So let’s talk Disney. You are planning one of the most enchanting and magical trips of your life! Whether you are travelling as sweethearts, a family, a golden anniversary couple, or singly, there is something for everyone in the most magical place on earth. Walt Disney World in Florida, comprised of four parks definitely serves as a trip of a lifetime pulling out all the stops for every guest. Here is a magical 100 things to do list for your next visit to the Magic Kingdom Disney World.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Walt Disney World Orlando

1 – Have Breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Start your day off right as a guest to the Beast! Head to Belle’s castle and enjoy a wonderful meal in the ballroom showcasing the golden couple in the centre having a dance. While here take in the atmosphere of original tapestries and artwork, then head to the West Wing for a photo with the Enchanted Rose. For more on our experience at this magical restaurant, check out our review here.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
The Enchanted Rose

2 – Grab the Disney Memory Maker

Now, there have been mixed thoughts on this perk of the Disney parks and I tend to lean toward the positive. Get the memorymaker attached to your interactive bracelet and enjoy professional photos across all parks for your entire trip. No need to stress about getting that perfect shot in front of the castle, dragging your heavy camera bag, or worrying about it getting wet. With Memory Maker you get all the professional photos with popular backdrops, characters, rides, and more. It is wise to bring a camera of your own as well as the cast photographers aren’t at every corner. At the end of your visit, you have 2 weeks to download all the photos to your computer.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Photo thanks to Memory Maker

3 – Make Reservations for Cinderella’s Royal Table Character Dining

You will seriously want to check this out. If you are keen on eating with the Princesses, than make this reservation as early as possible! Be enchanted while enjoying a regal meal in Cinderella’s very own castle. You will meet three princesses that night and have an opportunity for photos and autographs. Tables book up so fast that it is in your best interest to reserve way ahead.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Cinderella’s Royal Table

4 – Sport the Mickey Ears

You seriously don’t think you can visit Magic Kingdom Disney World without wearing the Mickey ears do ya? Well save your energy in debating the matter and go and get yourself a pair. They come in many fashionable styles now and they truly show your Disney spirit. I personally love my sparkly ones and cannot wait to wear them again!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Sporting My Sparkly Minnie Ears

5 – Buy an Autograph Book

So these are not just for kids okay? They are for all of us with a touch of child in our souls. You know that you get giddy at the idea of meeting your favourite characters and how happy you would be to have their autograph…so why not jump at the opportunity and pick up your very own autograph book when at Magic Kingdom Disney World? I did and am damn happy I did! I got to meet some of the coolest and rarest characters at the park who don’t come out that often. Remind me to tell you about meeting Captain Hook and Smee one day! These adorable books are available at all the gift shops throughout the park.

The book I chose for my Autographs
The book I chose for my Autographs

6 – Get into Pinning!

So enter this one on the understanding that you will have an addiction, a hole in your pocket, a Disney debt…but you will also have something memorable and exciting to participate in while at the parks! You can not only have fun pinning at Magic Kingdom Disney World, but also Disneyland California, and Disney Paris . So what is pinning exactly? Well it is the fun of trading and collecting official Disney lapel pins from every movie you can imagine, plus the expansion of Marvel and Star Wars! They aren’t cheap, but what is so much fun about this Disney ism is the finding of rare pins for your collection. All staff members who have pins must stop and let any guest have a peek at their collection. If you wish to trade, you must give them one of your authentic pins with the Mickey backing in exchange for one of theirs. See a pin that is backwards? Those are the cast’s mystery pins! Take a chance on them and you just may get a really rare one! Need help getting started? Check out the Trading Post shop in Frontierland!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
One of many pins you can buy at the parks!

7- Get a Special Celebratory Button

Are you heading to Magic Kingdom Disney World for a special occasion or milestone? If so, you are entitled for a little extra special treatment! First visitors, expectant mums, birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, reunions, and more are all important to Disney and they truly make you feel royal. Show your button to get little perks here and there! We had the first visitors button and enjoyed a couple of lovely freebies throughout the day.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
The First Visit Button!

8- Grab a Starbucks Coffee on Main Street

Disney has Starbucks in its parks now! For a coffee snob like myself this addition to the magical place on earth truly was a welcomed bonus. Located right at the entrance head her to grab that daily cuppa jo you crave. They have special mugs just for Disney and the team can wrestle up the perfect beverage for you. Not a Starbucks fan? There are many other places for a cool beverage as well on Main Street!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
The Exclusive Starbucks Cups at Disney

9 – Visit Tinkerbell on Main Street

Do you love this little pixie? I sure do! Schedule a visit with Tink right at her place located on Main Street. Get your photo taken, take advantage of the Memory Maker, and grab that autograph you need for your collection. She books up quite quickly so make sure you use your FastPass to reserve your spot or take a chance with the lengthy wait time.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport

10- Check out the Emporium on Main Street

The Emporium is one of the largest gift shops in Magic Kingdom Disney World! If you are looking for anything in particular, this will be the shop to check. If you wish to buy larger items, save this shop for the end of your day so you don’t have to carry around all your goodies during the day. Staying at a Disney resort? Have your packages delivered straight to your room! Ask the shop for the important details.

