrating street performers of all talents. The South Bank is so similar to this with the variety of talented musicians, illusionists, and impersonators waiting for your support. You can also check out the cute little shops, National Theatre, and variety of food trucks selling a variety of comfort foods as fish ‘n’ chips, burgers, and meat pies.

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19- Take an exclusive Big Ben Tour – Marginal fee

This was one thing I wish I could have done since it is one of the best things to do in London. Only certain days of the week, Parliament offers exclusive tours of the iconic clock tower! Book well ahead as with the tiny window of time books up quickly leaving you waiting several months for an opening. Make sure you find a British friend to help you experience this tour. Sadly unless you are a UK resident, you cannot enjoy it 🙁

fun things to do in London
Big Ben

20- Head on over to the Camden Markets – Free without purchase

Are you the type who enjoys a good souvenir hunt while eating ethnic cuisines? Well, then the Camden Markets are one of the best things to do in London. Grab some great bargains, eat freshly made dim sum, and sip a coffee right on the river. Take a boat ride along the river for a scenic trip. Boat rides are quite reasonable and run seasonally.

Want to explore the markets of London? Check out our post here.

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best things to do in London
Camden Markets


Camden Markets
Camden Markets

21- Attend a Service at Westminster Abbey- FREE

If you are Christian or curious of the Christian faith, there is nothing more meaningful and blessed than a service at Westminster Abbey. Set foot into the cathedral setting of many a royal nuptials and listen to the choir belt out such gorgeous sacred music as you recite psalms and proverbs. Admission is free if you are attending a service. It really is a beautiful experience for those who practice.

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Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

22– Take an Art Lesson £12

Learn the skills of a life drawing artist with a £12 drawing class located in the trendy borough of Soho! Sessions can be booked every Monday. Be sure to come prepared with a sketchbook and drawing utensils.

23- Enjoy a Latte at the Lido Cafe in Hyde Park – £5

I love a good latte, especially in the brisk London mornings. Those at Lido cafe are creamy and completely satisfying for any caffeine fix. Hyde Park is a common destination for travellers, but do indulge in the uncommon (as in instead of Starbucks or Costa Coffee) and enjoy a bespoke latte made by a talented barista. You will not only be impressed with the blend and taste, but also with the impeccable foam art!

Lido Cafe Latte Hyde Park
Lido Cafe Latte Hyde Park

24- Check out Peter Pan in Hyde Park- FREE

When most people head over to Hyde Park, they usually stop at Princess Diana’s fountain, pay homage, then continue on. Some book horse rides, other just take in the lush greenery. I decided to stroll a bit further and see the incredible boy who never grew up – Peter Pan. What is neat about this statue is that if you enter in the displayed code, he will talk to you! It is highly recommended for those looking for fun things to do in London.

fun things to do in London
Peter Pan Statue in Hyde Park

25- Watch or take part in the Peter Pan Cup on Christmas Day – FREE

Are you brave enough to endure the feezing waters? Well, if you are why not take part in the Peter Pan cup? Join many other nutters from the Serpentine Swim Club and jump into the water in Hyde Park while all your friends awaken to Santa’s deliveries. Jolly fun!

26- Take a Walk Along Primrose Hill – FREE or £10 with cupcakes

A gorgeous area just outside the city centre, take a stroll atop the iconic Primrose Hill. While there sit back and relax with a picnic lunch or maybe just a lavishly iced cupcake from the lovely Primrose Bakery!

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Primrose Bakery
Primrose Bakery


Primrose Bakery
Primrose Bakery

27- Check out the famous Cutty Sark- £13.50

Head on over to the famed Meridian line of Greenwich. Once you have done the essential touristy photo, come check out the world famous Cutty Sark. It costs £13.50 to get up close and personal with this classic 19th century vessel sitting in its own chamber. Walk under it, walk around it, and get close for some really nice photographs.

Grab Your Cutty Sark Ticket here.

fun things to do in London
The Cutty Sark

27- Grab something Vintage at the Portobello Markets – FREE without purchase

How fun to bargain shop through vintage shops and markets! When I think of Portobello Road, I immediately sing along to Disney’s classic Bedknobs and Broomsticks when they head there looking for half her spell book. Check out the really cool antiques and collectibles and quite possibly join in a street dance. It’s such a good time!

Portobello Road
Portobello Road

28- Check out the Camden Town Brewery! £12

For a cheap £12 entry fee, do check out one of the few breweries in London. If you enjoy a good pint at a traditional English pub, it is one of the fun things to do in London. Tours are approx. 2 hours long and give visitors the inside scoop on the brewing process.

29- Check out the Hard Rock Cafe’s Museum- FREE with purchase of a meal

This I think was one of the coolest things I stumbled upon while in London. Admission is free with a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe, which seriously should be a MUST considering it is the original eatery location before all the other worldwide restaurants were opened! Check out some priceless rock ‘n’ roll artifacts here including items owned by such superstars as Jimi Hendrix, Gene Simmons, and Jimmy Page.

Get Priority Seating at the Restaurant here.

fun things to do in London
Jimi Hendrix Guitar Hard Rock Cafe


Hard Rock Cafe Museum
Hard Rock Cafe Museum

30- Head over to the Notting Hill Book Shop – FREE without Purchase

Made famous in the Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant classic, stop in and check out the great selection of books of various genres as well as shop souvenirs. None of the staff was there when the film shot the footage (so don’t ask!), but there are photos and magnets of the time spent with the film crew. With a minimum purchase, get a complimentary book bag to keep all your mementos of your time in London!

notting hill book shop
Notting Hill book shop

31- Check out the Twinings Tea Shop – FREE without purchase

The oldest tea shop in all of the UK belongs to the world famous Twinings. Step in to the lovely little shop not too far from the Strand and peruse a variety of teas available in decorative tins and packages. For the posh tea lover, why not make a selection of assorted teas and present them in a fine wooden box. A trp to this tea destination is one of the unique things to do in London.





Tea Varieties
Tea Varieties

After some tea shopping have a browse through their mini museum at the back of the shop! See many historic documents and vintage mugs/Twinings memorabilia. If you visit on a lucky day, you just may get the chance to meet Mr. Twining himself, the only member of the family of the current generation who is currently running the company.