11- Get Your Photo Taken in front of the Castle

The main entrance is the best vantage point for getting an incredible capture of Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom Disney World. Have the professional camera person take the shot with your Memory Maker or take a stab at a beautiful selfie. This is the best spot for photos of the Castle so take advantage!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Magic Kingdom Disney World

12 – Take a Ride on Snow White’s Mine Train!

This ride I highly recommend you enjoy at the beginning of your day! If you don’t succeed in securing a FastPass, it is more crucial to get here at the beginning of the day or you will be waiting upward 2 hours for your experience. This is the new revamped ride for Snow White as they sadly took the Scary Adventures away. (I have been in mourning over this decision! Though not is all lost, I can enjoy it in Anaheim). The intro for the experience is just as impressive as you walk through an interactive mine with animatronic dwarfs all around you. The train takes you on a fast-paced ride zipping around corners and up and down hills. At the end of the ride, check out your ride photo and video! They are so worth saving to enjoy for years to come. If you have the Memory Maker, it is included in your package.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Snow White’s Mine Train Ride Photo!

13- Enchanted Tales With Belle

With the latest Beauty and the Beast out, you cannot miss seeing Belle in her house. This lovely experience takes guests through her home interacting with Lumiere, Wardrobe, and of course Belle herself. Grab photos with the princess, take pics of her friends and enjoy the time within this slower paced activity. Kids will love this attraction in particular at Magic Kingdom Disney World as there are many opportunities for volunteers from the audience to participate in fun little activities resulting in many a memorable photograph.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Enchanted Tales with Belle

14 –  The Bippidi Bobbidi Boutique

Travelling with young princesses in training? Well than you must head to this beautiful salon dedicated to making them feel royal at the parks! Guests receive these incredibly magical makeovers to make them feel and look regal. The Fairy godmothers in training transform your little girls into such beautiful princesses from head to toe. Services include manicures, hair styling, light make up and royal accessories. Various packages are available for you to choose from including as the well the Knight Package for the boys to look as gallant as ever! Choose from such characters as Ariel, Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, Tiana, Merida, Cinderella, Jasmin, Belle, Tinkerbell, and Snow White! Sessions can take up to an hour and include photographs for your Memory Maker. Want something extra special? grab a signature photobook to capture the step by step process of the makeover! Reservations are crucial to avoid disappointment and can be made up to 180 day prior to your visit.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Transformed Princesses

15 – Check out the Hall of Presidents

Time for a history lesson Magic Kingdom Disney World style! Enjoy viewing 43 incredible animatronic presidents as they take you through the shaping of the United States to what it is today. It is quite interesting to learn about just how each of these men contributed to USA history. The show runs all day long! Check the clock for the next scheduled time and head there for an impressive spectacle.

16 – Visit Winnie the Pooh

Head past the Mine Train and pay Winnie a visit at the 100-Acre Wood! This fun dark ride at Magic Kingfeatures fun animatronics of all your favourite characters including Piglet, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, and Owl.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

17 – Take a Spin on the Mad Hatter’s Teacups

Not for right after you eat, but perfect for an afternoon spin! Head to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and test your dizziness! The wheel in the centre allows you to control your spins to as fast or as slow as you want! Take a peek in the centre as you ride and see the Door Mouse pop his head out!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party


100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Control the spin!

18 – Get Your Photo with Alice, Tweedledum and Tweedledee!

Right outside the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is the best place to nab Alice, Tweedledum, and Tweedledee for a photo and autograph. They come out only at certain times of day and lines do form to get that special moment with these characters. Depending on how you time it, other characters known to make appearances here include the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, and Cheshire Cat!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport


100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Tweedledee and Tweedledum!

19 – Stop for a Cuppa Jo at the Cheshire Cafe

He may be “mad” but he has a great coffee! Head here just outside the teacups and grab a caffeine-fix! Cast members here also have great collections of pins should you decide to jump on the pinning bandwagon.