32- Search for your Country’s Embassy- FREE

Since London is the capital of England, embassies are set up and accessible here. Find out where your country’s embassy is and take a patriotic photo outside its doors. Remember that embassies are government offices and people can enter if requiring assistance from back home; however, if you are staying in London for quite some time, it is nice to feel a piece of home 🙂 For us, we could easily find ours. Both high commission buildings, Australia is located off the Strand near the Twinings shop and Supreme Court, while the Canada high commission stands stately at the corner of Trafalgar Square.

The Australia House
The Australia House


Canadian High Commission
Canadian High Commission

33- Enjoy a Gourmet Chocolate at Choccywoccydoodah in Soho – FREE without purchase

You are in for a treat at this shop. See artistic chocolate designs like you have never seen before! Stop in to this shop just at the corner of Carnaby street and sink your teeth into a gourmet truffle. Check out the Chocolate molded “wedding cakes,” chocolate eggs, flowers, and more. They also have a small cafe upstairs to indulge in one of their many desserts.

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Chockwoccydoodah - Carnaby St
Chockwoccydoodah – Carnaby St.


Chockwoccydoodah - Carnaby St
Chockwoccydoodah – Carnaby St

34- See Where Powdered Wigs Chill out at the Supreme Court of Justice – FREE

The Royal Supreme Court of Justice
The Royal Supreme Court of Justice

All the final decisions and deliberations happen right here! Members of the court traditionally adorn the powdered wigs as they come to a verdict. Check their website as they do run tours during the day for those keen on seeing where some of the most historic cases have been solved. For the history buffs, add this to your list of top things to do in London.

Book a more Thorough experience here.

35- Check out the Great Fire Monument – Marginal fee

Located near London Bridge, check out the tribute the London people have paid to the victims of the great London Fire of 1666. You can also climb up the monument for a minimal fee. Add this to your list of unique things to do in London.

36- See the Opening for Business at the Disney Store- FREE without purchase

Everyday folks gather in front of this magical shop right on Oxford street for the official key ceremony! Yes, Disney fans, the door is opened with a special key every. single. day. Once the door opens, grab a piece of the magic with a plush toy, a mug, or special 30th anniversary memorabilia!

Official Disney Key
Official Disney Key


Still a Princess!
Still a Princess!


with Chewy!
with Chewy!

37- Grab a £5 Ticket and Watch Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre

Take in the king of prose at the famous Globe Theatre. Keep checking availability as you can get a standing ticket at the back for as little as £5. Just imagine reciting famed soliloquies just like Sir Lawrence Olivier 🙂 The Globe Theatre is located just over the river. Cross the Millennium Bridge and it will be on your left. It is one of the most fun things to do in London for the literary fans.

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Shakespeare Globe Theatre
Shakespeare Globe Theatre

38- Get tickets for Mousetrap, the oldest running play in London – £21.75 and up

Set at the St Martin’s theatre, Mousetrap, by Agatha Christie has been entertaining guests since 1974! As the longest running west end play, grab a ticket for as little as £21.75. The show is sure to have you thinking considering it is a classic whodunit.

Thinking of taking in a show? Check out our Theatre District Round-up here.

39-  Check out the Very Cool Tin Tin Shop in Covent Garden – Free without purchase

I love how Covent Garden has some of the cutest little shops specializing in particular literary characters for its fans. Tin Tin is a classic example of this and all the die-hard fans can pick up a souvenir, collectible, or the next book they need for their collections.

40- Head on over to the Borough Markets and get some fresh local produce- FREE without purchase

The Borough Markets are such a fun outing and highly recommended if you’re looking for fun things to do in London. Enjoy the smells of fresh produce, seafood, meat, and herbs as you browse the stalls and sip artisan wine or spirits. For more on our take on this glorious part of London that Bridget Jones calls home, check out or review here.

41- Do a Sculpture Trail (Seasonal) – FREE

While we were over in London we were lucky with three sculpture trails featured throughout the city – Paddington Bear, Shaun the Sheep, and the London Double Decker Bus Anniversary Trail. Grab a friend, the trail map, and try to find as many of the sculptures you can! It is great fun, free, (just the cost of an Oyster card), and a perfect way to get around London. Highly recommended for those looking for free but fun things to do in London.

Paddington Bear Trail
Paddington Bear Trail

42- Go to Paddington Station and see the Tribute to the Marmalade-eating Bear! – FREE

Head on the Tube right to Paddington Station and take a photo beside the beautiful Paddington Bear statue and bench, both placed to honour the author and legacy of this adorable little bear. As well, have a wander into the official Paddington Bear shop and grab such things as a limited edition figurine, original teddy bear, clothes, and more.

Paddington Station commemorative Bench with my Vintage bear!
Paddington Station commemorative Bench with my Vintage bear!

43- Go to St Mary’s Hospital and catch a glimpse where Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin. – FREE

Just outside Paddington Station, walk toward St Mary’s Hospital and see the exact room where penicillin was discovered. A commemorative plaque has been hung to honour this scientist’s incredible contribution to humankind.

44- Buckingham Palace Tour – Marginal fee

Into the Royals? Well, in certain months of the year, you can take a tour of the palace and see just how HRM Queen Elizabeth spends her days. Do check out the website for dates as since she lives there most of the time, the palace is only open certain dates and times. If you’re lucky to get in a tour, this will be one of the top things to do in London to check off your bucket list.

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45- London Transport Museum – £17

Ever wanted to know the history of the double decker buses, black cabs, and the creation of the London Underground as you Mind the Gap? Well, learn all of this and more at the London Transport Museum. Sadly this museum is not free like most museums in London with an admission price of £17.00 pp (sort of like a black cab’s tariff!) but it is a great time and fun to walk through. It is highly recommended still as one of the unique things to do in London. 

Get your Admission ticket here.

46- Catch the Changing of the Guard – FREE

Everyday regardless if the Queen is in residence or abroad, this ceremony takes place at 11 am. Do get there early to avoid crowds and tall people getting in your viewpoint! To be honest, although fascinating and quite a popular thing to attend, heading to the Cavalry museum and following the guards via musical parade is much more interesting than seeing them stand at attention for minutes at a time.

47-  Cross the Infamous Abbey Road Zebra Crossing – FREE

From one royalty group to another – make some history yourself and cross the famed zebra crossing where Paul McCartney walked barefoot to the other side for the album cover. There are busking photographers there who will take a great shot for a minimal fee, or wait and check out the set up webcam’s footage in 24 hours!

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Cross Abbey Road
Cross Abbey Road

48 – Check out Sticky Fingers Restaurant – Free without purchase 

Owned by Rolling Stones member Ronnie Wood, head on it to this swanky eatery for a burger and chips. Take a walk around and gaze at some really cool Rolling Stones memorabilia including guitars, autographs, gold & platinum records and more. Want a souvenir? No problem! Shot Glasses and menus are available for a reasonable price.

49- Ride the Carousel near the London Eye – £3-5

Whoever says carousels are just for kids are jerks! Enjoy a fun ride for £3 and experience one of the most fun things to do in London. Choose from majestic horses, giraffes, unicorns and other mystical creatures for a fun ride just beside the famed (and overpriced in my humble opinion) London Eye Ferris Wheel.

50- Check out the Original Vivienne Westwood Boutique & Clock where the Sex Pistols formed – Free

The kings of punk, Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious came together here at this posh Vivienne Westwood boutique. Check out the vintage clock sitting where their volatile, yet influential career began. “God Saved the Queen…”

For more cool Rock ‘n’ Roll nostalgia, check out our review on a tour we took through London and other sites to see from the classic rock era here.

The Original Vivienne Westwood Clock
The Original Vivienne Westwood Clock

51- Check out the Selfridges Window displays – FREE

I love seeing beautiful window displays that show a story or a theme. Selfridges raises the bar in glamourously detailed displays, especially around the holidays. If you are thinking of heading to London around the holidays, do yourself a favour and take a walk down Oxford Street and take in the many window displays of Christmas –  joy, spirit, family, and love.

52- Pay Sherlock Holmes a Visit at 220 Baker Street – Marginal admission fee

Check out the “home” of the famed detective just off the Baker Street Subway near Mme Tussauds. Enjoy a multi-floor museum where you can take fun photos with props and view the history of the story. The gift shop is also a gem with copies of the original book, shirts, quills, and more. For Sherlock Holmes fans, this is one of the top things to do in London.

Book a Sherlock Holmes Walking tour

Sherlock Holmes!
Sherlock Holmes!

53 – Learn How to Shake AND Stir!

Head over to Drink this Drink where they host fun cocktail classes. Learn how to make some fun libations to impress even the fussiest of gin enthusiasts. Check out their website for events. They do not only cocktail workshops but also  some pretty funky workshops like handmade hand warmers, and DIY flower stir sticks.

54 – Get your Classic Platform 9 3/4 Photo taken at King’s Cross – £10 ish

Harry Potter fan? Well, why not get an iconic photo of running through Platform 9 3/4 to get to Hogwarts. Choose your house scarf and pose with your cart of luggage. There is a shop just beside where you can not only pick up your photo, but also pick up some fun souvenirs and collectibles. A wand perhaps!?

platform 9 and 3 quarters
platform 9 and 3 quarters

55- Take a Dance Lesson! – £10

I find most people just move in one spot nowadays. The art of ballroom dancing just seems to have dissolved faster than the latest Apple phone the minute you buy it. Head on over to Swing Patrol to learn the steps of a classic dance style that is absolutely timeless. After a lesson that costs only £10 a person, you just may be the perfect choice for Oscar-winning La La Land’s possible sequel.

56- Check out Wimbledon – Marginal fee to the museum

Take the tube all the way to Wimbledon and see just where some of the most exhilarating tennis matches have been played. During the off-season, enjoy a tour through the complex and a browse at the history of the tournament in the interactive museum. If you are a true fan, souvenir shirts, magnets, strawberry key rings, and more are available to purchase.

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57 – Go on a Cemetery Tour at Highgate – FREE

Not for the squeamish, and much better than the touristy Jack the Ripper tours that cost the “Tourist” prices, the cemetery tours take you to over 170,000 graves with a guide who has exceptional inside info on these fallen British. Go to their site to book tickets to ensure you get the time you want. These are quite interesting and one of the most unique things to do in London. I find grave tours to be some of the most fascinating as the history and knowledge truly shape a town.

58 – Play board games – £5

I just love board games. They are such fun and usually involve laughs and a few competitive veins bulging from time to time. In London, there is a perfect little eatery that houses hundreds of games for patrons to try while they work through a delightful bottle of wine- Draughts. For just £5 and cost of your drinks, enjoy quite a bit of fun challenging opponents to a friendly game of Monopoly, Trouble, or even my favourite, Scrabble.

59- Check out the Outdoor Theatre – Movie admission

If you are visiting London in the summer, why not enjoy a movie outdoors via lounger partnered with cold beer? Check out the Rooftop Cinema and enjoy a classic movie under the stars. Do come prepared with an umbrella just in case….hey, it is London for crying out loud…but it will be one of the best things to do in London.

60- Check out the Spice Girls Tribute Wall in Hamstead Heath – FREE

If you Wannabe a cool Spice Girls fan, you gotta get to Hamstead Heath and see the tribute wall for the five leading ladies! See fan messages to Mel B, Mel C, Emma, Victoria, and Geri as you walk on by humming Viva Forever to yourself. Spice Girls fans will consider this to be one of the best things to do in London.

Spice Girls Wall - Hamstead Heath
Spice Girls Wall – Hamstead Heath

61- Enjoy Gin? Check out the Distillery – £10-15

There are several gin distilleries around London now! Choose one that strikes your fancy and is convenient for you and head there to enjoy a tour and some fine tastings. Tours are roughly £10-15 depending on which you decide to visit.

62- Check out the vintage Toy Shop in Notting Hill – FREE without purchase

Growing up in the 1980’s I just loved such toys as the Muppets, Fraggle Rock, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite and more. Check out the vintage toy shop located just around the corner from the famous Book shop! They have EVERYTHING you could possibly want for the characters you love. We got vintage Paddington Bears, Fraggle Rock greeting cards, and a few other things! Keep in mind that they are NOT open on Mondays!! Do not be disappointed the way we were by heading there on a Monday 😉

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Notting Hill Vintage Toy Shop Window
Notting Hill Vintage Toy Shop Window

63- Do a City Dash! – Prices vary

Grab a group of friends and head over to Fire Hazard Games. Sign up for one of their fun scavenger hunts of cryptic clues taking you all around the city to solve the quest. Book well in advance to save money on the ticket price!