20 – Fly Over London with Peter Pan

You can Fly! You can Fly! You can Fly! This is a classic ride that never gets old in my opinion! Enjoy the lead-up tour through the house and hop on your boat to sail over a beautifully designed London skyline. This ride is classic Disney and truly is magical. Grab a fastpass as the line does get quite steep!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Peter Pan’s Flight – courtesy of Disney Wiki

21 – Check out Casey Jr.’s Splash Station

It can get quite hot when visiting the Magic Kingdom Disney World! Head to Casey Jr.’s Splash Station for a little cooling off 🙂 The train is fun and filled with Dumbo memories to keep you going for the rest of the day. Let the kids run free here to get a little splash and soak before continuing on.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
casey jr splash train

22 – Grab a Treat at the Big Top Souvenirs

The bakery within the Big Top is top-notch! Try a fun cookie, a cupcake, or splurge with an Olaf or Jack Skellington decorated dipped apple! The choices here are endless, plus you can also gets some fresh traditional popcorn freshly made right in front of you. Need more pins? This shop is also one of the many official trading stations across the parks.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
The Decadent Covered Apples

23 – Speed through the sky on Space Mountain

A classic ride for decades, this dark roller coaster is a favourite at the Magic Kingdom Disney World! A FastPass is crucial for this one or you will be waiting upward 2 hours to take your ride. Enjoy a fast-paced spin up and down through the tunnels in complete darkness. What a thrill found right in Tomorrowland. After the ride check out your hilarious souvenir photo to add to your Memory Maker! Mine is pretty funny…

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
space mountain


100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Hilarious space mountain souvenir photo

24 – Take Flight with Dumbo

Since childhood I have always loved this ride. In fact, guests love this ride so much, they made 2 at Magic Kingdom Disney World! Jump in and enjoy a leisurely spin approx. 3-4 minutes. While riding Dumbo, take control within your elephant! Pull the gear toward you for optimal heights.  Sometimes I seriously think Timothy is there cheering you on.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
The classic Dumbo the flying elephant ride


100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Dumbo the Flying Elephant

25- Search for Hidden Mickeys

Say what!? There are hidden Mickeys in Disneyworld? There are sure are to the point a published guide was released to assist guests in locating them while visiting! Do check out the guide and plan completing the scavenger hunts on your own pace! How many do you think you will find?

26- Take a ride on Goofy’s Barnstormer

A nice lighter roller coaster compared to Space Mountain, Goofy’s Barnstormer is perfect for a fun spin. Head here before enjoying a meal and enjoy all this ride has to offer. The kids in your party will love this best. Adults, save your fastpasses for the real deal – Space Mountain.

Barnstormer care of you tube
Barnstormer care of you tube

27 – Visit Ariel in her Grotto

Who doesn’t love the Little Mermaid? Go and pay Ariel a visit! First take a ride in an adorable shell through beautiful animatronics illustrating the story we all know and love. See Scuttle, Flounder, Sebastian, Triton, and the evil Ursula. Next, hop over to the grotto and get your photo taken with the mermaid herself. This experience is best done with a fast pass as lines do exceed an hour in busy times. Have a Memory Maker? Great! Here you can get pro photos with this beautiful redheaded princess.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Posing with Ariel!

28 – Shop for Disney outfits!

When I have travelled to Disney I seriously can say that every person I passed has some sort of Disney clothing. Whether a shirt, dress, costume, accessory, and yep even manicures, all guests are proud of their love for Disney and his characters. Check out the boutique shops throughout the park and transform into a devoted fan dawning your flair. Should you wish to shop prior to your trip, Etsy shops have some adorable one of a kind dresses!

29- Attend the Halloween Party At Magic Kingdom Disney World 

Heading to Magic Kingdom Disney World in October? If so, you cannot miss the Halloween Party! It is the only time you will have the chance to meet exclusive characters and enjoy all the spookiness on offer. Some of the characters that make Halloween cameos include many of the villains as Maleficent, the Witch from Snow White, The Queen of Hearts, Ursula, and Jafar. Jack Skellington also makes a surprise visit! The evening includes exclusive firework shows and a parade with some of the scariest floats around.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Mickey Halloween Party


100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Mickey Halloween Party

30 – See the Opening of the Park

Try to get through security and at the doors before they open! Seeing the start of a day at Magic Kingdom Disney World truly is a magical sight. The characters and staff all come out to Main St. via truck wagon to welcome everyone to the park for a magical day. Countdown to opening time then witness a sky of confetti as the characters disembark to head to their areas of the park. It is a truly magical way to begin your day seeing all the characters together!