64- Grab a Chili Hot Chocolate at Paul Young’s Chocolatier – £5

Located in Soho or on Bank Street, though the hours are better suited for visitors at the Soho location, Paul Young’s Chocolate shop is an affordable gem with delicious crafted truffles with unique flavours. His hot chocolate is deemed the best in all of London and can have different spices added to make your ultimate drink. The steaming cocoa is a hefty £5 a cup (hefty for a hot beverage) but really and truly this drink is the thick and delicious chocolate fix you will need. Read our complete review on this chocolate shop here.

65- Catch some comedy at the Pleasance Theatre – Prices vary

Enjoy a fun night of laughs at this tiny theatre near Caledonian Station. They cover a large variety of themes including the ever popular Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

66- Take a Walk along Canary Wharf – FREE

Enjoy a leisurely walk down the river wharf and take a gander at some of the old tugboats docked. Grab a coffee and stroll along with the Gherkin as your backdrop.

Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf

67- Check out the London Dance Clubs – £6.95

I hate Tuesdays more than Mondays. It feels to me like Mondays are used to get back in and catch up over a weekend and then Tuesday is when the stampede occurs with all the anthills getting kicked. After a potentially shitty Tuesday, why not get out to the  Weeknight Dance Club. The club is perfectly suited for your business casual apparel and with hours only perfect for those early work nights in mind. Cover fees are approx. £6.95 which allows you to stay up until closing at 11 pm.

68- Have a Bowl of Cereal at the Cereal Killer Cafe – Prices Vary

Cereal has been my go-to for a fast breakfast for years. Mind you, as a child Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch were only treat cereals now and then, but the Corn flakes, Cheerios, and periodic All Bran fix did satisfy. Head on over to the Cereal Killer Cafe – the world’s FIRST International cereal bar! This cafe boasts 30 different varieties of milk, 20 different toppings, and nearly every cereal on the market, plus some nostalgic gems.  If you want a trip down memory lane, check out their huge collection of cereal memorabilia dating back to the 1980’s and 1990’s. I would seriously be impressed if they had the Strawberry Shortcake cereal! My fave as child thanks to the pink milk it made.

69 – Take a Toilet Tour – £12

Seriously. This exists. Tickets are £12 a person through booking  online. The tour will take you around London and show you some of the most incredible crappers you can imagine from the powder room posh, to the outright “dumps.”

70- Take a stroll down Carnaby Street – FREE

This cute little street of cobblestones and neon signs is such an adorable nook for artsy fartsy people. Check out some eclectic art, shoe designs, signage and cafes. At Christmas it is truly magical with its lights and decorations.

Book a Tour

Carnaby Street Arch
Carnaby Street Arch

71- Check out the Word on the Water book boat in Canary Wharf – Free without purchase

You just never know what you will find here! A first edition you have been searching for, a vintage telling of an inspiring figure of history, or perhaps a conversation from bookworm one to another.

Word on the Water Bookshop Canary Wharf
Word on the Water Bookshop Canary Wharf

72- Check out the Roller Derby – Prices vary

Now, before doing this, make sure you watch Whip it starring Ellen Page to get an idea of just what you are in for. Roller Derby is a contact sport for women where they do various obstacles wearing roller skates. The two recommended companies to check for dates are  London Rollergirls’ and London Rockin’ Rollers’ . If you are of the courageous group, you can even sign up for a class! I’m watching Whip it Again tonight….

73- Head on over to an Early Morning Rave! – £10

This seriously exists and is far better for your body than those late-night raves promoting the use of alcohol and narcotics now and then. Get there early around 6 am and have an incredible rave workout of dancing and exercise. A new craze that has hit now 11 countries worldwide, the Gloryville movement brings superfood, smoothies, massages, and dance moves to ravers, starting their day off right. Get your tickets starting at £10 online.

Morning Gloryville courtesy of their website
Morning Gloryville courtesy of their website

74- Take a Calligraphy Writing Course! – £15

Have you ever thought about learning just how the ancient Chinese communicated through artistic penmanship? Well head on over to SOAS’ Friday drop-in sessions and learn about the ancient art of calligraphy. Each session costs £15.

75-  Try Henry the VIII’s exclusive beer at the Tower of London – £18 admission + Beer 🙁

I am not a fan of the Tower of London as the admission prices are so expensive due to the tourist popularity. However, their cafeteria serves an exclusive beer only available there. I know it’s everyone’s DREAM to enjoy a brew from a bottle adorning the beheading king’s royal mug, and here is your opportunity. And, while you’re there, since you had to pay that hefty entry fee, grab a photo of the glass beheading pillow statue and take a closer look at those crown jewels…

Book your Ticket with Crown Jewels here.

Royal Ale
Royal Ale


Tower of London
Tower of London

76- Go rock climbing! – Prices vary

Head on over to Mile End Climbing Wall and plan a session to look like a ninny! Sessions are approx. 30 mins long and involve harnasses, little wedges and a whole lot of fun. Do ensure you bring appropriate clothing that is roomy enough to reach far distances to the teeny wedges above!

77- Enjoy a Macaroon fix at the Laduree Cafe in Knightsbridge – £15 ish

I was tickled pink when I discovered the Laduree cafe outside of Paris! Choose from a huge variety of flavours, plus enjoy a brunch menu, afternoon tea, and of course, an unmatched French ambiance.

To read more about our experience, check out our review here.

78- Check out some Naked Guys! – £7

Naked Boys Reading is a very cool and liberating experience that occurs bi-monthly. They will read some classic literary tales while swinging free! Enjoy a fun dance afterward should you not feel awkward for a cheap cover fee of £7.

79- Head to Chelsea and have a quick browse at the Real Estate Ads – FREE + new undies

I add this to the list as it is so hard to fathom rent costs so astronomical unless you see the ads in person. If you have ever thought of living in Chelsea, think again unless you have a hefty £4800-5000 a WEEK. Yes. You read this correctly… It really is worth the trip for the shock factor. I nearly pooped my pants when I saw the price!

A Shocking Chelsea Real Estate Ad!
A Shocking Chelsea Real Estate Ad!

80- Bring out your Inner-Creepy on Paper – Prices vary

Art Macabre prides itself on hosting art classes that bring out the creepy and dark side of artists. Do check out their website noted above and bring along your paper and paints. It will be a great evening of fine quality art.

81- Check out the Tower Bridge’s New Glass Floor! – £9

Head on over to the Tower Bridge Exhibition and check out the glass floor. My knees weaken at the idea of walking across glass, but this is pretty popular.  Adult tickets cost £9, however, couple this with a yoga session for a better deal.

Book your admission ticket here.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

82- Check out the Trampoline Park – £10

Head on out to Acton where you will find London’s first and only trampoline park, Oxygen Freejumping. Plan on a Tuesday evening for a £10 session. Bring appropriate clothing, and keep in mind that they will supply you with trampoline-specific socks to wear.

83- Play some Ping Pong like Forrest Gump – Prices vary with meals

In Toronto Susan Sarandon started a very swanky ping pong bar as the craze has taken flight all around the world! Head on over to Bounce in Holborn and enjoy an evening of games and typical bar fare as pizza, veggies and dip, chips, and wings.

84- Look at some famous Artwork at the Tate and Modern – FREE

This is one of my listed common things to do in London, but it is such a joy to see Andy Warhol’s original work proudly displayed for all to see. This gallery also has the wonderful admission cost of ZERO 🙂

Andy Warhol Original at the Tate and Modern
Andy Warhol Original at the Tate and Modern

85- Take an Unseen Tour – £10

Unseen Tours does London tours differently as the guides are homeless or formerly homeless. They show you a variety of different sites in various neighbourhoods from a totally unique perspective. Tickets are £10.


Unusual Things For Those with a Modest Budget (Up to £50)


86- Have a meal at the North Pole Restaurant Greenwich – £35-50

This gem in Greenwich gives guests an incredible serving of gastronomic goodness. Enjoy a beautiful menu of entrees, mains, and desserts, washed down with a selection from the lovely and lengthy wine list. To read more about this lovely restaurant, check out our review here.

Book a tour

87 – Enjoy incredible Dim Sum at the Exclusive 5-floor walk-up Opium Dim Sum Parlour – £25-40

A more exclusive eatery in the heart of London’s Chinatown, do check out Opium. Once you have climbed the five floors, enjoy a romantic setting of dim lights and artisan dumplings to delight the senses. To read more about our experience at Opium, check it out here.

88- Create your own Terrarium – £30

I love succulents and I love little fairy gardens! So why not put these loves together and make a lovely little terrarium at Jar & Fern. Workshops cost £30 each but you get to take home your lovely new plant 🙂

89- Enjoy the exclusive Beauty and the Beast Tea! £35-45

At the time of writing this until November of 2017, enjoy an afternoon tea that is honouring the upcoming film Beauty and the Beast! Head over to the Town House at The Kensington Hotel and enjoy a completely themed afternoon tea experience. The menu entitled “Tale as Old as Time,” features Mrs. Potts and Chip Potts china teapots and cups, sweets and savouries of the main characters of Cogsworth and Lumiere, cookies depicting Belle’s golden gown, the enchanted rose and much more.  £35 per person or £45 with a glass of Champagne. So wish I was heading back to London this year!

90- Do a Paint and Wine Party – £25

Pain and wine parties have become incredibly popular in recent months! Head on over to Paint Republic where you can book a painting party! Enjoy a glass of wine and a fun session brushing the canvas. After your evening, you can keep your piece of artwork as a memento of your time. Tickets cost £25 each but includes the supplies for your painting.

91- White Water Rafting – £25

Head over to Lee Valley, home to the water sports facility in London and enjoy a fun and adrenaline-pumping ride through the rapids constructed specifically for the 2012 Olympic Games. Prices start at £25.

92- Learn how to make Artisan Ice Cream! – £38.50

Head on over to the Blu Top and learn how to make killer gelato that would challenge Italy for top gelato recipes. Workshops cost £38.50, showing you the tactics to make delicious flavours that you get to enjoy at the end of your class!

93- Play Some Fun Alternative Bingo – prices vary

Head over to Battersea to the Breakfast club. After seeing the last standing Power Station’s chimney (sad. These were featured on Pink Floyd’s iconic Pigs Album), enjoy a few rounds of bingo with various themes including cabaret.

94- Head Over to Cath Kidston and grab an Iconic bag – £25-50

It seems that every lady in London accessorizes with a Cath Kidston bag large or small. Enjoy classic patterns as polka dots, stripes, or country florals. Her main store can be found near Harrod’s in Knightsbridge. Prices start at around £25 and can go up to £100.

Traditional Cath Kidston Bag courtesy of the website
Traditional Cath Kidston Bag courtesy of the website

95- Sign up for a Bee-keeping experience – £29.50

Take your first try at bee-keeping through Kennington  Get all dolled up in a bee-keeping uniform and get up close and personal with honeybees bringing home the nectar. Check out their website for more information. Tickets cost £29.50 approx.

96- Take a Hula Hooping Class! – Prices vary depending on the class

Shoreditch has so many fun and different experiences for travellers and visitors of all ages and interests. Head on over to Indytute where you can do a fun workshop in something you would least expect like aerial silks, baton twirling, hula-hooping, perfecting your accordion skills, and more.

97- Enjoy a Meal at the Archipelago – Prices vary

Talk about quirky, this restaurant has some of the most interesting mains you could ask for. Not for the vegetarian in your life, but definitely for the adventurous. Menu items include dishes with kangaroo, wildebeest, and the wildest of all, sauteed CRICKETS.

98 – Enjoy a Quirky Meal at the Bel Canto – Prices Vary

Enjoy a fun evening where the servers sing Opera Songs as they deliver your steak! It’s quite a fun site and adds a beautifully sounding twist to your dining experience. Enjoy the arias as you sit and enjoy a glass of wine. You can find this restaurant just around Hyde Park.

99- Do an Animal Encounter at the London Zoo – Prices Vary

Spend a beautiful day enjoying the famous London Zoo with an up close and personal animal encounter. Check out the London Zoo website for further information on pricing and availability. As well, check out their schedule for great options for heading here with kids as well as for adults-only events.

Grab your London Zoo tickets here.

Beautiful Giraffe You can see at the London Zoo
Beautiful Giraffe You can see at the London Zoo

100- Have a 1930’s Costume Party – £25

Dress up in 30’s glamour, flapper hats, you name it! Each month parties are scheduled and they are such fun as they recreate the era in which glamour has no boundary. Book tickets online from £25!

101- Enjoy Piano Music – Prices Vary
Jazz bars are such wonderful environments, especially after work. Head to a club with live music and take in the tunes perfectly composed for your foot to tap.