31- The Very Merry Christmas Party

If you are heading to Magic Kingdom Disney World at Christmastime you cannot miss the Very Merry Christmas Party. It is an extra cost, but! It has so many fun and festive extras worth every penny. First there is an exclusive parade that only party goers will witness with brand new floats, seasonal decor, and a visit from Santa himself. Secondly, there are marked stations all across the park with hot chocolate and various Christmas treats bound to please as you enjoy an exclusive evening of cheer. Third there is a special fireworks show just for the Christmas party evenings! Now I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Disney’s fireworks. They go all out and it is the only place on earth where you will see Mickey, Donald, and Minnie shaped firecrackers in the sky. Grab a seat on Main Street for impeccable views of the evening spectacle. Meet exclusive characters that only show up on Christmas party evenings! Genie, Jack Skellington, Santa, and more. If you really want a photo with these guys, make sure you line up and endure the wait as they will not be out the next day. And lastly, the park rides continue to run for the duration of the party for guests to ride. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the attractions that usually have extensive lines. The Snow White Mine Train is definitely a ride I would recommend experiencing as the fast passes are limited and the wait is roughly 30 mins the night of the party. Come during the regular hours and prepare for a minimum 2 hours without a pass!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Mesmerized by the Magic


100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Snow to add to the magic

32 – Grab a Cupcake at Contempo Cafe

So, you all know that I am a cupcake addict. I don’t eat them all the time, but if they are presented to me I doubt I will not enjoy it. I have yet to find one I don’t like and I’m so happy with this running record. With this in mind, I cannot omit a recommendation here on the best place in my mind for you to savour a sweet cupcake. This delicately baked piece of heaven will satisfy even the fussiest of sweet tooths and impress you with flavour and flair. This restaurant takes the cupcake offerings so seriously that they even have a calendar of flavours!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Grab a Decadent Cupcake similar to these!

33 – Check out the Carousel of Progress

Tomorrowland brings some truly unique and fun attractions to the park. One of them preserves the vision and creativity of Walt himself – the carousel of progress. Go through the decades of the past through to today and see just how technology and life has changed through the years. The theatre rotates to show four animatronic skits depicting the particular eras of the past. This ride is perfect after eating a meal.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
The Carousel of Progress


100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
The Carousel of Progress

34- Get Your Spook on at the Haunted Mansion

This is one of the coolest rides in Magic Kingdom Disney World! Start with an eerie intro with lengthening portraits ending with a ride through the spooky house of spirits and ghouls. When you leave, do get your photo taken with some unannounced cameos in your final pics!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
The Haunted Mansion

35 – Pay Mr. Toad a Visit

Sadly Disney World decided to bid farewell to one of my favourite rides featuring Mr. Toad. To honour the fallen ride, Mr. Toad was buried in the Haunted Mansion’s onsite cemetery! Upon exiting, do look closely at the cemetery and grab a shot of his stone.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Mr Toad’s Stone

36 – The Kiss Goodnight

If your feet allow, stay a half hour after the store closes to witness the kiss goodnight. A truly magical way to end your day at the Magic Kingdom Disney World. This moment of just over 2 minutes is Disney’s way to bid guests farewell for the day. To identify the kiss goodnight, stick around the Magic Kingdom and wait for a faint twinkling to the famous song “when you Wish Upon a star” from Pinocchio. Next you will hear a voice bidding guests farewell and wishing them a safe trip home after a magical day. This beautiful send off is rarely experienced as most guests hurry to catch the ferry or monorail. Do yourself a favour and wait for the kiss.

37 – Hook up to the WIFI

So although I believe while on hollis not to be attached to technology, I do think it is an absolutely incredible bonus for Disney World parks to have wifi EVERYWHERE. this allows for fastpass selection on the fly, making dinner reservations, checking out your Memory Maker pics that have recently uploaded, and more. Download the Disney World app, synch it to your park bracelet, and you are off to the races.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Synch your Bracelet to the WIFI and app.

38- Ride Splash Mountain!

I am chuffed that Brer Rabbit still has a place in Magic Kingdom Disney World. They tend to update the attractions based on new popular movies, but some of the classics have survived the popularity waves. The animatronics in this attractions are second to none and the ride is actually long! Longer than many of the rides here at the park. Do cover anything you don’t want wet as you get a little splash throughout the ride. It is definitely one of my favourites and I hope it stays for years to come! At the end of the ride, check out your souvenir photo! If you have Memory Maker, it will be uploaded for you to enjoy later!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Disney splash mountain courtesy of Disney tickets


Splash Mountain Souvenir Ride Photo
Splash Mountain Souvenir Ride Photo

39- After enjoying the Splash Mountain, go Next Door to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

Similar to the Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad is a thrilling experience of fast-paced spins and hills to get the blood pumping! Enjoy an Old West setting and truly a fun roller-coaster ride.

40 – Buy some Disney Theme Park Music

Head to the Emporium on Main Street and grab a couple of fun CDs with the park music recorded. This will be a great addition to your collection and have you singing for years to come as you remember your time here.

41- Have a Baked Alaska at The Boathouse Restaurant

Want a huge indulgence? head to the Boathouse Restaurant and enjoy a massive S’mores Baked Alaska dessert. This masterpiece is definitely perfect for sharing and will give you a great treat between meals to continue exploring the magic of the park. Note: This restaurant is located in Disney Springs. You will need to exit the park and return if you wish to enjoy this experience. Alternatively, make dinner reservations and enjoy this as a signature conclusion to your day before returning to see the fireworks.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Boathouse Disney Baked Alaska

42 – Have an Ice Cream at Sleepy Hollow

Still want a sweet treat? Head to the Sleepy Hollow restaurant and grab an incredible ice cream sandwich. Enjoy this yummy dessert with jaw-dropping views of the Castle. You will be glad you left your diet at the door.

43 – Join Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom Disney World

Another fun and interactive way to get the most of your experience! Start playing the sorcerers game and uncover many hidden treasures. This interactive scavenger hunt will have you searching for clues to help solve the mystery. Learn more about this interactive game at Main Street USA.

44- Check out the Party Line Phones

Some of the older adults would recall party lines. You know, where you had to share a phone line with a stranger and take turns making calls? Yep, way before mobiles and modern technology. Just watch the Doris Day, Rock Hudson classic Pillow Talk film to see how frustrating they can be! But!! Disney’s are a whole new ballgame! Check them out on Main Street and in Tomorrowland and enjoy a listen to Mickey’s and other characters’ conversations! This is truly a fun Easter egg in the park. Stay Tuned for more Easter eggs with full coverage coming soon.

Happiness at Disney when discovering Easter eggs
Happiness at Disney when discovering Easter eggs

45 – Enjoy the Country Bear Jamboree Show!

This is such a fun show and doesn’t get the same huge crowds as many other performances in the park. Enjoy 20 minutes of country music, jokes, and fun with these interactive bears. Stay after the show and meet the cast for some great photos!

46- Grab a Photo with the Bears after the show!

The Country Bears will come out for a cameo after their performance! Stick around and grab a cute selfie with them.

47 – Get your Photo with Captain Jack Sparrow

After enjoying the Country Bears sing their hearts out, you just may be in luck catching Jack before he heads back to the Black Pearl. He comes out here near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride around the coincided showtimes. A Memory Maker photographer is usually there to snap a memory for you too!

48 – Eat at the Crystal Palace

Go spend some quality time with your friends from the 100-acre woods at the Crystal Palace beside the castle! Enjoy a buffet of delicious food and desserts while meeting and collecting autographs from Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore. Review coming soon on the blog!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Having a blast with Pooh 🙂


100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Exclusive desserts
A lovely Piglet hug!
A lovely Piglet hug!

49 – Check out the Tree at the Winnie Pooh Ride!

I was very sad when the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride was removed from the Magic Kingdom Disney World due to technical issues and upkeep. But with everything Disney, the legacies last forever and are always remembered. Just like Mr Toad having a stone at the Haunted Mansion, the references to the submarine were included in the tree here at the Pooh ride! Check out the references here of the Nautilus. A great inclusion to a fun Disney scavenger hunt.

50 – Check out the Palm Trees in Tomorrowland

Located near Space Mountain, these palm trees are not of the ordinary species. Look closely at the details.These are solar powered to save energy for “tomorrow” hence their location in Tomorrowland, and have an absence of globe nuts that collect the power.

51 – Keep an eye for the Deed handover in the Pooh Ride

As an additional reference to the replacement of Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, look closely in the first room of the Pooh ride and see a sketch of Mr. Toad handing a signed deed paper to Owl for the land to which his ride used to live! Such a subtle homage, yet for the Mr. Toad fans, truly a touching tribute.

52 – Get a Driver’s and Pilot’s Licence

Yes! Have you been putting off your driving test? Disney to the rescue! With fun licences to enjoy in the park, it doesn’t matter if you are child or child at heart, all ages can get these cute licenses to feel special. They are FREE and available in Tomorrowland at the raceway or at Dumbo’s flying elephant ride. They give them automatically to children, but adults can request them!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
The Fun Car Raceway!

53 – After getting your License, drive on the Raceway!

Ever wanted to be like Lightening McQueen? Now is your chance! Why not grab a car and drive the loops of the great raceway. A ton of fun in Tomorrowland and the perfect ride after eating a baked Alaska.

The Fun Car Raceway!
The Fun Car Raceway!

54- Disney Trading Cards!

If you started the Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom, grab some fun and valuable trading cards to exchange while at the park. Grab them at the Fire Station or on Main Street.

55 – Get a Freebie at the Big Top Gift Shop

This especially applies if you have a special button! Head to the delicious apples and confectionery are of this huge gift shop outside Casey Jr.’s splash station for a sweet treat that has an even sweeter price – free. We enjoyed a cookie each thanks to our first time buttons. Extra pixie dust!

56 – Consider Listening to the Disney Vacation Club Presentation

I seriously am considering their program. Mind you, it isn’t for those with little income, but it can pay off in the long run if you plan on heading to Disney all over the world for years to come. Listening to the presentation is an hour and does come with perks including a free treat at the end as a thank you. It will make you want to have a truly magical trip every year and who wouldn’t want that!?