Piano Player
Piano Player

102- Kayak on the Thames – Prices Vary

There are way more options to explore the Thames than just cruises! Why not do an adventurous kayak ride. Check out London Kayak Tours and book a session to paddle your way past Tower Bridge.

103- Visit the London Cocktail Club – Prices Vary

I love cocktails. I enjoy artsy creations especially if I need to endure a boring conversation or mundane formal function. If you enjoy cocktails as much as I do, why not delve into your enjoyment at the London Cocktail Club. This underground bar creates some of the most fascinating concoctions! Some are even served in fancy teapots….

104- Have a bowl of Chips at HipChips – Prices Vary

Head over to HIPCHIPS, and enjoy some gourmet crisps served with a variety of flavours and dips. The crisps will be served fresh from the conveyor belt straight to guests’ bowls. Grab the dips you fancy and enjoy your gourmet savoury treat. Some of the dips available include curry, chocolate, ceviche, and salted caramel.

105 – Buy some affordable art – £25+

Why not support local artists and purchase a unique piece that will fit perfectly over your mantle? Visit the Affordable Art Fair, that has scheduled shows in Hampstead and Battersea frequently.

106- Visit Cellardoor – Prices vary

Cellardoor is a classic re-invention. Formerly a public toilet, this little cabaret bar is quite entertaining and will give you a fun evening in the world’s tiniest cabaret club. Do save your pennies during the week as the drinks are on the pricey side.

107- Take Knitting Lessons! – Prices Vary

Girls just love a good stitch and bitch! If you do, why not check out I Make Knots and book a workshop. Learn how to knit, crochet, and other fun crafts with yarn and needles.

108- Learn the flying trapeze! – £24

This was so much fun! Head on over to Greenwich and sign up with Gorilla Circus. They run trapeze classes for groups of 8. Each lesson is £24 for two hours.


109- Check Out the Magic Hour – £25+

Do you enjoy optical illusions? I love them and this show exceptionally shows audiences some of the coolest and craziest illusions right in front of you in an intimate setting. Considered the best magic gig in London, join Sonic for his intimate and interactive show of magic. Tickets start at £25 and include a complimentary cocktail. Sold me!

110 – Take a Camera Workshop! – £25

Check out Foto Ruta, and book a fun photography session guiding you through the streets of London looking for subjects. Workshops and day trips start as low as  £25 per person.


For the Budgets with Wiggle Room (More than £50)


111- Create your own perfume! – £125

Every time I walk past Penhaligan’s I always wonder how they come up with such beautiful scents for their many fragrances. Peonies mixed with vanilla, or lavender mixed with ginger, etc. I just get so curious that I google the process each time. Well, if you are like me and want to create a one of a kind fragrance to woo all your friends and colleagues, hit up The Experimental Perfume Club. They run sessions in their lab teaching newbies like us how to fuse scents together to create that unforgettable aroma to blend within our scarves and follow us around the day. After your session, the best part is that you can take a bottle of your creation home! Sessions cost £125 which includes your delightful 50 ml bottle.


112 – Have Mad Hatter’s Tea at the Sanderson – £48

If you like Alice in Wonderland, than you will love this themed tea menu at the Sanderson! For £48 minimum per person, enjoy a lovely themed tea party remembering all the quirkiness Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.

113 – Climb the O2 Arena! – Prices vary depending on packages

For the adventurous, why not head to the O2, a popular venue for favourite shows including Coldplay and Adele, and climb the outside of the dome. Take a guided climb attached to the rail and marvel the historic borough of Greenwich. Tickets can be purchased on their website for sunset climbs, regular climbs and even packages with dinner at the rooftop restaurant. To read more about other activities in Greenwich while there, check out our article here. 

Book your experience

114- The WB Harry Potter Studios! – £30+

The Warner Bros Studio Tour is the ultimate experience for Harry Potter fans. See the Hogwarts express, The model of Hogwarts castle, and all the original props and costumes from the movies. Even give Butter Beer a try with a chocolate frog! Considering the day trip? Check out our review here.

Book a tour

The Set for the Potion Room with Snape!
The Set for the Potion Room with Snape!


You can buy such cute things like Dobby!
You can buy such cute things like Dobby!

115 – Go Horse riding in Hyde Park – £95

Take a traditional English horse ride through the most beautiful and green park in all of London- Hyde Park. Rides are £95 per hour and include guidance, helmets, riding boots and other gear.

116- Order a Traditional English Hamper at Fortnum and Mason – £50-300

Want to eat like royalty? Well, why not order a hamper at Queen Elizabeth’s chosen market and enjoy a picnic in Hyde Park or by the water? Each hamper comes with a selection of picnic foods, wine, desserts and utensils all beautifully presented in a wicker hamper basket. To order yours, check out their website here.

117- Why not try basket weaving? – £50

Mosey on over to The London Loom and attend a weaving class! Choose the medium you wish to learn including tapestry, basket weaving, or Japanese style. They say weaving is a way to reduce unwanted stress. Got my vote! Price of a class is approx. £50 each.

118- Check out London’s only Russian Spa – Prices Vary

My favourite movie is Last Holiday with Queen Latifah. In this film she gets an out of the ordinary spa treatment where bunches of leaves are whipped on her back. Apparently this is a therapy used in Europe in many of their upscale spas. Want to give it a go? If you do, contact Banya No. 1 –  London’s only Russian spa. Here, you can experience the  parenie treatment just like Queens Latifah and have huge bundles of leaves whip your back. Doesn’t sound too good? It apparently does wonders for blood circulation.

119- Have Breakfast at the Ritz – £50-100

I have never had such an elegant posh breakfast before eating at the Ritz. It is a place for the elite that’s for sure, but if you enjoy artistically made cappuccinos everyday and eating a croissant from a bone china side plate, than you will love your experience here. Enjoy a buffet of pastries, fruits, sweets, juices, and fresh fruit, plus order a main breakfast from their beautifully presented menu. Meals start at around £50.

Read our review of this wonderful experience here.

Delicious Pancakes!
Delicious Pancakes!


Such a wonderful experience at the Ritz
Such a wonderful experience at the Ritz

120- Enjoy a Ballet Performance – Tickets vary

Do you love Swan Lake or The Nutcracker? These are classic shows, but there are so many others playing throughout the year. Check out the English National Ballet and book your tickets for the show the best interests you! All feature such talented main dancers and ballerinas in an array of styles and routines. Would be a perfect date night!