57 – Visit Tiana and Rapunzel

Book a Fastpass and head to Tiana and Rapunzel for a photo and autograph session! They are in the same building beside each other so you get photos with both princesses at the same time. Lines can be long so do get a fastpass for this experience.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
The Beautiful Tiana from the Princess & the Frog


100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
With the lovely Rapunzel from Tangled

58 – Stay for the Fireworks!

This should seriously be a no-brainer! Some of the best fireworks in the world are here in Magic Kingdom Disney World. The best viewing point is definitely Main Street in front of the castle. Grab your camera as you will see Tinkerbell make her flight across the castle and view incredible shaped crackers in the sky of Mickey ears and Donald silhouettes.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Magic Kingdom Fireworks

59 – Grab Some Exclusive Disney Charms at the Pandora Shop on Main Street

Do you have a Pandora bracelet like most of us? Look no further for your Disney limited edition charms than the shop right on Main Street. Grab a charm or two to add to your many beautiful collections. Go at Chirstmastime for the limited edition Pandora ornament, free with minimum purchase.

60 – Get Pixie Dust in your Hair for FREE

Children attending Magic Kingdom Disney World can get a little extra sparkle to their day! Adults can also indulge here. Head to the Harmony Barber Shop for this special bit of sparkle right on Main Street.

61 – Staying at a Disney Resort? Get a wake up call!

I don’t know about you, but I HATE buzzing alarm clocks. Ask my husband. I have an a Capella group come on my alarm singing good morning instead of that buzz. If you are like me and hate that annoying sound, than you will love the wake up calls in the resorts. Now this isn’t a Magic Kingdom Disney World perk, but it is available at resorts near this park. Request a wake up call and you will get contacted by Mickey or Stitch! Far better than a buzzy sound in my opinion…

62 – Ride Cinderella’s Carousel

I am a sucker for Carousels. I love them. This one is a classic old-fashioned masterpiece just like the one featured in Mary Poppins. Hop on an elegant horse, giraffe, elephant, or other creature and listen to the fun music. Now and then Mary and Bert join in on the fun too! How fun to ride along with the practically perfect umbrella-toting nanny? The carousel is located right at Fantasyland’s entrance.

63 – Get a photo with the Fairy Godmother and the stepsisters

Stick around after carousel ride and you just may get lucky with a cameo by the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella’s stepsisters! Get in line quickly as they don’t stay for long!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Fairy Godmother

64 – Come for Easter to see the exclusive Rabbit Characters

There are rarer characters to see at the Disney parks. Soon we will post about the levels of rarity in a future post, but for now here is a big tip. If you head to Disney World around Easter time, you will see characters that don’t come out at any other time of year – the rabbits! See Roger Rabbit, Oswald, the White Rabbit, the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland, Thumper from Bambi, and Rabbit from Pooh. Grab your autograph books and have them ready for this incredible time full of rabbits!

65 – Ride It’s a Small World

This is one of Walt Disney’s favourite attractions featuring cultures from all over the world. See all the detailed animatronics all from a sweet little boat. At the end, if you have a memory maker or synched bracelet, you will see a goodbye message on your way out!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
It’s Small World After All


100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Small World Goodbye Message

66 – Head up Swiss Family Robinson’s Tree House

I am thrilled that this attraction has lasted at Disney World through all the transition. Have you seen this movie? If not, do yourself a favour and watch it! This self-guided climb is really fun and gives great views of the park once up at the top. See how the family lived and the various props in the tree house rooms. It is great fun and perfect for after a meal.

swiss family robinson tree house
Swiss family Robinson tree house


Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
Swiss Family Robinson Tree house

67 – Take the Jungle Cruise

I love this ride! It really is a fun boat ride with comical guides. The line can get quite hefty to see the animals within the safari though so do book your fast pass to shorten your wait!

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Jungle Cruise


Jungle Cruise
Jungle Cruise

68 – Hop on over to Tom Sawyer’s Island

Want something leisurely to do with family? Take a log raft over to Tom Sawyer’s island for a little break by the water. Bring your Disney lunch and enjoy the views. Opened to the public in 1956, this attraction is a family fun experience that few take the time to enjoy. It really is fun and can burn off a bit of energy.

69 – Do the Ferrytale Desserts Cruise

Enjoy the fireworks from a truly sweet perspective! Hop on the ferrytale cruise and dabble in some sheer indulgence. Check the website for dates, but this extra perk is truly an incredible experience and the fireworks are second to none.

70 – Do a Behind the Scenes VIP Tour

There are many classic tours to choose from, each with its own special charm. Learn behind the scenes information on Walt- the man behind the mouse, the attractions, untold secrets, and get an exclusive keepsake. The tours usually run up to 5 hours long so prepare for an extra day at the park for these activities.

100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
Head on a VIP Tour

71 – Visit Aladdin and Jasmine!

Head to Frontierland and after riding on the magic carpets, pop in for a fun meet and greet with Aladdin and Jasmine. They hang out for a limited time and then head back to Agraba. On the Christmas Party nights, do NOT miss meeting Genie! He only comes out on Christmas Party nights so don’t be disappointed.

Aladdin and Jasmine
Aladdin and Jasmine

72 – Ride the Pirates of the Caribbean

One of the best rides in Magic Kingdom Disney World, you need to check this one out especially if you are a fan of the movies! Have a closer look at Jack Sparrow when you ride. They have altered him to look more like Johnny Depp now and the fans love the upgrade.

73 – Toy Story’s Space Ranger Spin

This is a great ride, especially if you don’t have time to include the Hollywood Studios in your itinerary. Head to Tomorrowland and enjoy the interactive game with Buzz Lightyear and Woody. For all those Toy Story fans out there, this is the best you will get outside of the Pixar area of the other parks. Still a fun experience, though I do suggest you use a fast pass to avoid a long line.

Toy Story
Toy Story

74 – Interact with Disney’s Horses

Do you love horses as much as I do? Well you have this special opportunity to meet the horses of Disney right on Main Street USA in the morning! Learn of their care, conservation, and how they became part of the Disney family. This experience is only available in the mornings in the Magic Kingdom Disney World before they head to work on the buggies.

75 – Grab a Ride in a Vintage Vehicle

Talk about a true blast from the past! If you love the old cars from the 1920’s than you will love this experience at Magic Kingdom Disney World. Head to Main Street USA and grab a car for a scenic and leisurely ride through the entrance to the park. You can also pick up your ride at Cinderella’s castle!

76 – Check out Monsters Inc. Laughing Floor

This one I think will be enjoyed more by the adults in the group, though kids may enjoy a laugh or two. Mike and Sully take the stage and interact with the audience in a humourous show! If you are a Monsters Inc. fan, you cannot miss this attraction in Tomorrowland.

77 – Take Part in the Pirates Adventure- Treasure of the Seven Seas

This fun interactive game has you completing missions with Captain Jack Sparrow. Solve mysteries, find treasures, and escape the foes of the day! Earn a keepsake after the experience if you complete 5 missions! Find out more in Adventureland.

pirates of the caribbean - Jack Sparrow
Pirates of the Caribbean – Jack Sparrow

78 – Visit Stitch at his Great Escape

You a Lilo and Stitch fan? If so, you cannot miss this attraction at Magic Kingdom Disney World. Head to Tomorrowland and pay him a visit on his ride that will surely be thrilling for everyone.

79 – Take in the Tiki Room

For a break from the rides and fast pace, head to the tiki room to be enchanted. The menagerie of exotic birds entertain guests as they sing along to many familiar songs. Check them out in Adventureland.

80 – Take in the Liberty Belle Riverboat

This is a beautiful mini cruise along the shores near Main Street. It is currently closed, however, upon reopening do make a point to include this ride in your day plans.

81 – Take a Ride on the Walt Disney Railroad

A classic, head around the park via steam locomotive and caboose! You can pick up the train at three stops – Main Street, Fantasyland and Frontierland.

82 – Mickey’s Philharmonic

This is a really lovely experience at Magic Kingdom Disney World! If you have just eaten this would be a great attraction for you. Located beside the Small World boats, this show will have you singing for many hours to come. Enjoy this 3D movie musical with the entire family as the animation is brought alive in front of your eyes.

83 – Get a Bottomless Drink

There are some great eateries around Magic Kingdom Disney World that offer souvenir cups and refills for the day. Head to your nearest location and grab this unlimited refill option. This will keep you hydrated while you balance water with these beverages. Plus the glasses are collectible and the perfect memory of your time at the park.

84 – Check out Frontierland’s Shooting Arcade

Enjoy interactive games? Try this one for great hand and eye Coordination! The game involves rifles and aiming at over 100 targets of various levels of difficulty. Don’t worry, nothing is shot from the rifles other than a harmless infrared light!

85 – A Magical Marriage Proposal

If you are planning on possibly tying the knot, where better to propose than right in one of the most magical places on earth? The wishing well on the other side of the castle is the perfect setting as it is near the castle (the most popular proposal spot) yet unique to you. If you see a memory maker photographer near by, let them know of your plans and they will sneakily pop over and grab those irreplaceable photographs of the reaction, act, backdrop, and more.

Engagement Ring
Engagement ring

86 – Opt for the Early Morning Package

If you are staying at one of Magic Kingdom Disney World incredible resorts, you can choose the early morning option. This allows you to arrive at the park an hour earlier than everyone else to have first access to your favourite rides and attractions. This is particularly ideal if you want to enjoy the experiences that attract lengthy lines. If you can, add the Mine Train, Belle’s Enchanted Tales, and Peter Pan’s flight to your must list for that hour.