121- Take a stab at designing your own shoes! – £75-195

Ever wonder how Jimmy Choo started out? Now it’s your chance. Take a shoe-making course at I CAN MAKE SHOES. Take a one-day course in making sandals for £80, shoe design for £75, and £195 for ballet type flats.

122- Enjoy Afternoon tea on a Vintage Double Decker Bus! – £45-50 each

Probably one of my favourite experiences in London, take a vintage double-decker bus on a guided tour of some of the most popular landmarks in the city as you sip a coffee, tea or hot chocolate accompanied with scones and delicious iced fancies. Coffees are served in safe travel mugs beautifully adorned with its girlie design. Enjoy the views as you pass such places as Parliament, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Notting Hill, Hyde Park, and more. £45 minimum per person. For more on our experience and other fab afternoon tea venues, see our post here.

Book your experience here.

The incredible Afternoon Tea bus
The incredible Afternoon Tea bus


Afternoon Tea bus! It was amazing!
Afternoon Tea bus! It was amazing!

123- Go to a West End Show – Prices Vary

Different from Moustrap as recommended previously, these shows are world-famous and tour all the big theatrical hubs. Check out what is playing and enjoy one on your trip. This is another one of those common things mixed in with my uncommon suggestions 🙂 To read more about our experience seeing The Book of Mormon, click here.

124- See your Favourite Movie unlike anything you have seen before – £125 each and up

Last year was Raiders of the Lost Ark’s 35th anniversary. In celebration of this milestone, the Royal Albert Hall featured the full-length film accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra playing the John Williams score. Trust me. Hearing an orchestra instead of the movie reel is unlike anything you have ever heard especially with such acoustics as the Royal Albert Hall. Check out their website for details on upcoming shows and specials. Other movies that have been featured include E.T., Lord of the Rings, the Matrix and more. Oh and be sure to buy a Moet bottle of champagne while there. The bubbly comes with an ice bucket and two flutes. Just superb.

Book a Royal Albert Hall tour

Raiders of the Lost Ark in Concert
Raiders of the Lost Ark in Concert




Toasting with Moet!
Toasting with Moet!

125- Take a Stab at Flower Arranging – prices vary

Would you like to own your own flower shop like Jennifer Aniston in Love Happens? Take your first step by attending a fun floral design workshop at Judith Blacklock’s Flower School. Learn everything from floral arranging and bouquet building.

126- Enjoy a Fashion Forward Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley Hotel – £52 pp

Do you love fashion? Well, the afternoon tea at the Berkeley Hotel is inspired by the current designs of such notable designers as Burberry, Jimmy Choo, and Dolce & Gabanna to name a few. Visit the Berkeley this year for their 10th anniversary tea experience, featuring beautiful designed sandwiches, savouries and fancies at £52 per person. It is one of the most unique things in London that you could ever try.

berkeley 10th anniversary - courtesy of the Berkeley website
Berkeley 10th anniversary – courtesy of the Berkeley website

127 – Kimono Fashion lessons! – £50-500 depending on if you buy a Kimono!

I love the look of kimonos. I think they are such beautifully intricate robes that make people look so elegant and relaxed at the same time. London offers a one-stop shop Wasoukan, in Notting Hill where you can learn how to wear the kimono properly and style it according to Japanese standards. The kimonos themselves are around £500 (wowzers!) but the experience on styling and wearing the elegant robes coupled with beautiful obis is £50. Can’t afford the hefty price tag of the kimono? Need not worry, you can also wear one for the day out and about in London. Let your inner Japanese travel dreams out free as you waltz through Notting Hill looking like a Japanese dream.

128- Enjoy Classic Beef Wellington At Rules – £100 for 2

If you love classic British cuisine, than you must enjoy a meal at Rules, the oldest restaurant in London opening back in 1798! They make all the classic dishes you have grown to associate with the United Kingdom, including the classic beef wellington. Keep in mind that you will need to be a party of 4 or more in order for them to make this dish, which is not on the menu, but made upon request. Sadly when we went, as we were a party of two, they would not make it for us. While there, be sure to order the Kate Middleton cocktail and a Guinness served traditionally in a pewter tankard. For more on our experience, read our review here.

129 – Enjoy an opera – £30-100

Are you into Arias and Aida? If so, contact the English National Opera and book a lovely evening show. It will be just like Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, but in an English auditorium.

130- Stay in the Wizard Chambers at the Georgian Hotel! – £309 per night

Take your Harry Potter experience to a whole new level with a stay at the Georgian Hotel in their wizard chambers. at £309.00 per night, enjoy a room that is completely decked out with Harry potter isms.

Georgian House Wizard Chambers- Courtesy of the Georgian Hotel Website
Georgian House Wizard Chambers- Courtesy of the Georgian Hotel Website

131- Head to London in the Sky for an incredible meal – £50-250

London in the Sky is a crazy different dining experience where guests are sent high in the sky for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a champagne reception. Costs are between £50-250 but where else will you eat while the outdoor wind is literally all around you. Just don’t look down!

132- Learn how to make killer Macarons – £65

Do you want to master the macaron to show up Laduree? Well, now is your chance with OhLaLa Macarons. They show you how to make these delicate french cookies while providing as many martinis as you wish. Classes are £65 which includes a box of your homemade treats to take home.

133-  Eat at Blue Bird in Chelsea – £30-50

Blue Bird has been known to host some of the biggest names in the entertainment world – Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, and more. After eating here, I can definitely see why. A modern restaurant with beautiful decor in the heart of Chelsea, this eating experience will leave a lasting memory of your time in London. For more on our experience, read our review here.

134- Take a London Foodie Tour – £50-75

If you love food (well who doesn’t!?) one of the best things to do in London is to take in some London food porn with one of many eating tours. Enjoy cuisines from Bangladesh, China, Thailand, Morocco, and France depending on the neighbourhood you explore and tour you choose. Contact Eating London  or London Food Tours for further details. Tickets cost usually £50-75 each.

Foodie Tour!
Foodie Tour!

135- Take a Scenic Helicopter tour!

Take a breathtaking scenic flight over the bustling city of London! See the top of the Shard, the London Eye, and so many landmarks. Bring your camera to capture some of the most incredible panoramic views of such a dynamic city. Make your way to London’s only central heliport and take off over the Thames! Prices start from £150 per person. It is worth every penny as it will be one of the most fun things to do in London.