Early Morning at Magic Kingdom with little crowds!
Early Morning at Magic Kingdom with little crowds!

87 – Have an Icy Cinnamon Bun at Gaston’s Tavern

Situated just beside Beast’s castle, pay Gaston a visit and enjoy a decadent iced cinnamon roll. After your sheer luxury on a plate, head outside and grab a photo beside his statue. If you are lucky, Gaston comes out now and then for photos with his fans. Catch him at the right time for autographs and that perfect swoon-worthy photo.

Gaston's Statue outside the Tavern
Gaston’s Statue outside the Tavern


You just may get to meet Gaston!
You just may get to meet Gaston!

88 – Pose Like Merlin at the Sword and the Stone Statue

Right outside the Cinderella Carousel is a statue honouring the Disney classic the Sword and the Stone. Grab a photo posing just like Merlin here!

89 – Take in Casey’s Corner Pianist on Main Street

As you walk on by have a listen to the pianist tickling the ivories! You will enjoy the songs of the days of ragtime that will get you tap dancing to your next ride or show! He has an incredible reportoire and plays daily right on Main Street.

90 – Watch the Descent of the Flag

As a tribute to the military men and women who have served the USA, the flag is lowered and removed daily at 5 pm. A fanfare plays as the flag is lowered and passed to a selfless veteran. Show your patriotism by witnessing this truly beautiful act of pride right on Main Street.

American Flag
American Flag

91 – Grab Some Made with Magic Accessories for the Night Attractions

You seriously need to stand out when in the dark enjoying the evening events right!? Well Magic Kingdom Disney World has everything you need to show your stuff. Buy glowing ears, wands, bursts of colour and light all at various shops throughout the park! Illuminate yourself as your favourite characters pass by parade, on foot, or during the fireworks. Once you have these special added flair, you will never think of your time here in the same way!

92 – Meet Cinderella and Elena at the Fairy Tale Hall

Say hello to these gorgeous girls and grab a photo and autograph! This is a fast pass essential! The lines can span upward 2 hours long just to see one of these ladies At Magic Kingdom Disney World! It is magical however to meet them in person don’t you think?


93 – Meet Merida

Are you a Brave fan? Well here is your chance to meet the heroine herself at Magic Kingdom Disney World! Pay Merida a visit at the Fairy tale gardens. Plan ahead with a fast pass and you will save yourself quite a bit of time waiting in line.

94 – Check out the Muppets Great Moments in History Show

Located right in Main Street, the Muppets put on a funny show all about the history of America. Join Miss Piggy, Sam the Eagle, Kermit, Fozzie and the rest of the gang for a great show of jokes and laughs.


100 Awesome Things to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World by Fill My Passport
The New Muppets Comedy Show

95 – Get a Silhouette Portrait 

Right on Main Street get your very own cameo silhouette! Head to the Liberty Square Portrait Gallery and have one made right in front of your very eyes!

96 – Check out the Royal Majesty Makers

Learn from the Lords and Ladies of the ambassadors of etiquette on being chivalrous. Cavort with staff from Cinderella’s court, learn a lesson or two, then play a fun game of Lord Stirling says. Truly a fun little extra for all the princesses and knights to-be!

97 – Watch the Disney Parades

Known for the largest and most magical floats, enjoy seasonal and other themed parades throughout your day. the music, the characters, the displays, and the sparkle will have you remembering this event for years to come.

Disney Parade Float
Disney Parade Float

98 – Get tickets for Cirque de Soleil

After a long day at Magic Kingdom Disney World, why not take in the exclusive Cirque de Soleil show La Nouba? Famed acrobatic and contortionist company Cirque de Soleil dazzles audiences every day with their incredible feats of agility and strength. This show is not to be missed. Speak with a representative as you are planning your holiday for ticket availability.

99 – Meet Mickey at the Town Square Theatre

You cannot come to the Magic Kingdom Disney Worldwithout paying the mouse who started it all a visit! Meet this favourite Disney icon here on Main Street at the theatre. Fast Passes are recommended.

100 – Grab Photos of the Garden Sculptures

Disney is known for their impressive manicured landscaping and flawless sculptures. See Mickey, Donald, Stitch, Alice in Wonderland and more. At Christmas time enjoy a more festive garden display with red flowers intertwined and Santa hats.

Garden Sculptures
Garden Sculptures

So there you have the epic list of things to do in Magic Kingdom Disney World! Hope you get to experience even a handful of these things on your next trip. Have a magical vacation!

100 Awesome Things to Do at Magic Kingdom
100 Awesome Things to Do at Magic Kingdom


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