136- Enjoy Brunch at the Kew Gardens Greenhouse Restaurant – Prices Vary

The Kew Gardens are so beautiful. Time your visit and you just may get a glimpse of the Amorphophallus titanum. It is an extreme rarity to see it bloom! Enjoy a delicious meal within the gardens. Prices vary depending on selected meals. It is one meal you won’t soon forget and one of the best things to do in London.

Book a Kew Gardens Tour

137- Take a Sushi & Sake Masterclass at Buddha Bar London – Prices Vary

Ever wanted to perfect the art of California rolls and delicious sake to wash it down? A top sommelier leads the sake class while sushi chefs take you step by step in the rolling process. Prices vary per class.

138 – Design jewellery! – £100

Kat&Bee leads guests into the art of designing beautiful jewellery with various media but in particular wire-wrapped pieces and skull beads. Workshops cost around £100 for 2 hours and you can take home the piece you created to show off to friends! Win Win!

139 – Roller Skate! – £45

Check out Easy Peasy Skate and London Friday Night Skate for lessons starting at £45. Roller Skate like a pro and have a lovely evening of fun. It is guaranteed as one of the most fun things to do in London.

140 – Cooking Lessons Via Wok – £95

Book a cooking class at the School of Wok. This Asian cooking school located in Covent Garden gives thorough lessons on making the perfect stir fry, Thai curry, dim sum, and more. Courses start from £95 for 3 hours in the desired cuisine.

141 – Eat at Maze – Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant – £95+ for 2

Enjoy an incredible 7-course tasting menu at Hell’s Kitchen! Gordon Ramsay’s beautiful restaurant Maze in the middle of London is a place not to miss. Enjoy choosing your wine from an iPad, and fusions of flavours unlike any other. If you’re a foodie, this is one of the top things to do in London. For more information on our experience, read our review here.

142 – Have a Boozy Afternoon Tea At the Brasserie Tower Hotel near Tower Bridge – £30+

Enjoy stunning views of Tower Bridge while sipping unlimited champagne with jam and clotted cream scones at the Brasserie Tower Hotel just at the base of Tower Bridge. What I love about this place is the unlimited Champagne with your afternoon tea. Such a great perk and definitely one of the top things to do in London.

Brasserie tower hotel boozy tea
Brasserie tower hotel boozy tea – London itinerary

143 – Indulge in a Lulu Guinness Handbag – £250-450

Lulu Guinness boutiques are so rare now that they are only in the UK and Shanghai! I was so excited when I saw the boutique in Covent Garden as I was looking for a nice handbag that would look sharp with business attire. The iconic lip logo definitely did not disappoint when I had a browse in the shop. Hubby cringed slightly as the price tag here is quite steep yet not dissimilar to the usual Luis Vuitton bags you see everywhere. If you have the wiggle room, the bags here are of top quality and top of the line in style.

With my new Lulu Guinness!
With my new Lulu Guinness!

144- Champagne and Cheese Tasting! £50

Check out French Bubbles. They do some really cool champagne and cheese tastings a few times a week for £50.

145- Go Get a Water Jet Pack! £95

Give this a whirl on the Thames through Flyboarding Experiences. You will have great time and all those adrenaline-junkies out there, it’s one of the top things to do in London.

146- Dine at Richard Branson’s Rooftop Gardens Restaurant Babylon

Eat with the most glorious views of London while flamingos cross your path! Check out this restaurant and book as soon as you know you will be in the area as it books up very quickly. More details on their website.

147 – Enjoy Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason – £50+

Indulge in high tea at Queen Elizabeth’s market of choice! Enjoy a hot dish, scones, fancies, savouries, and a slice of cake from the pastry cart while you listen to beautiful piano music in the background. This is such a treat sitting in a dining room that was unveiled and opened by Her Majesty. Definitely earned its spot in the list of unique things to do in London.

Afternoon Tea Pianist
Afternoon Tea Pianist


Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason!
Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason!

148 – Buy an Umbrella to Suit the British Weather – £50-200+

Have you ever wanted an umbrella like Mary Poppins with the parrot head? Well, you can get one for £80 at James Smith and Sons Umbrellas – Prince Charles’ shop of choice. Choose from a huge variety of quality umbrellas that are strong enough even for the worst storms Britain has to offer 🙂

149 – Take a Chocolate making class! – £175

While at Paul Young’s amazing chocolate shop enjoying his hot chocolate, why not sign up for one of his amazing chocolate making classes. They are £175 each but you are learning from those trained by an award-winning chef who takes the ordinary chocolate and turns it into a sublime fusion of flavours. If you are lucky, you may meet Paul Young himself! He frequents his shops and just may be there when you are. Perhaps purchase his book and get it signed 🙂 It is one of the most unique things to do in London for those chocolate lovers out there!

150 – Let’s end this list with a bang – Stay at the Lanesborough Suite for £26,000 per night 😉

Deemed the most expensive room in all of London, if you can indulge on your trip, why not enjoy an evening of pure luxury in the Lanesborough Suite for the hefty price of £26,000 a night….need reviews before staying? Perhaps contact a Kardashian or Bill Gates as they may be able to help!

top things to do in London
Lanesborough courtesy of the times


I hope this list of things to do in London gives you that ultimate trip to London without spending heaps on tourist traps. You will notice my intentional omissions of such things as the Shard, Jack the Ripper tours, Mme Tussauds, the London Eye, the Dungeon, the Aquarium, Ripley’s Believe it or not etc. To me, these are not worth their admission fees with so many incredible experiences ready at your fingertips. If you are the type who loves a good cheesy tour of the tallest man in the world, zombies, sharks swimming around you or seeing London from atop a tower, than of course enjoy those on your trip 🙂 (we promise we won’t judge. Plus I have done some of the above myself – guilty as charged.)

Make the trip everything you want it to be with the tourist traps, unique experiences, boozy meals, and more.

I loved London and I hope you will too when you pick from any of the 150 things to do on your London itinerary.

London city guide

London city guide
Credit: Lonely Planet

Pocket London

Pocket London
Credit: Lonely Planet

London City Map

London City Map
Credit: Lonely Planet


ondon is such an incredible and enormous city full of things to see and do. But there is way more than what is in the guidebooks! Check out our 150 Unique things to do like ukelele lessons, jewellery making, morning raves, kimono creations and more. #londontravel #londontraveltips #seelondon #uktravel
150 Things to Do on your London Itinerary

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